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The Top-Rated Free Video Editing Software Of All Skills

This post includes the top-rated free video editing software of all skills. They all enable editing, modify and sharing high compelling videos or movies quickly.

I will give you the key features of each software, tell you if it has free or paid plans and give you the cost to use advanced tools if applicable.

Introduction To Video Editing

Video editing uses the creation and editing tools to tell stories mixed with motions, music, texts, and 3D effects. 

Below is a brief description of various steps to go through from the beginning to the end.

Creating New Projects and Importing Footage

Before starting videos editing, the most important thing to do before starting videos editing is to name your new projects; you will find in your account dashboard the process to follow.

You must also decide on your projects’ settings, including the primary resolution and frame rate for your final videos to be in.

Organizing Your Media

You can drag your clips and pieces of music into your media if they are not too many, but this will be challenging if you have more complex projects.

Your editor must allow creating a folder system known as “Bins” and organize your files, as does a computer to help you manage complex projects easily. 

You must also go through all of your footage, select the parts you want to use, and mark your preferred clips.

Cutting and Placing Footage

This is the essential step for all people involved in videos creation and editing. It consists of going to the clips marked in the previous phases and dragging them into the timeline.

You will also need to rearrange your clips in the timeline if they are not in the right places and put them where they deserve.

Timeline Cleaning Up and Adding Effects

Once you have cut and placed footage in the right places, the next step will be to watch what you have assembled and see if you can make some changes or improvements.

You will likely need to watch for timing issues because some segments can be too long or have awkward transitions between cuts or scenes.

Finally, you will need to add effects: graphics, overlays, transitions, and filters to enhance the look of your videos and make them more compelling to people who will watch them.

With that being said, let’s go straight to the purpose of this topic and see the best video editing platforms to use. 

Video editi,g


Key Features

  • VideoPad, also known as “VideoPad Video Editor,” is downloadable for free on your preferred device and ebales to create professional high-quality videos.
  • It integrates easily with other programs, including Wavepad (a sound editing), MixPad (a sound-mixing), and PhotoPad (an image editor).
  • This software will enable you to create videos for YouTube, 360, HD DVD, etc., quickly, share them online or save them on your preferred device for future use.
  • It supports the most popular video formats, including DV camcorder, VHS, GoPro, webcam, and video file formats such as Avi, apng, DivX, mp4, MPEG, WMV, etc.
  • More than 50 visual and transition effects will enable you to add touches to your movies and make them more professional.
  • You can use the free video editor version for non-commercial purposes or upgrade your account to use commercial advanced tools.


Besides the free version, the Home Edition costs $39.95 for two audio tracks without external plugins, while the price of Master’s Edition is $69.95 for unlimited audio tracks and plugins.


Bandicam is another popular video editor application for Windows that you can capture whatever you want on your PC screen.

Key Features

Real-time Drawing and Webcam Overlay – These features will allow you to draw and outline your videos or screenshots in real-time. You can also use them to add your own videos webcam on the recorded videos.

Scheduled Recording – This is where you can set the scheduling of your video editing (on a daily, weekly basis, etc.).

Voice Mixing and Mouse Effects – This part includes the tools to record your audio while simultaneously adding your voice, animation, and mouse click effects.

Chroma Key – It helps create chroma key videos in real-time and record computer screens simultaneously.


  • You can download the software for free and start using its basic features.
  • A one personal computer license costs $39.95
  • A license for two computers will cost you $59.96.
  • Other prices depend on everyone’s needs; the banner below provides more information.


MagistoMagisto has the features and tools for everyone to create branded videos telling stories while also eliciting emotional responses from viewers.

If you are one of such users, this software featured with artificial intelligence technology will help you achieve your goals.

Key Features

Footage Analyses – Once you have uploaded your pictures and videos to Magisto video editor software, artificial intelligence engines will automatically make audio, storytelling, and visual analyses.

Editing Styles – This software also has a good range of editing styles that you can select to determine the mood and style of your different Videos.

Post Production – After determining the most engaging sections of your footage, the next step will be to bring your stories to life.

Magisto will plop your video clips and photos down in a timeline, incorporate professional effects, transitions and help you make impressive and unique videos your target audience will highly appreciate.


  • Free for using the basic video creation features.
  • Premium Plan: $4. 99 per month for creating video stories and share them with your family and friends.
  • Professional Plan: It costs $9.99 a month and allows using advanced tools to create and edit professional videos.
  • Business Plan: This plan costs $34.99 per month; it is suitable for people who want to create branded videos to market their businesses.

Boomerang Maker

Boomerang Maker integrates features designed to convert and edit videos from any pre-recorded video or photos and easily share them on social media.

Key Features

  • Boomerang Maker to use pre-recorded videos and trim them without a limitation.
  • No restrictions on video length, and the possibilty to adjust the video speed as you want.
  • This software allows to create TikTok videos.
  • The owners say that there are no upside-down problems for users.
  • It is also easy to use, functional and helps to save time.


Unfortunately, the owners of this software don’t provide detailed information on whether it is completely free to use or if there is the cost to use advanced tools.

The official website says that one can download it on App Store or Google Play. 


The available information shows that more than 15 million people are currently using PicPlayPost, making it one of the most popular applications in the video editing industry. 

You can use this app for taking photos and video collages, edit videos, slideshows, and video wallpapers.

Key Benefits

  • Tools to make video collages quickly and share them easily; you will find nine frame video collages to choose from.
  • Possibility to add background soundtracks, import and add gifs from Giphy and lots more.
  • You can also add watermarks with images, logos, or text.

The only concern is that PicPlayPos is not user-friendly like many other video editing software.

The official website does not provide much information on how to use it, the pricing, etc. 

You will need to do further research on Google to get more information about PicPlayPos if it is of your interest.


There is a 14 day free trial period; they will then charge you $6.99 per month after this period, but you can also choose to pay $47.99 annually or make a one-time purchase for $99.99.


Freemake Converter

The Freemake Converter is a software that you can download for free and use the basic features without paying a cent. Its features will enable you to modify and convert your videos quickly and easily.

Key Features

Videos Converter – You can easily convert your audio, photos, or videos in Freemake. You will find in your account dashboard three simple steps to follow. 

Pulling Clips From Websites and Socia Media – As a Freemake user, you can download video clips from the supported websites or social media such as Dailymotion, YouTube, Vevo, Vimeo, etc. 

Depending on your preferences, you will convert the downloaded clips to AVI, MKV, MP3, 3GP, MP4, or WMV. You can even upload your DVDs, music, photos, and videos directly from the software. 

Joining and Rotating Video Clips is another important feature people like to use when editing and modifying videos.


The basic features are free to use, but you can also upgrade your account to a paid plan to access the advanced tools. The banner below provides more details about each option.


Created and owned by Apple, iMovie will help you turn your videos into the best movies you have ever imagined before.

Apple, the owner, says that you can download this software for iOS or macOS, browse your clips easily, and make stunning 4K-resolution films.

Once you opt for this software, it will enable you to use your IPads or IPhones to edit movies and finish them on Mac.

Key Features

Easy To Use – iMovie will help you make the best movies, whether using a Mac or an iOS device. You can choose your preferred clips, add music, effects, and titles. It also supports 4K videos for stunning cinema-quality movies.

Titles and Backgrounds – These features will allow you to quickly create personalized title cards, etc., on your Ipad and iPhone and choose your favorite colors, fonts to customize your titles easily.

Green-screen Effects – With this feature, iMovie users can place themselves or other characters appearing in their films in luxury locations without moving out of their homes.

Besides the features mentioned above, iMovie also has many others to make the best movies from anywhere.


The official website says that anyone can download this software on Mac OS and iOS devices and use it free.

Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is another one of the top free video editing software for windows and Mac. It is free to download and appropriate for beginners and semi-pros.

Key Benefits

Easy-to-use Video Editor – This software’s interface is intuitive and user-friendly. The owners say that everyone can use it by dragging and dropping the media files to the timeline, easily edit the clips and rearrange their sequences at any time.

All-in-one Video Editor – Using the Wondershare Filmora video editor will enable you to do the basic video editing, including cutting, trimming, splitting, flipping, rotating, etc.

You will also use the audio library, overlays, transitions, text presets, basic color grading features, and many otehr tools.

Video-Sharing – Wondershare Filmora also has the tools to save, upload videos on Youtube or Vimeo, and share them worldwide.


You can download this software and use it free for thirty days. You will then upgrade your account to one of the paid subscription plans starting at 51.99 per year. 

EaseUS Video Editor

EaseUS Video Editor integrates a wide range of features such as drag and drop, visual effects, transitions, etc., allowing users of all levels of skills to make top-rated videos quickly.

Key Features

Cool Effects – The EaseUS Video Editor owners have designed these tools to help users make outstanding videos effortlessly.

Easy Integration – EaseUS Video Editor also supports various types of files and free video converters for Windows. You will quickly convert your videos in various formats such as AVI, MKV, MP4, MOV, WMV, etc.

Sharing Capabilities – When your videos are created and ready for sharing globally, EaseUS Video Editor will offer you the option to export them to any format.

People worldwide will then have the possibility to play your videos or movies in iPhone 8, HTC, iPhone XS Max, IPad, iPhone 8 Plus, XS, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, Samsung Galaxy, etc., depending on their choices.

In a few words, the owners of this software promise to show you how to crop your videos as a real professional, create music videos as a slideshow maker, and make you happy. 


EaseUS Video Editor
  • The free version is for will discovering the way this software works and its benefits.
  • It will cost you $17.97 to access and use all the features. 


The free version of Blender video editing software performs basic actions such as video cuts and splicing.

You will upgrade your account to a paid plan for complex tasks such as color grading, video masking, etc.

Key Features

Rendering Tools – The Blender software integrates a strong rendering engine and an array of modeling tools to help users create, transform, sculpt, and edit their videos efficiently.

Sculpting Tools – This category includes powerful and flexible digital sculpting tools that you can use in all stages of your digital production pipeline.

Animation and Rigging Tools – If you are an artist who wants to turn your creations into animations, Blender will provide you with the tools to do it quickly.

You can use, among other tools, the character animation pose editor, the sound synchronization, the non-linear animation, etc.

Video Editing – This is another Blender important feature for performing basic actions and complex tasks. It includes audio mixing, live preview, histogram displays, syncing, and many other tools.


The official website says that Blender video editor is free to download and use.

However, other sources claim that one needs to upgrade to a paid plan to use the advanced features. You can do further research if you want to use it.

Pinnacle System

Pinnacle video editing software now uses a new version named “Pinnacle Studio 24”, it would allow the creation and video editing like a real professional.

Millions of people worldwide are already using this new version that features poweful tools and unparalleled accuracy to take their videos to the next level.

Key Features

Basic and Advanced Tools – The Pinnacle system can create the best videos, crop, split, trim, and rotate them the way the user wants.

You can also use this software’s advanced tools to add colors, effects, filters, graphics, overlays, titles, etc., to your videos and make them more compelling to people who will watch them.

Color Grading – Advanced controls tools such as Color Wheel, HSL, HSL, Tuning, Tone Curve, etc., will enable you to adjust your videos’ colors, highlights, and shadows like a pro.

Color Correction – This is another essential feature to make some color corrections to your videos creations. You will be able to adjust white balance, correct scenes, and apply instant corrections.

Motion and Action Tools – These tools are for adding graphics or text to moving objects. You can, for example, create slow or fast motion effects, add visual interest, etc.

Screen Recording – This feature comes with multi-camera editing to enable users to record their screens, system audio, and webcam simultaneously.


  • Pinnacle System is free to download and use free for 30 days.
  • Studio 24 Plus: $49.95.
  • Studio 24 Ultimate: $64.95.

Note: All prices are payable once; there could also be some minor changes in the pricing when you purchase.

Pinnacle System


The Lightworks video editing software has been around for more than 25 years, with millions of happy users globally. Its owners keep making improvements to make it more poweful and user-friendly.

The current Lightworks version includes comprehensive features with enhanced frame rates, new import and export tools, and format flexibility to help users get the best software.

I also urge you to read this post about the best free and paid podcasting platforms currently available on the market.

Key Features

  • An intuitive, easy, and simple to use dashboard and the possibility to access royalty-free audio and video content.
  • Definable sequence output you can customize in the formats appropriate to your video editing needs.
  • A good range of social media templates for sequence output.
  • Tools for easy timeline editing, trimming, and lots more.
  • Audio and videos FX ready to be used and the tools to export your videos on YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
  • Various files formats with a good range of frame rate media.
  • Possibility to use up to 32bit GPU precision and histogram tools and grade your sequence professionally.


The Lightworks is free to download and use for a seven days license. You will upgrade your account to one of the paid plans if you want to keep using it.

The prices are $24.99 per month or $437.99, subject to modification by the owners.


With more than 4,000 music, photos, stock videos, and templates, InVideo has the tools to make outstanding videos quickly.

Its official website shows that over 800,000 people wordwide are already using this software.

All you nned to get started is selecting the template you like, making some customizations, exporting, and uploading your videos.

Key Features

Text To Video – This tool will convert your articles automatically into engaging videos. It has the ability to read out the words and select images automatically to match the text.

Control and Flexibility – InVideo is also an easy-to-use platform with drag and drop tools to upload pictures, videos, add text and. It also works perfectly with all languages.


  • Free forever for people who want to use the basic tools and see how InVideo works.
  • The business plan at $15/ month: It was designed for small business owners, social media influencers, and teachers.
  • Unlimited plan at $ 30 / month: This plan is for big businesses with large teams.

How To Choose The Best Video Editing Software? 

There are many factors to consider when choosing an appropriate video editing platform. You can find below the most common, but there are some others.

Free Vs. Paid Versions

Most video editing platforms have free versions that allow users to use the basics and tools, but such options have many limitations.

It will be up to you to see if the basic tools are good enough to help achieve your goals.

Otherwise, you will need to upgrade your account to a paid plan and access the advanced tools, which brings me to another essential criterion, “the budget.”

The pricing typically varies from one video editing software to another. You must examine the cost associated with each platform, the provided features and see if you have enough budget to afford it.

If, for example, you want to use are a professional video editing platform, you must be ready to pay accordingly because it will come at a higher price.

Advanced Editing Tools

As I said in the previous section, the paid plans allow advanced editing features and tools, leading to better results and taking your videos to the next level.

It would be better for you to choose an editing software that features powerful tools to make your videos impressive to viewers.

The chosen software must, for example, allow you to add background music, graphics, titles, and essential other effects into your videos.

Of course, all these benefits will come with a price, but you will have no other choice if you want to make high compelling videos.

You can even use additional expensive plug-in software provided that you achieve your goals as expected.

In a few words, choosing the right video editing platform will enable you to achieve your goals: marketing your business, monetizing your videos quickly, communicating with your target audience to pass your messages easily, etc.

Customer Support

Customer support is another essential criterion to take into account. You must ensure to get the right support at the right moment to avoid being blocked in creating and editing your videos or movies.

It is always better to look for and choose a platform whose owners offer the best customer support services.

The support can be by phone, live chat if possible, a community where members interact and help each other, or even the FAQs on the company’s official website.

The Final Thoughts

It is the end of this post about the top-rated free video editing software of all skills. The platforms you present are the most popular, but they are not the only ones because the video editing industry is too broad.

Most of these platforms offer free and paid plans; It will depend on the goals you want to achieve.

I advise you to use free software if your only goal is to make videos and communicate with your family and friends.

However, if your videos are for professional purposes, such as marketing your business on popular social media, including YouTube or Vimeo, you will need to use advanced features and tools available in the paid plans.

Some video editing software such as iMovie will also enable you to make the best films claimed by the owners and people who have used it.

I also recommend reading a review of the best web hosting services in the world.

Using a website and videos marketing will establish a good online presence and make your business more successful.

Thank you for reading this article; please leave a comment at the bottom of this page. It will reply quickly.

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