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Yelp For Business Review Promote Your Local Business

Through the Yelp for Business review, I will show you a platform that you can use to promote your local business. Your potential customers will find it easily.

Yelp receives millions of visitors every month, and most of them purchase the products and services it promotes.

This platform will help you connect with lots of new customers who will become buyers and help you to grow your business.

The General Overview

The NameYelp Corporate.
OwnershipFounded and owned by Jeremy Stoppelman.
Headquarters San Francisco, California in the US.
SpecialtyLocal business advertising platform.
PricingThe plan starts at $1 a day per business page.
Customer Rating8.9 out of 10.

What Is Yelp For Business About?

Former PayPal employees Jeremy Stoppelman and Russel Simmons founded Yelp in 2004 and headquartered this company in San Francisco, California.

The goal was to help businesses to connect with potential buyers of their products and services easily.

Yelp receives more than 90 million visitors every month, and most of them make purchases through this platform.

You can open an account and use free and paid tools to promote your business. It will gain more prospects, customers, sales and grow fast.

In addition to the United States, this company’s advertising services are also available in many other cities and counties worldwide.

You can use Yelp across the American continent, Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

Within the following sections, you will find various advertising services offered by Yelp and how to start using them.

I will also provide you with other helpful information about this platform to help you learn more about it and decide if it is worth using.

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Yelp Advertising Solutions

Yelp company offers the following leading advertising solutions: 

Business Page

You can use the Yelp business page to build a strong presence on this platform.

Your current and potential customers will trust your business page and use it to make purchases regularly.

First, you must open a Yelp free account. You will then claim your business page, fill in the required information, and build your online business presence.

This platform will provide you with free and paid tools that you can use to build and manage a list of people interested in your business.

Your Yelp business page will be the first touchpoint for potential clients to interact with your company.

Ensure to make it as detailed and understandable as possible so that your target audience can find your business’s most up-to-date information quickly.

Obviously, some prospects will buy the products you are selling, and you will end up making huge sales.

Yelp For local Businesses

Yelp Ads

According to the owners of Yelp, the ads placed on this platform allow users to reach more potential customers three times than other providers of such advertising services.

They promise to put at your disposal the tools to create high-converting ads and grow your business quickly.

Yelp has a user-friendly dashboard that will enable you to create ads within minutes without prior technical skills.

The owners will charge you only when someone clicks on your ads. There are no other hidden fees.

In addition, they will give you special offers worth $300 in free credit when you buy Yelp Ads.

Remember to be innovative and place the “Call To Action” buttons in your ads to invite leads, open a map for directions, call, message you directly, etc.

By targeting your customers by location and keyword, your ads will only be shown to people likely to buy your products. 

Yelp Connect Tool

The third business solution provided by Yelp is the connect tool that will enable you to bring your business to life further on this platform.

The connect tool will keep people in the loop on the hot, new, and unique products your business offers.

Several business owners use this tool to build connections with their new and existing customers.

It can be the best opportunity for you to connect with many new clients as you have never imagined before.

Also, you can use the connect tool to post regular updates to your Yelp Business Page, make your clients discover your new offers, help them learn more about your business, etc.

You will create posts from the Yelp for Business mobile app or website and upload images to tell customers about new offers, special deals, recent changes, etc.

In conclusion, Yelp Connect will promote your products and services to millions of consumers every week.

Many other business owners are taking advantage of this tool to convert most prospects into actual buyers.

Who Can Use Yelp Advertising Solutions?

Below are some of the businesses that use the Yelp platform:

Home and Local Services

As a local business owner, you do not need to look elsewhere to find clients, as most are on the Yelp platform. They are also ready to purchase your best products.

This platform gets more than 90 million visits per month from people over 35 years, and the figure keeps growing.

Half of these visitors earn an annual income of over $100K, meaning that you will be targeting the right audience.

In addition, the Yelp owners say that 97% of their visitors purchase at least one product found on this platform within a week.

You can claim your Yelp business page today, start building your list and grow your business.

Ensure to update your business information, contact, working hours, and details of your offerings.

It will help upload your products’ photos correctly for customers to find and learn more about your brand.

Night Clubs and Restaurants

You can use Yelp local advertising solutions as an owner or manager of a club beer or restaurant.

They will help you find customers who will always be on your side instead of moving here and there.

This platform features a collection of FOH and marketing tools designed to turn searchers into regulars.

Several other restaurants owners use Yelp For Restaurants Tools to reach more diners and make their businesses more productive.

For example, this platform will save you on average $800 per month on cover fees for every 1,000 online reservations, unlike other providers.

Yelp For Business

National and Regional Companies

In addition to local adverting services, you can also use Yelp to promote your business at the national or regional levels.

Also, this platform will provide you with appropriate tools to set up targeted advertising.

It will even give you the business pages for the franchise, regional and national businesses.

Millions of people use Yelp every day to search for products and services that can satisfy their needs.

You can ensure that Yelp will help your business to have maximum exposure and gain regular buyers.

Marketing and Advertising Service Providers

In addition to what I have mentioned previously, you can use Yelp as a provider of advertising and marketing services.

You will provide your clients reach of engaged consumers and satisfy them.

According to research by SurveyMonkey Audience, 90% of people who visit Yelp make purchases from this platform within a week.

You will help your clients upgrade their Yelp business profiles, enabling them to drive measurable and conversion-rich actions.

The Call to Action button features will help your customers convert viewers into actual buyers and make many sales.

Another great feature in this category is the ” Listing Management” that you can use to manage and update your clients’ business information.

You will manage their address, name, menus, phone, photos, website, and lots more.

The Pros and Cons of Yelp


  • First, Yelp is easy to use. You don’t need special skills to start setting up your ads.
  • Second, your local business will gain more exposure, leads and sales.
  • Third, Yelp will help you to promote your company nationally and regionally.
  • Fourth, this platform’s advertising services are available in more than two hundred cities and thirty countries worldwide.
  • Also, it receives more than 90 million visitors per month, and most of them purchase from it.
  • There are many Yelp for business reviews from users.
  • Finally, the owners offer good customer support.


The owners of this platform don’t indicate clearly how much it costs to use it. However, they say that you must first set up your business profile using it.

Some other sources indicate that you must pay $1 per day for business page upgrades.

You can use the banner below to open a free account and log in to your account dashboard. You will then take advantage of Yelp advertising services.  

The Final Thoughts

This is the end of the Yelp for Business review. I hope that it will help you promote your business locally, nationally, or regionally profitably.

Yelp will help you to target customers ready to become repeat buyers of your products and services.

In addition, you can contact its customer support service for assistance before or when using it. 

They are always ready to answer all questions and will give you complete satisfaction.

I also urge you to read the 1password review. You will discover software that can protect your family or business data and privacy efficiently.

Finally, thank you for reading the Yelp review. You can leave a comment or ask questions at the bottom of this page. I will get back to you as soon as possible.  

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