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What Is The Best Virtual Phone System For A Small Business?

Many people wonder what is the best virtual phone system for a small business, and this review brings the answer. I will review the top five Pbx systems to help you make the right choice.

A sound PBX system will enable you to split the physical phone line coming into your business into multiple lines, which may result in your business getting more telephones at great prices.

I will summarize each of the five systems reviewed by this post, including the main features and the prices charged by the owners.

What Is A PBX System? 

PBX is an abbreviation of “Private Branch Exchange.” A PBX phone system typically features a good range of functionalities, allowing users to get more telephone communication services.

A modern PBX phone system will enable you to receive digital signals through the voice-over Internal Protocol (VoIP ).

The VoIP technology plays a vital role for a PBX system to work and provide the best user experience. 

PBX systems also offer many other benefits, including the possibility to leverage hosted PBX solutions without making significant up-front investments.

The provider will use his PBX infrastructure to provide high-quality phone services.

You will pay a monthly fee for using such a system.

You can find below five PBX phone systems from which to choose the most appropriate for your business.

I will describe briefly the features included in each platform and show you how much it costs.


VirtualPBX was founded in 1997 and is currently headquartered in San Jose, California, United States.

The owners have invested heavily in advanced technologies to offer customers the best PBX phone services.

VirtualPBX will create personalized, reliable, and effective telephony solutions if your business needs such services.

Its owners will also maintain your PBX phone system daily for your business to work efficiently.


VirtualPBX offers PBX phone systems to small, medium, and large businesses at great prices.

We can name security companies, financial institutions, healthcare, and many others among its customers.

Whatever the type and size of your business or organization, you will find appropriate PBX phone solutions.

Phone Numbers

These PBX phone solutions use advanced web-based technologies to enable businesses to become more operational across industries now more than ever.

You can, for example, use a free local or toll-free telephone number if you own a starter that doesn’t require you to invest in costly office telephone equipment.

VirtualPBX has the best solutions for you, whatever your business needs.

You will find extensive databases of local, international, toll-free business, and vanity numbers to choose from.

Business SMS

The business SMS feature is a must-use. It could be that customers or other people your business deals with are not always ready to pick their phones when you call them.

In such cases, you will have no other choice than to send your recipients SMS messages that they can read when they become available.

With this type of communication, you can easily reach your customers, suppliers, partners, employees, etc., without negatively impacting your business’s finances.

Integrations and API

Besides the phone solutions mentioned above, VirtualPBX also offers business phone system integrations.

You can use these integrations to improve your business’s workflow and be more productive.

These business automation tools will improve communication within your company and help you offer the best experience to whoever you deal with.

This platform also provides other PBX communication solutions, including VirtualPBX Softphone.

I will show you in the following sections how to browse all features and choose the most suitable for your business. 


The starter plan costs $19.99 per user a month. You will use unlimited minutes, send as many business SMS as you want, and get many other benefits.

You can also subscribe to a higher plan depending on the needs of your business. 


eVoice, also known as eReceptionist in some regions of the world, such as the European Union, belongs to NASDAQ.

It is available in more than 4,200 cities in 49 countries and all continents.

  • Landline local, national, and international phone numbers for all types of businesses.
  • A virtual receptionist that works day and night to direct callers to the appropriate correspondent.
  • Call forwarding that handles incoming calls to other people or departments if the recipient is not available.
  • The call scheduling tools that you can use to plan when you want to receive the calls or to whom they will be directed.
  • A virtual office for creating a virtual office.
  • And many other easy-to-use phone communications features.
The Cost 

On this company’s official website, there is no indication of how much these phone systems cost.

However, some sources show that the pricing structure starts at $79 per month.

The available information shows that a 30-day money-back guarantee will cover your subscription.

You can try the system risk-free or ask for a refund of your money within this period if you are unsatisfied.

It will help if the owners mention the pricing structure on their official website.

This will help potential users decide if their services are worth using and save time.

Ring Central

Ring Central offers several business communication solutions, including messaging, collaboration, voice, video meetings, and contact centers.

This platform is easy to set up, use and will enable you to work seamlessly across all your business’s office sites and mobile devices.


Calling and Mobility

The people behind Ring Central have designed these features to offer the users a mobile, flexible and powerful cloud phone system at affordable prices.

These phone communication solutions are available in more than 200 areas codes and will enable your business to establish a solid local presence. 

Advanced Administration and Analytics Tools

Through these cloud-based phone solutions, you will conveniently manage your office and infield employees’ communications.

Ring Central will allow you to use them from the comfort of your office or on the go.

They will revolutionize your call management, office phone system administration, user and caller experience, etc.

This platform also integrates many other features and tools at great prices.

I will not go deep to describe them because I have reviewed them recently.

You can read the Ring Central review to learn about its features, benefits, and how much the owners charge for using them. 


Freshdesk, formerly known as “Freshworks,” is a friendly platform that helps businesses easily communicate with customers, employees, suppliers, etc.

Customers services, human resources, marketers, sales, sales teams, etc., can use this software-as-a-service (SaaS) to do their jobs as required and satisfy their clients.

This platform offers local phone numbers that you can use in more than fifty countries to reach your customers or whoever deals with your business.

You can also purchase toll-free phone numbers that offer more flexible options for callers to reach your business conveniently at any time.

Other benefits of Freshdesk include the possibility to personalize your calls and mask them.

It will also enable you to set up split business hours, use multi-level IVR to segment your calls, share one phone number across multiple users, and offer you more benefits.

You will also access many other phone communication tools to handle each category of customers differently according to their business needs. 

Freshdesk also has a good range of tools to boost your call center’s performance, help you manage customer calls, and collaborate with internal teams. 

The pricing structure starts at $15 per agent billed annually or $18 a month if you pay month after month. 


The last phone system I want to talk about in this review is Grasshopper PBX.

This platform has everything you need to ease the communication within your business and make it more productive.

It will automatically show you where income calls come from, enable you to answer every single call professionally, and make your business sound professional.

I invite you to read the Grasshopper review because I have already reviewed this platform.

You will see how it works, the features and tools it integrates, and how much the owners charge for using them. 

The Final Thoughts

It is the end of this review that has answered the question of what is the best virtual phone system for a small business that many people ask.

I hope that this information will be handy for you when choosing an appropriate PBX communication system for your business.

These business communication solutions will enable you to provide your customer with the best user experience, but they will also ease other interactions.

They can also help expand your business beyond the country in which you operate and help to establish an international presence at affordable costs.

Thank you for reading this post. You can leave a comment or ask questions at this page’s bottom. I will ensure to reply as soon as possible. 

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  1. Thank you for such an informative and detailed review of the best virtual phone systems for a small business. Small businesses generally do not have large budgets to scale up on infrastructure and technology. They need the best products at the best prices. 

    I once owned and operated a call center, and I realized how important a good, efficient and reliable phone system is. This article will assist small business owners in finding the right product for their needs.


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