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What Is Paessler PRTG Network Monitor?

This review will answer the question of what is Paessler PRTG network monitor which many people ask. Most of you want to know how Paessler works and its use.

I will explain what a PRTG network monitor is in general and introduce the Paessler PRTG system in particular.

We will see how Paessler PRTG works, its pros and cons, and the cost of using this network monitoring system. 

Introduction To Paessler PRTG

Before explaining Paessler software, its products, and services, let’s first see “What is a  PRTG network monitor.”

You need to know that using a PRTG tool will help you to monitor all kinds of objects that have IP addresses through your network.

You can use the PRTG core server to configure, manage data and web servers.

It will also enable you to do many other things, including collecting data, using sensors to monitor your devices’ processes, etc.

In general, a PRTG system must have at least 200 different sensors ranging from generic bandwidth, hardware, and custom scripts.

You can also customize sensors in your PRTG system, especially for devices that do not have native sensors from PRTG.

It is even possible to write scripts and enable them to return data from various applications.

Back to Paessler software which is the main subject of this article, let’ us see its main products, why to use them, and how much they will cost you.

Paessler PRTG Core Products 

The designers of this software have made it so powerful and handy that it has products and solutions appropriate to every individual and business’s needs.

I will describe in the following sections its core products and their benefits to help you choose the monitoring solution suitable for you.

Paessler PRTG Network Monitor

This product comes with everything you need to monitor your IT infrastructure’s applications, devices, systems, and traffic from an easy-to-use and understand dashboard.

The process to follow will be clearly indicated to you or the person in charge of your IT infrastructure. You will not need to download or use any other additional plugins.

In a few words, you can use the Paessler PRTG network monitor to:

  • Manage all your applications in one place; you will get detailed information on how each of them runs in your network in real time.
  • Know the quantity of bandwidth used by your applications, devices and from where come the bottlenecks.
  • Follow the cloud computing services of your system from the office or on the go.
  • Customize and configure your PRTG sensors, SQL queries and enable them to monitor your business’s specific databases.
  • Easily track your local network’s printers, routers, servers, switches, and workstations.
  • Track real-time accessibility, availability, capacity, and other important aspects of your servers to make your system more performant.
  • Etc. 

PRTG Enterprise Monitoring Solutions

If you are an owner or manager of a company with small or large IT infrastructure, the PRTG enterprise monitor solutions are for you.

When designing these PRTG solutions, the people behind the Paessler company say that they wanted to provide suitable solutions to all sizes of IT environments.

You will get more visibility of your large IT infrastructures, and it is possible to scale them as your business grows.

There is nothing better than monitoring your IT environments’ business’s applications, devices, systems, and traffic from multiple locations and know how they are performing.

You will be happy to see how the Paessler-friendly interface can help minimize the cost of managing your infrastructure monitoring while ensuring clarity, performance, usability.

In summary, using this product will give you the following three key benefits:

Downtime Decrease – Using an efficient system to monitor your IT infrastructure will considerably help to reduce the downtime that can cause huge losses.

This PRTG system has powerful monitoring tools to alert you automatically every time some malfunctions are impending or when they have already occurred.

Such notifications are critical because they will enable you or the person in charge of your IT department to intervene on time, avoid or limit damages.

Speeding Up Troubleshooting – The PRTG system also helps detect network errors that are, in many cases challenging to discover. You will troubleshoot the malfunctions on time and stay stressless.

Network Insights – Using the PRTG business process sensor has many other advantages, including managing multiple servers and complex virtual environments.

Paessler PRTG

PRTG Hosted Monitoring Solutions

This last Paessler key product consists of cloud-based monitoring solutions used to handle your IT infrastructure and give you the freedom to do other things that matter for your business.

PRTG hosted monitoring solutions are reliable and scalable solutions that do not require you to use hardware or any other IT infrastructure.

They are also straightforward, easy to set up, and do not need dedicated hardware.

The owners of Paessler will also bill you monthly based on the used number of sensors to avoid unnecessary expenses.

You can use the banner on this page to see all the Paessler PRTG solutions and choose the most suitable for your business’s needs.

This company’s owners also promise to keep your PRTG always up to date and give you more time to concentrate on your other important tasks.

Paessler PRTG Pros and Cons


Easy To Install and Configure – This PRTG monitoring tool is easy to install and configure. You will only need a Microsoft Windows computer with a little storage disc space to run it.

IT Infrastructure Monitoring – Once installed and configured correctly, the system will use its intuitive interface to start monitoring your IT infrastructure automatically.

An All-Inclusive Network Monitoring – As a reminder, the designers of this system have made it so powerful that it includes more than 200 different sensor types to make it more efficient.

It will enable you to monitor your business’s applications, bandwidth, devices, traffic, etc., collectively or individually in one place and without stress.

This powerful monitoring system is also of unlimited scalability and highly customizable, meaning that you can adapt it to your business’s growth.

Automatic Notifications – As soon as the PRTG monitoring tools detect some failures that can cause downtime or otehr damages to your infrastructure.

It will then take the necessary measures to correct these failures in time and avoid possible damage, leading to significant losses.

Multiple User Dashboards – Another benefit of this system, and not the least, is its capacity to integrate multiple user interfaces for desktops, Android, iOS applications, etc.

All these interfaces allow both SSL-secured local and remote access. You can also use them simultaneously every time you feel the need.

Support – This company’s website features many resources on how to use it, but you can also contact customer support at any time if you feel the need to do so. They will assist you quickly.

You can also read a review of the Avast antivirus that you can download for free and start protecting your devices from different online threats.


Some people say that this system’s map is not easy to use and takes more time to add many devices.

For them, it would be better if the Paessler owners make it easy to draw devices already added in PRTG instead of having to drop them onto the map one at a time.

Apart from this remark, I have not found any other negative points to report about this system. There are also on the internet many positive testimonies from happy users.


The Cost To Use Paessler PRTG

You must have a license to use this PRTG system. Your licensing option will depend on the number of the monitored aspects of devices (sensors) instead of your business’s number of devices.

The most popular plan is ten sensors per device, meaning that a PRTG 1000 license will enable you to monitor 100 devices easily.

You will also have the possibility to upgrade your account to a higher license once you have more devices to monitor.

They will charge you the difference between the new prices and what you were paying.

It is also possible to contact customer support for assistance if you are hesitating on what license to choose.

The Paessler PRTG pricing structure is as follow:

  • PRTG 500 license for monitoring 500 aspects of your devices (50 devices): €1.300.
  • License of PRTG 1000 to monitor up to 1,000 aspects of your devices ( 100 devices): €2.350.
  • The right to monitor up to 250 devices in your network: €4.950.
  • A PRTG monitoring system for for large environments ( 500 devices): €8.900.
  • PRTG XL1 for extra-large environments or 1,000 devices: €12.500.

Note: The prices are in Euros because Paessler PRTG is a European-based company headquartered in Nuremberg, Germany.

The Final Words

This is the end of this article that has answered in detail what Is Paessler PRTG Network Monitor, a question that most of you always ask.

I have started this post by showing you what a PRTG Network Monitor is and have explained the Paessler PRTG, its core products, and how they work.

This post has also gone through the advantages and disadvantages of using this network monitoring system to help you decide if it is worth using or not.

I have ended this article by giving you detailed information on the Paessler PRTG licenses and the cost associated with each of them.

Thank you for reading this post. It will help if you share your comment; you can share your comment with us at the bottom of this page. 

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    I like the fact that it is used to configure and manage data and monitor computer networks to help save on downtimes that are the real bummer and costly to businesses. 

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