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The Top 10 Social Media Platforms Of The Year

This post will review the top 10 social media platforms of this year and beyond; online entrepreneurs use some to promote their businesses efficiently. 

Social media marketing will come in handy to complement other advertising methods such as content marketing and email marketing.

Introduction To Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing consists of using social media platforms to connect with your target market. It is one of the best ways to let your potential customers know more about your business.

Some of your followers will become prospects and buyers, leading to increased sales and revenue.

To reach this goal, you must first understand the needs of your target market and try to satisfy them by publishing great content on your social media profiles.

The more you will build followers and listen to them, the more they will become engaged and help you get closer to your goals of making money online.

Most social networks such as Facebook also allow paid ads to promote your business and grow it quickly.

Below, you can find a list of the ten most used social media networks, but there are also many others; this list is not exhaustive.

The Top Ten Social Media Networks


Facebook is the most popular social network platform founded in 2004; it counts over 2.85 billion members worldwide.

Promoting your business on Facebook will increase its brand’s awareness, help to attract more prospects, leading to more sales and profits.


Affordable pricing – You can use Facebook ads to reach your target audience starting at a low budget; your ads will stop showing when you hit the set amount.

Effectiveness – A survey made by eMarketer has found that 96% of online marketers consider Facebook a social media marketing platform that offers a good ROI.

Audience targeting – This platform enables users to target their preferred market and set advertising accordingly.

Retargeting tool – You can use this tool to retarget people who have visited your website. They are likely the best to convert into clients because they already know about your business.

Besides the tools mentioned above, there are also many others you can use.

  • You must know how to use PPC ads efficiently; otherwise, you can lose your money.
  • Only people logged into their Facebook accounts will see your ads.


YouTube allows to share videos on almost every topic and reach a wide range of audiences.

Statistics show that for the fiscal year 2020, this platform had generated $19.7 billion in revenue. In addition, more than 2.3 billion people were using it at least once a month.


Free to use – You don’t need to pay a penny to use YouTube; you can upload as many videos as you want.

Easy to use – You don’t need special skills to use YouTube; there are even many tutorials on the internet showing how to upload videos on this platform.

Money making – Your Youtube videos’ views can be a good source of income. Once you open a Google AdSense account, you will earn money through affiliate links, sponsored ads, etc.

Information sharing – Also, YouTube helps share all types of information quickly worldwide in the way you want (comedy sketch, music, normal videos, video animation, etc.).

  • There is no hidden secret on YouTube; everything is public, which can be embarrassing for some people.
  • Like all social networks, YouTube has many rules users need to abide by.
  • The owners can disable your account at any time if you breach the rules.
  • Your videos are not 100% your properties because every advertiser (including your competitors) can put ads on them.


LinkedIn is the most popular professional network currently available on the internet. People worldwide use it to find internships or their dreamed jobs.

All you need is to open a free account, fill your profile and start building relationships with people with professional backgrounds similar to yours.

  • Over 700 million people in all countries worldwide use LinkedIn to connect.
  • This platform will help you make good connections and learn more about your prospective employer.
  • You will also learn more about the available types of jobs and the required skills.
  • It can help to keep in contact with your colleagues, classmates, etc.
  • Businesses can post jobs on LinkedIn; there are always qualified people looking for the right opportunities.
  • Unfortunately, all companies don’t post their open jobs on this platform.
  • Making LinkedIn your unique source of job search can make you miss other useful opportunities.

If you are a business owner or company manager, you can use the banner below start posting on LinkedIn the jobs open in your company. You will surely find the right applicants.


Owned by Facebook since 2012, Instagram is an online platform used for photos and short video sharing. Everyone can do it through a mobile app.

You must also use hashtags and add captions to your posts to make them searchable by other users.

Your posts will typically appear on your Instagram followers’ feeds. Of course, the general public can also see your publications, but it is possible to make your profile private. In such a case, only your followers will view your publications.


User-friendly interface – Many people like using Instagram because of its easy-to-use and well-organized interface, unlike other social networks.

Effective promotion – Instagram can be a good marketing strategy for startups to build up great audiences using images and established businesses to showcase their products.

Strict privacy policies – There is no way to bypass this platform’s privacy settings; it will not allow other people to download your photos if you don’t wish so.


Given that some people have used Instagram to become famous overnight, such a phenomenon has created the desire for everyone to become a celebrity by creating fake news. 

Another negative aspect of Instagram is its advertisements that can sometimes be intrusive and annoying. 


Pinterest is another platform that makes users feel the real benefits of using social media marketing.

Over 459 million people use it every month to make their businesses more visual on the internet.

All you need to start using Pinterest is to open an account (a business account is better), create boards on the topic you are interested in, and save your pins into the boards to make them easy to find and keep your ideas organized.

  • Pinterest can be the best way for bloggers to drive traffic to their blog content.
  • You can also use this platform as a designer, eCommerce owner, event planner, etc.
  • Users say that the Pinterest conversion rate is higher than that of other social media platforms.
  • This platform’s algorithm will keep your pins circulating for a long time, which can lead to great results.
  • Users can either follow you or your board, depending on what they see or prefer.
  • Pinterest can also help to boost your SEO ranking.
  • You will need to make many pins to get enough traffic, which can be time-consuming unless you use a tool like Tailwind.
  • This platform is mainly for women aged between 25 and 50 years.


The Tailwind software is used by businesses (bloggers, eCommerce owners, etc.) to promote their content or posts on Instagram and Pinterest.

It will enable you to create beautiful pins quickly, schedule posts automatically, amplify your reach, monitor conversations, and measure the results.

  • Tailwind will help to promote your business on both Instagram and Pinterest easily and stress-free.
  • It is user-friendly; tutorial videos will walk you step by step on its use.
  • A free account will enable you to schedule 100 pins.
  • You will get a weekly summary of how your Instagram and Pinterest advertising campaigns are performing.
  • The owners provide great support whenever needed.
  • Tailwind services are offered at great prices compared to the benefits it offers.

A free plan will give you access to basic tools; you will need to upgrade it to one paid plan to access advanced tools.

  • Free: To help you start promoting your business on both Instagram and Pinterest.
  • Pro: $9.99 per month or $119.88 billed annually: it comes with everything you need to grow your business.
  • Advanced: $19.99 a month or $239.88 billed annually; this plan is for people who want to grow multiple brands.
  • Max: $39.99 a month or $479.88 billed annually; this plan allows to manage multiple accounts.


Snapchat is a messaging app you can use to exchange pictures and videos known as “snaps”; your sharings will disappear as soon as people have viewed them.

Its ads are engaging and allow reaching potential customers, no matter the size of a business.


Global reach – over 280 million people worldwide use Snapchat every single day, meaning that your business will have the chance to get maximum exposure.

Affordable budget – You can start promoting your business for as little as $5 per day, learn how Snapchatters engage with your ads, and increase the budget consequently.

Snap Pixel – This tool will help you optimize your advertising campaigns, track conversions, build retargeting audiences when necessary, etc.

Automated bidding strategies – Snap Pixel will also enable you to define actions such as sign up or purchase and unlock lower-funnel goals.

The benefits above serve as examples because this platform provides many others. You can go to its official website if you want to learn more about it.


Snapchat stories are available for a limited time; your followers will see them for a maximum of 24 hours; they will then disappear.


With more than 500 million active users, Telegram is a social network platform with an instant messaging focus, as does WhatsApp.

You can use this platform’s messenger marketing for free to help customers explore what you are selling and boost sales eventually.


The Telegram’s main benefit is that it is free forever. Once you download the app from the play store, you will start using it with no limit.

You can also use Telegram on multiple devices; you will get a lot of storage space to download and save your files on the cloud.

  • Some users say that this platform’s bots require technical skills. For example, it can be challenging to send and retrieve files. 
  • Free options don’t typically lead to the best results.


On the TikTok platform, people can create, download, and share videos where they lip-synch, dance, sing, interact with other members’ content, etc.

Statistics show that the TikTok social network counts over 689 million active users every month, making it a must to consider for promoting your business online.


Wide audience – TikTok is becoming the main competitor of Facebook, Instagram, and many other social media networks.

Allows reaching new markets – Given that this platform is available in almost every country globally and in over 75 languages, it can be a good channel to promote and expand your business.

Authentic content – Another benefit of TikTok is the authenticity of its content. This essential element can make potential customers believe that your business has more to offer than its products.

These are a few of the benefits offered by this platform, but there are many others. You can do additional research to learn more about it.

  • TikTok targets young people aged between 16 and 24 years.
  • It is so comical that some people can question the reputation of your business.
  • There is no assurance that your content will go viral: it is a game of chance.
  • Promoting on this platform is very expensive compared to Facebook and Instagram.


WeChat is instant messaging app members use to send emojis, pictures, texts, and even make audio or video calls to their contacts.

This platform also has marketing tools for individual and business owners to promote their products and services.


Massive audience – This platform has more than 600 million users, mainly from China, and it keeps growing. You can use it to target Chinese and Asian-American consumers.

Flexibility – WeChat is so flexible that it connects easily with over 85,000 other apps.

A multi-use system – Besides being a social network, people also use WeChat for other stuff like buying plane tickets, ordering a taxi, paying utility bills, and lots more.


The most negative aspect is that WeChat can make you lose your privacy settings when you first sign up; other users will likely see you nearby.

How To Succeed With Social Media Marketing?

To succeed with social marketing, you will need to put into practice some core tips, including:

Defining Your Strategy

Before digging into social media to promote your business, it would be better to first think about the best social media strategy to use.

Defining the goals you want to achieve and how social media can help you achieve them will increase your brand awareness, drive more traffic to it, and help to make more sales.

Publishing Scheduling

To succeed in this industry, you must have the best social media marketing content ideas and publish them regularly.

This industry has around 3 billion active members, meaning that having a consistent presence is a must if you want potential customers to discover your business.

Stay Engaged

The more your business will grow on various social media platforms, the more people will be engaged in conversations about it.

Ensure to monitor the most important conversations about your business and provide support on time.

Analytics Reports

You must also analyze your social media marketing performance to know what is working and make adjustments when needed.

Fortunately, most of the social media platforms mentioned in this review have the tools to provide such information.

Using Paid Ads

Using paid ads on social can be the best way to grow your business quickly, especially if you have the required budget.

Social media paid ads to allow business owners to reach a wider audience than relying on followers.

Social Media Networks Comparison Chat

Facebook2.85 billion members wordwide.Promotes all types of businesses.
YouTubeOver 2.3 billion users per month.Good to promote all types of businesses.
LinkedInOver 700 members wordwide.Good for Job Search and Job Placement.
Instagram1.074 billion users wordwide.Good for startups and established businesses.
PinterestOver 459 million users per month.Targets women aged 25 – 50 years.
TailwindUnknownA must-use for scheduling content on Instagram and Pinterest.
SnapchatOver 280 million users wordwide.Promotes all types of businesses.
TelegramOver 500 million active users wordwide.Free to use forever (free options don’t lead to good results).
TikTokOver 700 users per month and available in 75 languages.Used to target audience aged 16 – 24 years.
WeChatOver 600 million users, mainly from China.Promotes businesses to Chinese and Asian – American consumers.

The Final Words

This post about the top 10 social media platforms of the year ends now. Of course, you don’t need to use all of them; you can choose a few, master how they work, and publish content regularly.

If you prefer to use Instagram and Pinterest, the Tailwind scheduling software will be of great help, as seen in the section about it.

Also, do not rely only on social marketing if you really want to grow your business in the long run.

You can complement this method with others, including content marketing and email marketing.

I also advise you to read this review of the best landing page builders. Beautiful and high converting landing pages allow promoting a business online efficiently.

Finally, I want to thank you for reading this post; please leave your comment at this page’s bottom. I will be glad to reply quickly. 

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    I also like YouTube; it is one of the best social platforms every marketer who wants to be successful should explore.

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