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What Is The Best Learning Platform For Online Courses?

Introduction To Online Education

People worldwide wonder what is the best learning platform for online courses. This article brings the answer by reviewing the best online educational platforms.

In today’s world, the internet has made the scope of education so broad and accessible that you can learn almost everything from home.

I have grouped different disciplines to learn into various categories to make things easier for you.

You can check this post regularly because I will update it regularly by adding new online courses.  

Online Certification Platforms

Bionic Turtle

Bionic Turtle is an E-Learning platform headquartered in Georgia, USA. Students worldwide use it to successfully prepare for the Financial Risk Management (FRM) certification exams.

The owners have established partnerships with various exam providers to help interested people advance their careers in finance.

You can use this platform to prepare for the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Advanced financial engineering, and Energy Risk Professional (ERP).

These certifications require serious commitment. You must, for example, pass a two-part exam and complete two years of work experience to become a certified FRM.

The cost varies between $249 and $599 per year depending on whether they give you access to study notes, question sets, interactive mock exams, forums, etc.

Master of Project Academy

Master of Project Academy offers free and affordable paid courses that can help you to prepare for a better career.

You can take free courses at any time, but the only way to obtain a qualification is to go through paid courses whose costs vary from $405 to $555.


Udemy is one of the largest platforms that offer free and paid e-learning courses in various disciplines.

You can use this platform to learn business, design, development, information technology, photography, music, Yoga, or any other discipline.

Skilled instructors prepare all Udemy courses and offer them at affordable prices.


Founded in 2011 and has headquarters in India, the Edureka eLearning website provides top-trending certification classes in the technology field.

All courses are held by reputable instructors to help learners prepare for new careers in high-demand technology.

You will pay from $60 to $1,000 depending on the certification course you want to study.

The timeframe to complete a program is up to 6 months, but most courses will take you less than this time.


This Indian-based platform offers online certification training in various disciplines, including:

  • Preparation for Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-103.
  • AWS Lambda and API Gateway online course.
  • Online training for Project Management Professionals (PMP).
  • Internet-based course for PMI Agile Certified Practitioners (PMI-ACP).
  • And many other courses.

To get certified, you will choose a program that interests you, follow the training, take practice tests, and succeed.

The prices depend on the qualifications you aspire to, but you can expect to pay from $10 to $350.

It will take you a week to a month to complete the chosen program.

Shaw Academy

Shaw Academy is another platform that offers one of the best education globally at affordable costs.

The owners’ goal is to help as many people learn without limitations.

This platform will teach you new skills to land a new job or enhance your current career.


You can learn beauty, business, design, finance, health wellness, languages, marketing, music, photography, or technology.

Shaw Academy is as famous as the Udacity Platform that features more than 200 free and paid accredited programs, mainly in the technology area.


Opening a free account will give you access to all courses for one month (thirty days) with no commitment to keep using this platform at the end of this period.

You will pay $69.99 a month if you decide to keep learning. You can also cancel your membership at any time.

Online Course Creation Platforms


Thinkific is a platform used by online entrepreneurs from different backgrounds to create their courses and sells them to people who want to gain new skills.

This platform was created in 2012 and had since then revolutionized the way people learn using the power of the internet.

It also enables course creators to turn their expertise into tangible and sustainable businesses.


The “course creation” feature will enable you to create, customize, and upload your courses into the Thinkific platform.

Another essential feature is “rich multimedia course content” that includes quizzes, surveys, text, videos, etc., to keep your students engaged.


You can open a free account and use the primary feature to see how Thinkific works.

If you find this online learning platform worth using, you will choose the following three paid plans.

  • Basic plan at $39 per month for creating the first courses.
  • Pro plan at $79 a month to create a successful business offering top online courses.
  • Premier plan at $399 per month for using advanced features and scale your business.

Academy of Mine

Academy of Mine is another popular platform to create and manage the highest quality online courses. You will provide your audience with the best education.

The key features are:

Scaling Features – This category includes features for growing your business as your user base increases. The monthly cost will depend on the number of active users.

Business Banding – This feature includes the tools to create your eLearning brand; you can add design colors, logos, and lots more.

Other features will enable you to create course content, assignments, discussions, evaluations, surveys, quizzes, live webinars, etc.

The Academy of Mine’s Essentials plan costs $599, the Professional plan $899, while the Enterprise plan is an on-demand quote. All plans are billed monthly.


Online entrepreneurs, training companies, organizations, and educational institutions globally use LearnDash to create and sell top online courses.

The LearnDash vital features are:

LearnDash LMS – This impressive builder will allow you to create all types of online branded courses without restrictions.

You can also use it to add a database of questions, quizzes, videos, set criteria to access lessons, automated email notifications, badges, certificates, etc.

ProPanel – This feature is for sending specific communications to your students and seeing in real-time how they take action.

You will know precisely your students’ course level and their scores as they progress in their e-learning.

ProPanel will also enable you to manage your learners’ assignments, progress, quiz results, essays submissions.

The basic package costs $199, the pro plan $369, and the plus one $229.


Teachable is another online education platform you can use to share skills such as coaching services and online courses.

This platform integrates easily with external services such as Zendesk, Zapier, etc., to offer your students the best support.

According to the Touchable official website, more than 100,000 individuals worldwide have already used this platform to sell courses and coaching services worth $1 billion.

It will help you transform your know-how and experience into the best source of income.

You will create customizable courses or coaching services, quizzes to engage your students, and certificates for course completion.


The Teachable pricing varies from $29 per month for creating the first online course to $249 a month for professionals in the course creation.

You can also read a review of the best podcasting platforms that you can use to offer top teaching services through podcasting.

English Languages Learning Websites

The TEFL Institute 

Since 2017, the TEFL Institute has offered English distance learning to help learners gain academic certifications recognized internationally.

This Institute works closely with qualified professionals and accrediting bodies.

You will apply for jobs requiring a prior TEFL qualification after gaining your certification.

The course duration will depend on the type of the TEFL, but you can expect to spend between 30 hours and 300 hours.

The owners of this platform will charge you between 10 and 18 $ per hour.

The TEFL Institute of Ireland

This English learning platform is one of the most trusted and respected worldwide. Many people use it to gain their TEFL certifications.

There are various TEFL training courses to choose from the most appropriate to you.

The Irish governing body regulates all courses, which are recognized internationally.

Getting a TEFL certification from the Institute of Ireland will ensure you to be highly regarded by employers worldwide and land your dream job.

Besides TEFL courses for adults, there are also lessons for children of all ages in the classroom or online environments.

The cost starts at €49.00 for a 30 hours training course and €499.00 for a 240 hours training course, making this platform cheaper than the previous one.

UNI-Prep Institute

Located in San Diego, California, UNI-Prep mainly targets working professionals who need English training courses to advance their careers.

You can use this platform for online TESOL and TEFL certifications to teach English outside of the USA (abroad).

After completing your program, you will get a TESOL Certificate or TESOL Diploma and apply for teaching the English language worldwide.

Depending on the program, the cost varies from $195 for 120 hours to $895 for 250 hours.


TEFLPros is another eLearning website to learn English and get qualifications to enhance your current career or find a new job.

You will get one of the best TEFL education because the regulation board has accredited this platform’s 120 hour TEFL certificate course.

It will take you from three to six weeks to complete the training, but you can shorten this period if you have the capabilities to learn fast.

You must also speak English fluently to register for this program, especially if you are not from a native-speaking country.

The owners will charge you $349.

Premier Tefl 

Premier TEFL is another accredited, respected, and trusted English learning platform.

After obtaining your certification, you will become an English teacher abroad. You can expect to pay between €179.00 and €289.00.

Test Prep And Tutoring Websites

Prep Expert

The Prep Expert provides SAT and ACT preparation to students online and in other selected places, but most parents enroll young children in online courses.

You can check at this platform’s official website and look under the “Course Location” to see if it runs in-person prep expert courses in your area.

Students can choose one on one private tutoring, live online courses, on-demand video courses, etc. depending on their needs.

The cost will depend on the preparation course you choose. You can expect to pay from $499 for 20 hours to $999 for 60 hours.

Target Test Prep

Target Test Prep is another platform students use for GMAT preparation courses.

If you are one of them, this platform will prepare you, give you the strategies, techniques, and tools to qualify for your GMAT with a top score.

It features more than 800 videos led by qualified instructors. GMAT practice questions will also help you gain deep confidence before sitting the exams.

The pricing structure is as follow:

  • The flexible preparation costs $99 per month and gives access to all study material.
  • A dedicated study plan will cost you $299 for four months; you will access all study materials.
  • The maximum learning plan costs $399 for a six-month preparation period.


PrepScholar features a good range of video lessons and questions to help students prepare for their SAT exams.

This platform will help you to identify your strengths, weaknesses and make progress in less time. It works similarly to others described in this section.

After enrolling by entering your credit card payment information, you will start learning right away.

Prepscholar will charge your credit card after a five-day trial period. The tuition starts at $498 and can increase to $1,099, depending on the learning plan.


Insiprica is another US-based online platform that has provided SAT and ACT preparation and tutoring since 1983.

Users say that this platform has the best tutors and helps to get the highest scores.

Besides preparation courses led by professional tutors, you can also follow the self-directed courses on every timeline to get better results.


On-demand videos and practice tests start at $349, but the price can increase to $995. It will depend on every student’s particular needs.


Founded in 2008, eTutorWorld provides test preparation services and personalized online tutoring to students in grades K-12.

The people behind this platform want to help parents by offering what their children need to succeed in their studies and prepare for a better future.

They collaborate with parents to assess every child’s needs, personalize an appropriate K-12 online tutoring curriculum and allow students to learn in their way.


  • Mathematics: Elementary from grade one to five, Algebra and geometry.
  • Science: Biology, chemistry, physics, and integrated courses.

Other vital courses are artificial intelligence, coding, and English.


The cost depends on the number of sessions a parent wants tutors to provide to his child. One session costs $24 or less.

Mathematics Courses For Kids

The Maths Factor

The Maths Factor was founded in 2010 by Carol as a world-leading education platform for children. Pearson aquired this platform in 2013.

If you are a parent with kid (s) aged from four to eleven years, this online maths tutoring platform will prepare them in mathematics early to unlock their confidence in this discipline.

Math Factor uses content that matches the new 2014 national curriculum in England, but you can also use it in other parts of the world.


You can get started for as low as £4.99 per month or £49.99 if you choose an annual plan (a full year).

Your subscription will renew at the end of each month or year until you cancel it.

Making Math More Fun 

Based in the United States, Making Math More Fun, also known as “Teachers Pay Teachers,” enables teachers to access the content, tools, and community to teach at their best.

Over 7 million educators use this platform to access more than 5 million easy-to-use educator-created content, exchange instructional materials, and empower each other.

Statistics show that 85% of PreK-12 U.S. teachers use this platform to support their students while learning from each other and saving time.


Parents can browse the available content, choose the most suitable for their kids and make a purchase.

The costs range from $1 to $10, making Math More Fun one of the cheapest platforms for original educational resources.

Math Game Time

Parents and teachers use Math Game Time to provide the best education to kids early.

This platform includes educational games, free homework help, videos, and worksheets.

It also features Fraction Monkey and Math Monkey as educational iPhone and iPad apps for kids.

The parents like these apps because they help children play games online while practicing core math concepts.


Unfortunately, I have not managed to find the cost to use this platform. Its official website was inaccessible when writing this post.

Math Playground 

Colleen King created Math Playground in 2002 when he wanted to help his students practice math facts in a fun way. Since then, this platform has become very popular.

It currently features math on various topics, including fun kids games, mathematical art, thinking games, problem-solving, real-world math, etc.


It will cost you $5.99 per month for your children to use this platform. You can pay $14.97 quarterly or $35.88 yearly.

Cool Math Games

Since 1997, Cool Math Games has helped children and young adults learn mathematics while playing their favorite games online.

The owners are constantly adding more educational and nonviolent games.

They have also established partnerships with other online educational platforms such as coolmath4kids.com.


You can use Cool Math Games for free. You will upgrade your membership to $5.99 a month if you want your children to access premium educational materials. 

The Final Words

It is the end of this post answering the question of what is the best learning platform for online courses many people ask.

I have provided you with the most used online certification and English language Courses.

Other online platforms described in this article are the top test prep, tutoring websites, and platforms that provide mathematics courses for kids.

I can not pretend to have covered the topic entirely because it is too broad, but I hope that this information will be helpful to you.

Thank you for reading this post. I will be happy to read your comment at this page’s bottom and reply as soon as possible.

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  1. Even if it is always better to attend college, many people wordwide currently prefer to use online learning platforms because they are the cheapest options, and you cna still find specific courses on the disciplines you are interested in.

    Thanks for putting this list together; I am sure it will be helpful for many people.

  2. I’ve just gone through this article, and I found it very helpful. I agree with you that the internet has made learning easier than it was in the past decade.

    The list of online learning platforms provided in this post  will help future students to make informed decisions on the courses they wish to take, knowing exactly how much it will cost them.


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