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What Is The Best Software To Build A Website?

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People who want to start a business online wonder about what is the best software to build a website, and this review will answer the question.

You can use the website builders I will reveal to you to create affiliate marketing websites, online stores, or any other type of business.

Just take the time to read and digest the information about each web builder; I am sure that you will find the most appropriate for your needs.

Introduction To Website Builders

A website builder is a program or platform anyone can easily build, even if you don’t have coding skills.

Indeed, a website is the biggest asset if you want to build a sustainable business online, on which you will count for many years.

An easy-to-use but powerful web builder will enable you to create a compelling site and establish a good online presence.

Ensure to choose a web builder with the features, tools, free customizable themes, and templates to get started.

You will use a premium theme later. It will be the best option because the owners of premium themes update them regularly, contrary to the premium ones.

After designing your website and installing the essential plugins, the next step will be to choose the products or services to promote.

Through your website, you can promote your own products or choose affiliate products and start promoting them.

The merchants (affiliate products owners) will pay you commissions based on your sales.

You must also learn various online advertising methods to make the online business work for you. There are many reliable online courses to learn everything about online marketing.

That being said, you can find below a list of the top website builders to use.


WordPress is one of the most popular open-source content management systems (CMS) used by individuals, businesses, and organizations of all types to build and manage professional websites.

This platform will enable you to create a compelling website even if you don’t know the coding and programming.

WordPress includes many free and premium themes from which to choose. It will also allow you to install as many plugins as needed to run your business profitably.

In a few words, you can use WordPress to build a blog, a personnel website, a business website, an eCommerce store, a job board platform, etc.

This platform will also enable you to build websites for non-profit and religious organizations, online communities, and lots more.


This web builder hosts thousands of free themes, but most of them are not updated regularly. It is always better to invest in a paid theme.

WordPress Pricing

You can create a beautiful website for free and start promoting your business right away, but WordPress also offers the following hosting paid plans:

  • Personal at $4 per month billed yearly, it will entitle you to a free domain and hosting for one year and other enefits.
  • Premium at $8 a month paid annually. This plan inccludes the the benefits of the personal plan plus access to live chat support, premium themes, ad revenue ernings, uploading videos, etc.
  • Business at $25 per month billed yearly. It comes with the benefits of the two previous ones plus the possibilities to install plugins, etc.
  • eCommerce at $45 per month paid annually. This plan enables to build an eCommerce store and offers many other benefits.

Zyro web builder is beginners users friendly, offers a free domain and SSL certificate? It will enable you to create a good eCommerce website and start selling online.

This platform also has more than 150 templates to choose from the one you like and build an outstanding individual or business website.

The owners will give you 30 days to use all web design tools, see how Zyro works and decide if it is worth using at the end of this period.

Your professional eCommerce website will load at lightning speed and help to convert more leads into paying customers. You will also get access to 24-hour support.

Zyro Web Builder Pricing

You will choose among the following premium packages at the end of the free trial period:

  • A free plan that will entitle you to 500MB of storage and monthly data transfers. However, advertising will appear on your website, which some people find annoying.
  • The basic package at $2.90 a month, it comes with 1 GB of storage, 3GB of bandwidth, and branding and SEO tools.
  • The eCommerce plan that starts at $9.90 per month, depending on the size of your business and how fast you want to grow it.

The banner below will take you to this platform’s official website to see the benefits associates with each plan. 


GoDaddy is another popular website builder you can use to design your website easily and start your business online.

The owners allow everybody to create a free website for one month and upgrade to one of the paid plans afterward.

GoDaddy has a good selection of Linux- and Windows-based hosting plans. You will also get a free domain name, free website backup, 24/7 security monitoring, etc.


The paid plans are somehow expensive compared to most competitors. You will also need to sign up for three years to benefit from discounted prices.


Economy plan: $2.99 a month the first year, and $7.99 after, Deluxe plan: $4.99 per month the first year and $8.99 after and Ultimate and Maximum: Starting at $16.99 a month after renewal.

You can also read a post about the best SEO software used by individuals and businesses to become more successful in online marketing. 


This platform is relatively new in the web building area compared to most of its competitors, but it has everything you need to build a good website.

It has an easy-to-use dashboard and drag and drops tools such as blocs, buttons, icons, templates, free themes, and lots more.

Besides enabling you to build ordinary sites, Web.com also has the tools to create eCommerce websites, but this option is not available in the basic plan.

You will subscribe to one of the premium packages to build a small or medium online store.

Web.com Pricing

It will cost $1.95 a month for the basic or starter plan, $2.95 a month for the marketing plan, and $3.95 monthly for the eCommerce package.

This platform also offers a free domain, unlimited bandwidth, and offers good customer support.



SITE123 is another one of the best drag and drop website builder software. It will guide you step by step to build a website you will be proud of.

Its content management system enables everyone with basic computer skills to create a fully responsible and mobile-friendly website in record time.

This web builder also has SEO optimization tools to improve the website’s search engine results and provides 27/7 customer support by live chat.


Some users say that this platform works better for small and mid-sized online stores, not for businesses with big eCommerce websites.


You can use the SITE123 basic features for free or upgrade your account to a paid plan for more benefits, starting at $12.80 per month.

IM Creator

IM Creator has the tools for designing beautiful websites without prior programming or coding skills.

The free option comes with up to 50 MB of web hosting bandwidth and allows users to access the basics tools and templates.

Once you upgrade to a paid plan, you will use premium features, get unlimited hosting, bandwidth, storage space, 24/ support, and many other benefits.

The IM Creator’s owners will also put at your disposal comprehensive SEO tools to increase your business’s traffic, engagement, and conversions.


The free plan gives only up to 50Mb hosting, which is not enough to build a website and efficiently handle its various components.


Free at no cost for up to 50Mb bandwidth, Premium plan at $7.95 per month billed yearly, and Pro plan at $350 a year.

IM Creator


Jimdo is in the website creation industry since 2007. Small and medium business owners globally have already used this service to build more than 25 million websites.

Like other web builders, the Jimdo process to create websites is automatic; you will build your site exactly that you want without prior skills.

You can use Jimdo to build a website as a bookseller, designer, eCommerce store owner, freelancer, photographer, or for other purposes.

This platform also offers domain names, logos to brand your business, SEO tools for search engine optimization, etc.


Given that Jimdo is a Germany-based company, its prices are in euros.

  • Free at 0 € to access basic features.
  • Start at 9 €; it includes the basic features and free domain.
  • Grow at 15 €; it comes with the benefits of the two previous plans plus SEO, social marketing, and four hours of personalized support.
  • The two other plans cost respectively € 20 and € 39.

Note: All plans are monthly but billed annually.

WebHostingPad is one of the best web building and hosting services currently available in the United States and many other countries globally.

Its free website builder contains thousands of mobile-ready themes and templates, SEO features, and many other easy drag and drop tools to create top eCommerce websites.

You will be pleased by this platform because it provides everything you need to manage your online business conveniently.

Your membership will entitle you to the following benefits a free domain name, a free domain name for the first year.

Other benefits include the possibility to create and use as many professional email addresses for your domain.

They will also provide you with free SSL encryption for building more trust with your customers, ready-to-use eCommerce storefronts to build your online store, upload products, and start selling online right away.

There are also tools to track your website’s performance and see the weak areas to improve.

WebHostingPad Pricing

The web builder is free to use; you will only pay the hosting fee of $1.99 per month for the sharing hosting.

You will get access to premium features for this price, including unlimited bandwidth, domains names, email accounts, storage space, etc.

I was surprised that this platform provides many benefits for such a low price; it is really uncommon.

You can pay your membership by AliPay, Bitcoin, credit or debit card, direct bank transfer, and paper checks if you are a US resident.


With more than 250 ready-to-use templates, Weblium is another popular platform to create mobile-friendly websites quickly.

Its built-in design tools will automatically supervise the creation of your website. You will design a mobile-friendly website for potential clients to find your business online easily.

Weblium will also host your domain and provide you with other tools to keep your business safe. 


With a free plan, you will try out this platform’s web builder and see how it works. You can then upgrade your account to a Pro plan that costs $8.25 per month.


How To Choose The Best Web Builder?

Now that you know the top 10 website builders for a small business let’s see the criteria to consider when choosing the most suitable.


The first thing to consider when choosing an appropriate web builder is the budget.

Most platforms offer free options, but you will still need to use advanced tools to create a professional website and manage your online business successfully.

Ensure to determine the total cost involved in professional website creation, including domain registration, hosting, the use of advanced tools, etc.

Easy To Use Web Builder

Several website builders enable people without prior coding skills to design their websites the way they want, but not all of them offer the same easy-to-use features and tools.

You must be careful and choose a web builder that offers drag-and-drop design options and a good range of theme templates.

SEO Features

Other essential aspects to look into are SEO features that allow potential customers to see your business online.

Not only a web builder you want to use must include SEO features, but it must also update them regularly to help you optimize your website for search engines.

Resources and Support

It is also better to see if the chosen web builder has the required resources to learn about its various features and tools and master how to use them properly.

A good platform typically offers tutorials and shows how users can customize them to their maximum advantage.

These are the most important factors to consider, but there may be others. Try to be creative, determine the goals you want to achieve, and choose your web builder accordingly.

The Final Thoughts

It is the end of this post. I hope that you can now answer the question of what is the best software to build a website if someone asks it.

Free options will help you get started, but you will still need to subscribe to a paid plan to take advantage of advanced tools and build a professional website.

In addition to giving you a list of the most used web builders, I have also shown you some of the criteria to consider when choosing the most suitable.

Also, learning various online advertising methods, including content and the use of email marketing tools, is the best way to go if you want to be successful online.

Thank you for reading this post; I will be happy to read your comment about it and reply quickly. 

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    I also like the way you have outlined the pros and cons of each of them; this makes it easier to make an informed choice.

  2. You are doing a great job. I have never imagined that there are so many free website builders with, of course, the paid options for people who want to use advanced features and build professional websites.

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