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Zen Business Registered Agent Review

Do you want to start a business in the United States and are looking for an agent service online to do all the formalities required on your behalf at great prices?

You are at the right place because we felt compelled to share a review of Zen Business registered agent with our readers.

We will start by summarizing what Zen Business is and describe the different services it offers. We will also see the pros and cons of using this platform and its costs.

So let’s get started.

Overview of Zen Business

The NameZenBusiness Inc.  
Date of creationFounded in 2015 by Ross Buhrdorf.
Headquarters Austin, Texas, United States.
Specialties Legal Business Services.
Pricing It starts at $49 per year. 
Customer Rating9.6 out of 10. 

What Is Zen Business Inc.?

Ross Buhrdorf created ZenBusiness Inc. in 2015 to help people in the United States start their own businesses and manage them according to the laws prevailing in each State.

This company provides its services online at a low cost using high-end technology and automation.

Once you become one of its numerous users, you will access these services through a personalized and easy-to-use dashboard.

You will also get general support customized for your business’s particular needs.

In addition to helping individuals create their businesses, ZenBusiness also contributes to the growth of the US economy.

The more new companies are created, the more their success will positively impact the economy and make it more robust.

Thus, without dwelling much on the presentation of this company, let’s move forward and see the business formation and managing services you can expect from it. 

Zen Business Services

This company offers five types of services as summarized below:

1. Business Formation Services

This category includes business formation services that may differ depending on the state you want to operate.

Typically, each State has its requirements, but there are many similarities as we are in the same country.

You can request Zen Business to secure your business name, file, and verify your documents in the State you intend to establish your business.

Other things this company can do on your behalf are requesting your Articles of Incorporation and delivering the related document to you in no time so that you can get started quickly.

The standard filling service costs $49 only, which is an absolute bargain if we consider the benefits you get.

Business Formation Services

2. Business Registered Agent

You can request this business registered agent in the US to handle your business’s correspondence, legal notices, etc.

Such correspondence can, for example, concern an agency in charge of business formation in your State or even that with the Secretary of State.

Whatever the case, you must go through a Registered Agent to form an LLC or corporation as required by the law.

He acts as the main point of contact between your company, the official government office, and the Secretary of State. 

Also, your registered agent must have a physical presence in the State where your business is based.

3. Compliance Services

ZenBusiness Inc. also offers compliance services designed to cover your company and make it stay in good standing at all times.

Failing to comply with requirements such as filing the annual reports in the deadlines can put you in bad standing with your State.

As a result, your business will incur costly fines that can handicap its growth and even lead to huge losses.

So, to prevent such a dire situation from happening to you, it is always better to use an expert like Zenbusiness Inc.

This platform will keep track of all your business documents, ensure that you are always compliant with the legal requirements, and give you more time to devote to other essential aspects of your company.

4. Ein Number Services

Each LLC and Corporation need an Employee Identification Number (EIN), also known as Tax ID Number, to operate legally. However, getting this document can be time-consuming.

It is where ZenBusines Inc. comes into play because it has enough ressources to help get this document and others in no time.

So, if you are in a hurry to hire employees, open separate business bank accounts, protect your assets, apply for a loan, etc., don’t hesitate to contact this company.

There are many ways to contact Zen Business customer service, including phone and email.

Meanwhile, you can also read the Fundera review that shows how to apply to different loans and grants from a single dashboard.

5. New York Publication 

The last business service offered by this company is helping you to get “the New York LLC Certificate of Publication.”

Once you have this certificate, you will be allowed to announce your newly formed company in two newspapers for six consecutive weeks.

This certificate costs $200 plus the publishing fees. You may wonder why paying this amount, but you will get many benefits.

Indeed, unlike many other US states, New York requires newly formed limited liability companies (LLCs) to publish a formation announcement in two newspapers.

You must make such announcements for six consecutive weeks once a week and ensure to do it within 120 days from your LLC’s creation date.

Otherwise, your company will not be allowed to conduct its routine transactions or operations.

A ZenBusiness legal expert will work closely with the attorney, county clerk, Department of State, and Newspapers to help you fulfill the requirement.

Zen Business formation services

How To Use Zen Business?    

Using this company’s business formation and management services is easy. All you need is to open an account, log in to your dashboard and request the service you want. 

If, for example, you want to create in new LLC or Corporation, you will enter into the system the name you wish to call it and check if it is available.

Next, you will follow the indicated process to finish your submission. It will take only up to ten minutes of your time, which is extremely fast.

Other than business filling, you can also request compliance, employee ID number, or New York Certificate Publication, as already seen on this page.

We will see the cost associated with each service in another section and how you can leverage all of them at significantly discounted prices.

For the moment, let’s move to the next section and see the pros and cons of using these services and if they are worth it.

Zen Business Pros and Cons 

1. Pros

  • This platform includes the tools designed to create, manage and grow your business in one place.
  • There are thousands of testimonies from customers saying that they are satisfied with the services rendered.
  • You can access these services all over the United States; enbusness will customize them according to the requirements in your state.
  • Besides creating your company quickly, this platform will also help you make it compliant.
  • You will get guidance and support when needed at no additional cost.
  • All these services are available at low costs; you will not incur any hidden fees.

2. Cons

This company’s services are primarily recurring-based, meaning that you must subscribe to a plan tailored to the needs of your business.

However, this is not an issue deserving to be considered as a con. I simply want you to be aware of this and know what you commit to. 

3. Is Zen Business A Scam?

Not at all. Zenbusiness Inc. is a legal company operating all across the United States. It also has 4.5 out of five customer-star reviews, making it one of the leaders in its area.

Besides, thousands of small businesses all across the US use this platform. You agree that they can’t all be wrong.

So, let’s see how much the owners charge:

Zen Business Pricing Structure

You can expect to pay from $49 to $299 a year, depending on whether you have subscribed to a Starter, Pro, or Premium plan.

Each plan has its benefits, as shown below:

1. Starter Plan

This plan costs $49 per year plus the state filing fees. You can use it to submit the required documents for your LLC formation online.

The process typically lasts two to three weeks, depending on the State’s speed. If you want to add ZenBusiness as your registered agent, you will pay $99.

Once this company receives all your legal documents and notices, it will automatically forward them to you.

Such a process will prevent you from being late in sending legal requirements like the annual reports, and you will avoid paying fines.

2) Pro Plan

This plan costs $199 per year plus the state filing fees. It includes the benefits of the starter plan while offering expedited business filing service, EIN document filing, and some other benefits.

3) Premium Plan

This plan costs $299 per year. It includes the benefits of the two previous ones plus speeding up the process related to your business formation. It also offers many other benefits.

You can use the link below to check all plans and choose the most appropriate for the needs of your business. 

The Final Thoughts 

Allow me to end this review of Zen Business registered agent, hoping that this information will be helpful to you.

There is nothing good than owning a company and being your own boss. So it would be best if you had an experienced provider of such services at great prices.

Thank you for reading this review. You can ask questions or leave a comment at the bottom of this page. I will get back to you quickly.

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  1. I enjoyed visiting your website; you have provided good information and answered many questions about Zen Business. 

    I also liked that you have included the information about the pros, cons and whether or not Zen Business is a scam. It helps people to learn better about this company and its different services. 

    Thank you for sharing this review. 


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