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Bigcommerce eCommerce Website Builder Review

Last Updated on November 1, 2022 by Emmanuel

I feel compelled to share the Bigcommerce eCommerce website builder review. I will show you a platform that helps to build highly profitable online stores.

This review will start by describing the opportunities offered by the eCommerce industry, especially in these challenging times of the Covid 19 disease.

We will then see how BigCommerce can help you build a good site for eCommerce at great prices.

BigCommerce General Overview

  • The Name: BigCommerce. 
  • Headquarters: Austin, Texas, United States. 
  • Industry: eCommerce. 
  • Pricing: The plans start at $29.95 a month. 
  • Customer Rating: 9.4 out of 10. 

What Is BigCommerce Website Builder?

Founded in 2009 as an Australian-based company located in the United States 2011, Bigcommerce is a platform you can use to build a profitable online store wherever you are in the world.

The internet has made online shopping popular in recent years, and merchants worldwide have seized this opportunity to reach a large audience of consumers.

The coronavirus pandemic amplified the phenomenon, which caused people in countries like the United States and many others to be confined to their homes without going to traditional stores.

Many of us then turned to online stores to purchase essential products. We will always be grateful to the internet, which has played a significant role in this regard.

The eCommerce industry also took the opportunity to strengthen its position.

Unlike traditional stores, individuals and businesses operating in eCommerce have made many sales and profits, while most traditional stores went bankrupt.

Savvy entrepreneurs have also seized this opportunity to open new online stores, most of which have become successful.

That being said, platforms like Bigcommrce that help build eCommerce websites have played an essential role.

You, too, can seize the opportunity and use Bigcomerce to build a highly responsive website and use it to sell the products from a niche you like. 

Statista.com shows that the number of people who make purchases online was 1.32 billion in 2014, which will grow to 2.14 billion by 2021.

You will agree that the eCommerce market is so broad that anyone can get his share and succeed in this industry if done correctly.

Bigcommerce eCommerce Website Builder Review

How Does Bigcommerce Work?

You must first sign up to open a Bigcommerce account and choose a subscription plan tailored to your eStore. I will provide you later with a signup link.

In the next step, you will follow the instructions to build a website for your eCommerce activities.

BigCommerce will allow you to make all customizations the way you like.

Once your online store is up, you will upload digital or physical products and sell them to your target market. You can also sell service-based products.

This SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) is US-based, but you can use it from any country wordwide as long as you have a computer and a good internet connection.

Within your account dashboard, you will find a good range of templates you can customize to your wish.

These templates and other features will enable you to design an online store that customers will like to buy from again and again.

The following section summarizes the main features and tools included in Bigcommerce to help you see how powerful it is. 

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Bigcommerce eCommerce Website Builder Review

BigCommerce Key Features 

I will only describe the most important features because this platform has too many.

Storefront Design

With the Bigcommerce website builder, you will design your online store quickly, even if you don’t have coding skills.

You will customize a theme to build an excellent online shop.

Millions of other merchants globally use this platform’s intuitive design to build online stores that convert customers on a mass scale and keep them engaged.

SEO Tools

You will need SEO tools to promote your business and enable future customers to find your business when browsing the internet to search for the products or services satisfying their needs.

Bigcommerce offers advanced SEO tools to easily promote your products or services through your website, making lots of sales and good profits.

These SEO tools will be convenient for you, especially if you can’t afford to hire an in-house expert to do the SEO optimization work on your behalf.

They will automatically optimize all your pages, maximize search engine rankings, and enable the targeted market to find your online shop easily.

Abandoned Cart Saver

The abandoned cart saver is an essential feature for whoever wants to succeed in eCommerce as it helps to recover lost sales.

With Bigcommerce, you will customize this feature and decide when to send email reminders to your customers.

Such reminders aim to entice prospects to purchase the products saved in their carts. 

You can also use coupons, discount codes, and email reminders to increase conversions and sales.

Use the language your potential customers understand and make the message short but concise.

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Payment Gateways

This platform offers over 65 payment gateways to help you and other merchants choose the ones suitable for your eCommerce needs.

You will select and set up the payment methods you like. Your customers will then make purchases and pay you at their convenience.

This platform also integrates easily with the most popular digital and mobile wallets, including Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, and many others.

Whatever country your online store operates, you will find payment solutions for your customers to purchase the products or services they want and pay you quickly.

It is also possible to contact Bigcommerce customer support at any time if you have questions regarding these payment solutions or for any other inquiries.

The Customer support team is available anytime and night and answers in no time. 

Bigcommerce eCommerce Website Builder Review

Bigcommerce Pros and Cons


  • This platform will give you everything you need to build and run a profitable online store.
  • You can set up multiple payment gateways for your customers to purchase what they want and pay you quickly.
  • BigCommerce offers many subscriptions plans to help you choose the most suitable for your business.
  • The owners will give you fifteen days to try this platform and decide if it is appropriate for your eCommerce needs.
  • Apart from the subscription fee and that charged by the payment gateways, you will not pay any other transaction fee.
  • You will access various online marketplaces, including Amazon, eBay, etc., and sell their affiliate products.
  • BigCommerce support is available 24/7 by phone, chat, and email.


The pricing plans will increase as your online business grows, but this is not a real problem.

This growth will require you to use advanced features and pay more money to access them.

BigCommerce also offers free and paid themes; some customers say the paid ones can be costly for starting businesses.

I advise you to use a free theme initially if you can’t afford to purchase a paid one and change it when you start making profits.

The Subscription Plans and Pricing

You can choose between the following plans:

Standard: This plan costs $29.95 a month or $359.40 if paid annually.

It has the features and tools you need to build and operate a small eCommerce business.

Plus: This plan is suitable for growing businesses. It costs $79.95 per month or $863.40 for those who choose to pay in a one-year installment.

Pro: The BigCommerce pro plan is for established companies with over $400K turnover. It costs $249.95 a month or $2,999.40 per year.

You can use the link below to start a free trial and build your online store.

Which is better, BigCommerce or WooCommerce?

You can use WooCommerce if you need advanced features to build a complex e-commerce website, while BigCommerce enables you to create online stores quickly and effortlessly.

The Final Thoughts

It is the end of the BigCommerce eCommerce website builder review. I have given you the information you need to build and operate a profitable online store.

There is no better moment to take advantage of this opportunity because billions of consumers worldwide buy the products and services they need online.

The figure also keeps growing, as some statistics and surveys suggest.

Thank you for reading the BigCommerce review. Feel free to ask questions or comment at the bottom of this page.

We will reply quickly. 

If you wish, please consider learning affiliate marketing to build a profitable business online.

This industry offers many opportunities to make a full-time income online if you know how to leverage it correctly.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this review of the Bigcommerce e-commerce website builder. I hadn’t heard about this platform before, but it looks affordable and has solid reviews from happy customers. 

    I especially like that there is a 15 day period to make sure that you are happy with the service – and if not – you can get your money invested back to try something else. 


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