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Why Didn’t Einstein’s Descendants Inherit Einstein’s IQ?

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So you ask why didn’t Einstein’s descendants inherit Einstein’s IQ? It is a question that has baffled many people for years, and we feel compelled to discuss it.

Indeed, Albert Einstein was so gifted that he would have transmitted part of it to his descendants.

But as it turns out, this best-of-all-time physician’s family tree includes people of average intelligence.

So let’s look at what happened to them. 

Why was Einstein so smart? 

According to experts, Einstein had a unique brain that would have partially contributed to his unbelievable genius.

A study found that his brain had an unusual amount of sulcus, the grooves that divide the cerebral cortex into gyri.

Many think this unusual brain structure has helped different areas of his brain to communicate with each other more efficiently.

In addition, Einstein was raised in a stimulating environment, which gave him an advantage in problem-solving.

He grew up in Munich, Germany, from Jewish parents, where he studied mathematics and science before moving to Switzerland in 1894, where he continued his studies.

This helped foster Einstein’s love of learning that would last a lifetime, but we can not tell precisely what made him so bright. 

What was Einstein’s IQ level?

We wish we knew if Einstein had taken a test to determine his IQ, but we couldn’t find such evidence.

But some scientists determined Einstein’s IQ based on cognitive tests and school performance.

Einstein was bright and always performed well in his math, science studies, and other lessons.

In addition, he was passionate about other fields, including literature and philosophy.

That said, existing documentation tells us that Einstein’s IQ was 160, and we think a few people could match it. 

For example, Elon Musk, the current wealthiest man in the world, has a 155 IQ below Einstein’s.

How is Albert Einstein’s brain different?

Some researchers say Einstein's brain was 15% wider than other people's brains, and he had a shorter lateral sulcus, which may have resulted in better connections between his neurons.

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Are any of Einstein’s descendants alive? 

Why Didn't Einstein's Descendants Inherit Einstein's IQ?

Years have gone by since Albert Einstein published his ground-breaking theory of relativity, which changed the world of physics forever.

But what happened to his children and other descendants? Are any of them still alive today, and are they as bright as he was?

Indeed, Einstein had three children: a daughter, Lieserl, and two sons, Hans Albert and Eduard.

1) The elder Lieserl was born in 1902 and died a year later from Scarlet Fever.

She was born out of wedlock to Einstein and would have been hidden from the public eye until she passed away, but we don’t know if the allegation is true.

2) Einstein’s second child was Hans Albert Einstein, born in 1904. He followed in his father’s footsteps by studying civil engineering at ETH Zurich, Switzerland.

Hans Albert got a doctorate in technical science in 1936 and moved to Greenville, South Carolina, two years later.

He became a professor of hydraulic engineering at UC Berkeley from 1947 until he passed away in 1973.

Hans Albert had four children, including Bernhard Caesar Einstein, a physicist, and engineer.

3) Einstein’s last born was Eduard, born in 1910 and died in 1965 at 55.

Eduard was an intelligent medical student who wanted to become a psychiatrist but was diagnosed with schizophrenia at 20.

He was then institutionalized, and the story tells that his father never saw him again until the end of his days. 

What happened to Einstein’s grandchildren?

Einstein’s grandchildren come from his son Hans Albert, who had four children and died in July 1973.

One of Hans Albert Einstein’s sons, Bernhard Caesar Einstein, was an engineer and died in September, but we don’t know about his siblings.

He had five children, still alive and doing well in the United States.

However, none of Albert Einstein’s children and other descendants have inherited his IQ.

We don’t know why and think it is a mystery; only God knows, not the human being.

Many say intelligence is not strictly genetic, and other factors can affect cognitive ability.

The good thing is all of Einstein’s grandchildren have got an excellent education.

They have been successful in their careers despite not inheriting their grandfather’s IQ. 

Why Didn't Einstein's Descendants Inherit Einstein's IQ?

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What is the IQ of Bill Gates? 

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsft, is another genius, a successful entrepreneur, and one of the world’s wealthiest men.

Gates has a 160 IQ, making him in the top 0.1% of individuals with such a high IQ.

Final thoughts

That’s all we can say about why Einstein’s descendants didn’t inherit Einstein’s IQ, and we hope you will appreciate this article.

Einstein’s descendants did not inherit his IQ but received an excellent education.

Those still alive are doing well in their careers, and we wish them to continue enjoying better lives.

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