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What Is Buddy Punch About And How Does It Work?

Buddy Punch Time clock

Statistics show that false buddy punching costs employers nearly half-billion dollars in the United States, a considerable amount of loss. 

To prevent your business from falling into such a situation, I have decided to share a review explaining what is Buddy Punch about and showing how this software work.

At the end of this post, you will have a good understanding of the Buddy Punch software and how it cna help you manage your employees profitably.  

Buddy Punch will prevent your employees from clocking on behalf of each other when some of them can’t be at work on time. 

The General Overview 

  • The Name: Buddy Punch.
  • Date of creation: Founded by Eric Czerwonka and partners in 2013.
  • Headquarter: Grandville, Michigan, in the United States.
  • Product: Employee online time clock.
  • Pricing: It starts at $25.99 per month for up to 4 employees.
  • Overall Ranking: 9.4 out of 10. 

Introduction To Buddy Punch App 

Buddy Punch offers the features and tools to help you track your employees’ attendance, time off, overtime, etc.

Some employees who can not be at work on time tend to ask their colleagues to punch on their behalf, which can cause considerable losses to your business.

A recent study has concluded that different companies in the United States lose nearly a half-billion from such employees behaviors.

The idea behind the Buddy Punch app is to enable your employees to punch online or through their smartphones, depending on their choices.

This application will give you peace of mind. You will always ensure that the salary you pay is worth the work done.

Buddy Punch also offers other business management options, including the possibility to view your employee’s GPS position, limiting where they can punch in or out, generating automated reports, etc.

It also integrates with QuickBooks software, Gusto Payroll, Paychex, SurePayroll, and many other employee management platforms.

The following sections will briefly describe the Buddy Punch features, benefits, the cost to use it, etc.

The Buddy Punch Features

This Software integrates so many features that I cannot describe all of them in this review.

I will show you a few and provide you with a link to learn about others.

All I can tell you is that all the Buddy Punch time tracking options will help you reduce the time spent analyzing, updating, and reviewing your employee timesheets manually. 

Employee Scheduling

This feature includes the employees’ scheduling tools that you can use to manage your company conveniently.

The Buddy Punch dashboard is easy to use. You will not go through a long learning process to master this software and use it to your benefit.

You will have complete control of your employees’ work schedules in or off the office to ensure that each member knows exactly what to expect from him.

In a few words, the employee scheduling feature will enable you to manage your company’s schedules.

Each staff member will know the upcoming work, changes, etc., at any time.

Job Codes

This feature will track the number of hours worked by your employees.

You will know exactly their workday on a specific assigned job. This can particularly help if you are a service business provider. 

Your employees will easily punch into a different code if they need to change job codes during their shift.

You will then view the real-time spent on each task through the Buddy Punch report or employee’s time card.

For this feature to work, you will first create a code and assign it to your employees.

Once done, the Buddy Punch system will enable them to select the code they want to punch into when punching.

If you run a business that needs to track time by the job, you will use the job costing tool. You can create as many jobs, labels, etc., as required. 

Paid Time Off (PTO) Tracking 

You can use this feature to provide your employees with more power over their PTO.

They will be allowed to use their time card to enter in PTO directly.

However, you must approve PTO as your employees request it, but you can also allow them to add it without prior approval. 

It will all depend on what is convenient for you. You can also turn this feature off at any time.  

For example, this can happen if you want to prevent your employees from requesting or entering PTO. 

It is also possible to activate an option allowing your employees to view their PTO calendar.

Employee Facial Recognition

This feature will allow your employees to use a live image from a webcam to log in and punch in and out as usual. 

The Buddy Punch time clock is so intelligent that it will ensure that they are only clocking for themselves, not on behalf of their colleagues.

The Chrome extension for laptops and desktops supports this platform’s facial recognition feature.

You can also use it on a Buddy Punch iOS and Android application.  

Geofences Feature

Geofences will enable you to create a radius around a location where your employees must punch time in and out from.

You will know at any time if they are working on the right job site and punching in and out correctly. 

If your employees are within the defined location, they will not be allowed to punch in.

You can also assign them multiple geofences and use the Buddy Punch IP Lock feature with geofences to allow them to punch in when they are within one or the other.

If, for example, some employees try to punch outside of a geofence radius, they will automatically see a map of their current location.

They will also receive a notification informing them that they are not within the assigned geofence. 

Reporting Tools

Buddy Punch also offers various reporting tools that you can customizable at your wish to meet your business’s needs.

You can ask the system to sort out detailed payroll reports in Excel format.

The system will provide you with information on employees, departments, locations, working hours, overtime, etc.

You can also use the hours summary brief report in Excel or PDF formats to know the total number of hours worked by your employees or workforce in a given time.

The system can even provide you with the daily hours’ report per employee, including PTO. 

In summary, you will get reports showing all the in and out activities for every employee in a set time.

The PTO summary reports will mainly show you all PTO taken by each employee (holiday, personal, sick, etc.). 

The Buddy Punch Pros and Cons


  • This software integrates the features and tools you need to manage your business profitably.
  • You will schedule your in and off office work quicly, make the necessary changes and send notifications to concerned people.
  • The employee punch time clock will help you to track the working places, working hours, overtime, etc.
  • You will schedule quickly and manage paid and unpaid time off without spreadsheets or calculations.
  • The system will automatically calculate the owed, accrued vacation, sick times and the due salary.
  • Buddy Punch will also monitor remote workers from where they are working.
  • This sofware integrates with many other business management platforms such as QuickBooks, Paychex, Workday, etc., to help you make your business more productive.


This is not a real disadvantage to using the Buddy Punch app, but it may help the owners to provide their customers with the best user experience.

Indeed, some users say that the Buddy Punch app can cause some delays when someone clocks out.

This can make it difficult to track employees who do multiple jobs back to back without losing time.

Update: The owners of this platform have made the necessary adjustments. The issue was fixed to the user’s satisfaction.

The Pricing Structure

You can choose between the following packages:

(i) Time and Attendance at $25.99 per month: This plan will enable you to manage up to four employees.

It integrates a mobile app feature with GPS, time-off tracking, job tracking, alerts, reminders tools, etc.

(ii) Time and Attendance Plus Scheduling at $35.99 a month: This plan includes the benefits of the previous one plus the scheduling features.

(iii) Enterprise package at $45.99 a month: It includes the advantages of the two previous plans plus the API access and Single Sign-On (SSO) features.

The red banner below will take you to the Buddy Punch official website, where you can learn more about this software’s subscription plans.

You will then choose the plan appropriate for the needs of your business.

The Final Words

It is the end of this post that has answered in detail the question of what is Buddy Punch about that most of you ask.

I did everything I could to give the necessary information about this platform. I hope you will find this post helpful.

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Thank you for reading the Buddy Punch review. You can ask questions or comment at this page’s bottom.

I will ensure to get back to you as soon as possible.

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  1. I highly recommend the Buddy Punch software because it features a set of functionalities that you can not find on many other similar platforms.

    I like that its dashboard is of easy use and that one does not go through a long learning process, as you have said.

    Thank you for sharing this article with us.

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