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Wondershare Filmora Editing Software Review

If you are looking for powerful video editing tools, this Wondershare filmora editing software review will show you how to get them for free or at great prices.

We will see the features and tools included in the Wondershare software, their various solutions for individuals and businesses, and how to use them.

I will also give you other useful information about the Wondershare Filmora company to help you know it better before using its various video editing solutions.

What Is Wondershare Filmora Software?

Introduction To Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is a video editing software you can use to create high-quality videos quickly, even if you don’t have enough prior skills or experience in the matter.

This software has an easy-to-use and intuitive dashboard and features a wide range of powerful editing tools to help everyone to become a great video editor in no time.

Not only will you like how it is easy to make high compelling videos, DVDs and even start new movie projects, but you will also wonder why you have not discovered this software early.

Without further delay or much talk, let’s go straight to the point and see how you can download Wondershare Filmora software on your preferred device and start using it.

How To Start Using Wondershare Filmora?

The first step to using this wonderful modern software to edit your best videos is downloading it on one of your devices, preferably a desktop or laptop. It is compatible with Windows and Mac.

Once done, you will start making good videos, no matter whether you have the experience to do that or not.

The developers of Wondershare Filmora have made it so easy to use that anyone can get the most of it, provided that he has the will.

They will also give you 30 days to use this software for free and see its advantages before upgrading your account to one paid plan. Using advanced tools will help you to create good videos and share them easily worldwide.

The process to download and install Filmora Video Editor is straightforward. You will see how to do it all along the way.

Filmora is suitable for newbies who want to make videos or home movies in their free time and share them with their families and friends.

It is also appropriate for professionals who want to take their videos and movies to a higher level and make good money. 

The next section will show you the features and tools integrated into this platform. 

Wondershare Filmora Features and Tools

Before showing you the features and tools included in this Sofware, allow me to tell you, once again, that it has a user-friendly, modern, and intuitive interface.

Many people and businesses worldwide are taking advantage of this software to make their best videos and movies.

You will find an easy process to drag and drop your media files to the timeline, edit your clips, rearrange their sequences, etc.

You can use the following features and tools:

Video Editor

A new “Smart Render” feature will enable you to render your videos previews in real-time as you make minor or big changes all along the process and see the end product you can expect for.

Filmora will help you make videos easily and share them on various social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, YouTube, or any other social media platform.

It will all depend on the tools you want to use, but the developers of this Sofware have done everything possible to design de tools appropriate for everyone’s needs.

Basic Video Editing Tools

These basic tools are for beginners and semi-pros who don’t have enough knowledge and experience in video editing but are determined to succeed in this industry.

You can use the Filmora basic tools for cutting, flipping, merging, splitting, rotating, trimming, and combining your video creations.

Advanced Video Editing Tools

The Filmora advanced tools are so amazing that they can help you take your career as a video editor to the next level and make good money. 

Powerful video editing tools will enable you to control the speed of your audios and videos easily, play them in reverse, and do many other things, including panning and zooming.

You can also use the Wondershare filmora video editing software advanced tools for fixing shaky videos, splitting scenes quickly, recording screen activities, taking high-quality snapshots, and lots more.

In a few words, the Filmora advanced tools are so powerful that they will enable you to do whatever you need to make high compelling videos and make them ready for your target audience quickly.

Filmora Video Templates Library

In addition to the features and tools already mentioned, you will also get access to a library including more than fifteen colors video presets and many other useful tools such as free music tracks, sample countdown videos, sound effects, etc.

The sky is the limit because this Filmora also features many other tools to ease your video editing tasks and monetize your creations efficiently.

For example, you can use the tools for titles, subtitles, opener intros, transitions, special effects such as face-off, filters, image masks, mosaic, overlays, etc.

The people behind Wondershare Filmora have designed all these tools with the sole purpose of helping you make stunning videos that will please your target public. 

Audio Editing Tools

These are the last tools I want to talk about, but Filmora has many others. You can use audio editing tools to remove the video audios, mute them, and easily remove the background noise.

Audio editing tools will also enable you to add fade in and fade out for making the ducking effects. You will even find an audio mixer and audio equalizer designed to help you edit your audio more efficiently.

These tools will also help you do many other things, such as adjusting the track height, adding volume keyframes, editing audio cues, and lots more.

I will provide in the next section a link to download Wondershare Filmora and start using its features and tools at your best benefit.

Wondeshare Filmora Pricing

You can download this software on your device and start using it right away. The owners will give you 30 days to try all the features and tools and see how they can help you take your video creation to the next level.

If at the end of the trial period you decide to keep using the Filmora video editing software, you will upgrade your account and pay the following amount:

  • $61.99 per year for the basic plan.
  • $89.99 one-time fee for the perpetual plan.
  • $111.99 a year for the bundle subscription plan.

There are also options to pay monthly if you wish so, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

You can use the link below to start your 30-day free trial. See each plan’s details and choose the one appropriate for you.  

Wondershare Filmora Pros and Cons


  • This software is easy to use, supports various input formats, and has many features and tools to help you make high competing videos.
  • You will upload your videos easily to the most popular platforms such as Vimeo and YouTube or share them on various social media networks.
  • There are basic tools for beginners in video editing and advanced tools designed for the professionals in the industry.
  • Millions of individuals and businesses worldwide use Windershare Filmora and are committed to keep using it for many years to come.
  • The Wondershare filmora prices are affordable compared to most competitors, who don’t have such powerful features and tools.
  • You will get a 30 days period to try this software and decide if it is suitable for you or not.


The main disadvantage of Wondershare Filmora is the watermark in the free version, which is a way to push you to subscribe to one of the paid plans, but this is how similar other platforms work.

The owners have designed this sofware to make a living from it, and you will need to tap into your pocket to use its advanced features and tools at your best. It is a win-win situation, and there is no other thing we can do about it.

The Final Words

The Wondershare Filmora editing software review ends here. I hope that this information will help you make good videos and share them easily with your public.

You can use the Filmora features and tools in your free time to edit videos and share them with your friends and family members or as a professional who wants to make a living.

Whatever your particular situation, you will find the appropriate solutions at great prices.

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Thank you for reading this review. Please take a little time to comment and share with other visitors of this blog your experience with Wondershare software.

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  1. I am looking for a video editing software adapted to a newbie like myself, and Wondershare seems an interesting option to explore. 

    I have tried some other software in the past, but due to their complexity, they weren’t user-friendly to someone with limited skills like me, and I decided to stop using them. Now I am going to try Wondeshare Filmora. 


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