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What Is Versium REACH And How Does It Work?

This review provides detailed information on what is Versium REACH and how it works. You will then decide if it is worth using to promote your business.

Business owners in the United States and Canada use this software to analyze better and understand their target markets.

It will help you gain highly qualified leads, and most of them will become customers who will buy your business’s products or services regularly.

We will see what Versium offers, how you can take advantage of this platform, and how much the owners charge.

I will also give you other vital information to help you decide whether this platform is worth using or if you would do better to find another alternative.

The General Overview

  • The Name: Versium REACH. 
  • Headquarters: Redmond, Washington, USA. 
  • Industry: B2B marketing platform. 
  • Cost: It starts at $300 a month. 
  • Customer Rating: 9.2 out of 10. 

What Is Versium REACH?

The available data show that Versium helps business owners to identify and understand their target audiences better.

Millions of companies and professionals in Canada and the United States use this company’s data technology to promote their businesses and meet their customers’ needs.

You, too, can use its various digital marketing tools to identify your target markets, understand their needs, satisfy them quickly and make your business more profitable.

This platform includes high-quality digital marketing programs such as mail channels, social marketing, programmatic display, and many others.

Statistics show that it has a database of more than two billion contact points in North American and over 270 million consumer households.

In a few words, using Versium will help your business reach as many potential customers as possible. Most of your new contacts will become prospects and regular buyers.

The following sections show how this platform works, its different marketing solutions, how they can benefit you, and how much the owners charge for using it. 

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How Does Versium REACH Work?

The system will start by identifying your target market and understanding its various needs.

It will then provide you with the best marketing solutions to reach engaged prospects, leading your business to more sales.

Versium Reach provides the following marketing solutions:

Audience Creation

This feature will start by analyzing and understanding your target market and provide you with essential insights about it.

You will get a detailed snapshot of your audience, including critical demographics data (ages, gender, income), charts, graphs, and other elements to help you set up the best marketing strategies.

Yiu can ensure that Versium will help you reach your target audience through the internet, no matter where they are in North America.

The owners have helped other business owners like you improve their online marketing campaigns reach by as much as 520%, making Versium REACH one of the best marketing solutions currently available.

You will first choose a monthly subscription plan tailored to your business needs to use this system.

Once done, the next step will consist of entering data about your target audience into the Vesrioum Reach system.

These data can relate to the demography of the market you intend to serve, such as the age, gender, income, geographic distribution within Canada and the United States, etc.

This platform has a robust identity graph to build an audience matching your specifications.

You will reach the potential customers likely to become genuine buyers and help grow your business fast.

List Insights 

This feature will complement the previous one by providing detailed insights about your audiences and help you to understand them more profoundly. 

The goal of Versium owners is to help users of their system know better who their target audiences are and reach them wherever they are online. 

The Versium research data finder will help your marketing campaigns identify quality prospects and provide you with a high return on investment

You can also use the consumer contact append features to create a target audience for your marketing teams and generate more sales. 

This tool will automatically append postal addresses, emails addresses, and mobile or phone numbers to your prospects or list of existing customers. 

In a few words, Versium software will help you to promote your business and reach a high number of people interested in what you sell.

Paid Advertising Solutions

Other services offered by Versium Reach are paid advertising on social media networks such as Facebook, Linkedln, etc. You can also use this platform for Google paid ads.

Social media paid advertising ads will use criteria such as firmographic to target the best prospects and boost your marketing campaigns.

Google advertising will also help your business reach target audiences across Gmail, Google display, and Google search.

These are the most critical features integrated into this platform, but some others are also.

I will give you a link later to browse them and see how they work. You will then choose an advertising plan suitable for your business needs and budget.  

The Pros and Cons


  • This system is easy to use and will enable you to reach highly qualified prospects.
  • It has a database of millions of contacts to help you reach your advertising goals fast.
  • Versium will allow you to set paid advertising campaigns on Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and other social networks.
  • You will get a high return on investment compared to other advertising resources.
  • The owners offer good customer support. 


This platform is not for small businesses with a limited budget. The starting plan costs $300 per month for a twelve-month contract.  

Versium REACH Pricing

The pricing structure is as follow:

Tier #1 at $300 a Month – This plan will match your business with up to 30,000 prospects every month. It also comes with other tools such as personal audience append, list Insights, etc.

Tier #2 starting at $500 per month – You will get a monthly prospect allowance of up to 75,000.

You can also add to your plan additional business tools at $50 a month and get many other benefits.

Tier #3 starting at $750 per Month – This plan comes with a monthly allowance of up to 150,000 matches and provides many other benefits, including the use of business data tools, list insights, etc.

The three other tiers come with up to 400,000, one million, and two million matches. You must contact the company owners for the quotes.

Also, you will need to commit to a one-year (twelve months) contract for each tier or plan.

You can use the banner below to check the details of each plan and subscribe to the one suitable for your budget and business needs.  

The Final Thoughts

It is the end of this review on what is Versium REACH and how it works. I hope that this information will help you promote your business better and take it to the next level of success.

There is no doubt that Versium REACH is a must-use if you can afford the budget. The owners have automated and made it powerful.

You can also read a review of the best email marketing platforms to find out other online advertising resources to use.

Email marketing can be the best alternative to Versium REACH if you are a small company without enough budget.

Thank you for reading the Versium REACH review. You can leave a comment or ask questions at the appropriate place below this page. I will reply quickly. 

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