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Udacity Online Courses Review – High Quality Education

The Udacity Online courses review will show you an educational organization that offers online vocational courses for professionals at great prices.

You will see the Udacity range of courses and from where you can take the program that interests you.

This review will also show you the evaluation process, whether these courses are accredited, and how much a program will cost you.

Udacity General Overview  

The NameUdacity.
FoundersFounded in 2011 by Sebastian Thrun and Partners.
HeadquartersEmeryville, California, in the USA.
Specialties Online learning platform.
Course Pricing It depends on the chosen program.
Overall Customer Rating9.2 out of 10.

What Is Udacity Learning Platform?

Udacity is a platform based in the United States. It will allow you to take online courses to enhance your current careers or find new jobs.

You can learn different job-related skills through this platform, especially in the tech area. The job market needs such skills.

This platform offers many advantages over traditional educational institutions.

You don’t need to move from your state or country to attend online classes and affordable tuition.

Udacity courses are also more affordable than in-class lessons, and it offers several free courses.

In addition to its courses, this learning platform also features some programs developed by industry partners.

Big companies use it to provide quality education to learners. You will learn the future skills employees want to find in job candidates.

For example, Mercedes-Benz, Uber, and other partners propose the Self-Driving Car Engineer program that teaches various topics related to self-driving vehicles.

Udacity operates in the digital marketing industry, such as Oracle Netsuite accounting software.

What Can You Learn With Udacity?

There are over 200 Udacity free and paid online courses from which you cna choose the one yiu want. It will all depend on your area of interest.

You can learn and acquire the skills in the following areas:

  • Artificial intelligence for four months.
  • Autonomous systems related to vehicles.
  • Business management courses.
  • Cloud computing to acquire skills that companies of all sizes need.
  • Data science, which includes around 16 programs.
  • Program and development studies to become an IOS developer, front-end web developer, etc.
  • And my other programs.
  • In-demand Cyber Security.

Udacity Learning Process 

How To Choose an Appropriate Course?

It will all depend on the goals you want to achieve in the short and long run.

Ensure to learn something related to what you want to do in the future or that can help you strengthen your current job skills.

Do not be like some people who think first of the companies they could work for or the specific position to take.

Such thinking can disappoint you if you don’t get the expected job at the end of your studies.

Instead, have a broader view and think first of acquiring the skills sought in the job market.

Employers are always looking to hire the best talents at high rewards.

I will provide you later in this post with a link to browse the details of each program and see exactly what you will learn, the course duration, and the demanded tuition. 

Udacity Online Courses

How to Get Started?

After finding the program that interests you, you will enroll and start the learning process.

Udacity has qualified instructors and mentors who will guide you throughout the learning process until you finish the program.

Most lessons are video-based lessons to help understand the taught topics easily.

Also, each course has learning materials and interactive quizzes that you can download on your device and learn at your own pace. 

It would also be better to finish the program in the given timeline.

Your instructors and mentors will always be there to answer your questions, help you overcome each challenge, and succeed.

In addition to direct communication with instructors and mentors, you will also connect with other learners through the forum and help each other when needed.

Udacity has a community of millions of users from the United States and many other countries worldwide with whom to interact.

Most of the students have been in your situation initially and are always ready to help.

This platform also has a support team that you can reach and ask any questions. They always answer quickly. 

Allow me to end this point by mentioning that Udacity offers courses for individuals and government civil servants.

There are also courses and programs for private companies that want to strengthen the skills of their employees. 

Evaluation Process

Unlike traditional theory-based education, Udacity does the opposite by preparing learners to be immediately operational in their current or future jobs.

Instead of spending hours studying for the final examination, you will take your final exams online.

You will use open books and other learning materials such as available video lectures during the exam.

Ensure to understand everything they have taught you because the system will seriously test your skills before giving you a pass. Don’t take these courses for granted at the risk of failing.

The exam will test what you have learned and check if you have enough skills for the new challenges.

Udacity Online Courses Tuition

Some Udacity Courses are free. However, you must pay the tuition to take others and become certified.

The tuition ranges from $399 per month for programs such as Nanodegree. The duration of this program is up to six months.

You will learn at your own pace until you finish the program. It is also possible to lower the tuition if you complete the lessons early.

The Udacity owners have partnered with “Affirm,” a loan payment company. It means that you can apply for financial assistance.

You will pay the tuition in installments with a loan. However, the loan provider will require you to pay some interest.

Students pay tuition by credit cards. You can cancel the service and remove your credit card details permanently at any time. 

It is also possible to enroll in more than one Udacity program. However, it will be at your own risk, especially if you don’t have enough time.

Udacity uses an intensive learning model and requires a serious time commitment.

The best option is to follow one program at once and begin a new one when you complete the first.

Also, Udacity doesn’t allow students to transfer credit hours from other institutions.

Udacity platform for Online Courses

Are Udacity Courses Accredited?

Unlike accredited educational institutions, Udacity does not deliver degrees. As said at the beginning of this review, it is a private online organization.

Once you have completed a given program, you will provide the required documents and receive “a credential of completion” for that program.

This process applies to paid courses. You will not receive any certificates for completing free studies like free textbooks available online for everybody.

The Udacity owners make free courses available for everyone and don’t check their completion.

The Final Thoughts

The Udacity online learning platform review ends now. I have shown you how to take in-demand interactive courses from anywhere in the world.

This platform will teach you skills in the tech area. When you get the certification or graduate, you will find the job you have always dreamed of or enhance your current career.

Instructors and industry experts will use videos, texts, and interviews to teach you.

According to former students’ testimonies, employers have hired them after completing the training programs.

They now have good rewarding jobs, contrary to their beliefs, before joining the audacity platform.

The owners of this platform have also partnered with a loan company to help students from the USA finance their tuition.

It is the best moment for you to start the learning process for future rewarding jobs.

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Thank you for reading the Udacty review. Please leave a comment at this page’s bottom; I will reply quickly. 

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