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The Top 10 Email Marketing Service Providers To Use

This post includes the top 10 email marketing service providers you can use to promote your business’s products and services, make more sales and profits.

Email marketing must be considered along with other popular online advertising methods, including content marketing that consists of writing quality content and posting them on your website or blog.

Introduction To Email Marketing

Email marketing consists of building a list of subscribers and using it later to promote your products and services online.

It is one of the popular online marketing methods, especially if you can build a huge list of people who have expressed the intent to make purchases on the internet.

Typically, you can use this online marketing method through your website or blog, but it is also appropriate on social media networks such as Facebook, etc.

With that being said, you will need a good email marketing service provider to make this method work for you successfully.

It is why I have decided to write a post showing you the most popular email marketing platforms to use. Just pick one of them and start your advertising campaigns.

The Top Ten Email Marketing Services


Founded in 1998, Aweber is a friendly email marketing software designed to help online marketers build a list of subscribers and use it to promote their businesses’ products and services on the internet. 

Key Features

  • Opt-in forms whose purposes are to invite people to subscribe to your mailing list.
  • Automatic email messages designed to follow up with people who have signed up to your mailing list and convert them into buyers.
  • Pop up opt-in forms that can help you to make more conversions.
  • The split test mail feature to segment your email list into groups and determine the one that performs better.
  • Etc.

In summary will provide you with the templates, automation, tracking, and mobility tools you need to run profitable email marketing campaigns. It also offers good customer support.


You can get started for free and build a list of 500 subscribers, but you will use the basic features and be required to upgrade your account if you want to access all the tools.

The paid plans are as follow:

  • $19 per month for a list of 500 subscribers.
  • $29 a month to build a list of 2,500 subscribers.
  • $49 per month for a list of up to 5,000 subscribers.
  • $69 a month for a list of up to 10,000 subscribers.
  • $149 per month that allows building a list of up to 25,000 subscribers.


Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Vilnius, Lithuania, MailerLite will allow you to create the best email marketing campaigns and start promoting your business online.

This platform’s email marketing solutions are suitable for all types of businesses. Users get access to a friendly content editor, simplified subscriber management, statistics on the advertising campaigns, etc. 

Key Features

Email marketing campaigns – This feature allows the creation of email marketing newsletters using the MailerLite drag and drops editor and without HTML skills.

Grow your audience – This part includes the tools you need to attract new people to your mailing list. You can use embedded forms, landing pages, pop-ups, subscriber management, and a website builder.

Tools for delivering the right message – In this section, you can use advanced tools to personalize the advertising campaigns and deliver the right message to each group of subscribers.

Results tracking – This is where you will monitor how your advertising campaigns perform, find what works best, and make the necessary changes.


  • The free option allows building a list of up to 1,000 subscribers.
  • The first paid plan costs $10 per month for building a list of up to 1,000 subscribers and unlimed emails.
  • The second paid plan costs $15 a month for a list of up to 2,500 subscribers.
  • The third pain plan costs $30 per month and allows to build a list of up to 5,000 subscribers.
  • The fourth plan’s cost is $50 a month for a list of up to 10,000 subscribers.


GetResponse is another popular email marketing platform used by over 100,000 business owners worldwide to grow their mailing lists.

Like Aweber, this email marketing software features the tools you need to run your business better and take it to the next step forward.

Key Features

Email marketing – This part includes professional and easy-to-use templates that will enable you to start your email marketing campaigns quickly.

Landing page builder – This feature includes over 100 free landing page templates designed to land new subscribers and sales to your business and make it more profitable.

Webinars tools – This part features easy to set up and use webinar builder. You cn use this tool to connect with your audience and increase conversions, no matter where they are in the world.

Marketing automation feature – This is about a marketing automation tool that will help you provide your customers with better experiences and grow your business fast.


  • Basic plan: $15per month; it allows sending emails and building an engaged contact base.
  • Plus plan – This plan costs $49 per month and allows business owners to generate leads, sell their products, and grow their profits.
  • Professional plan: It costs $99 per month and allows the optimization of every business’s results using automation and integrations.

Note: The above prices are for a list of 1,000 subscribers; they will charge you more as your list grows.


Mailchimp is an automation and email marketing platform founded in 2001. It integrates the tools and resources necessary to build a business online, promote its products or services and scale it.

This software’s email marketing tools will enable people interested in your business to use sign-up forms and subscribe to your mailing list.

You can also use reusable email designs known as “templates” and send email advertising campaigns to your subscribers.

Key Features

I will name a few because this software has too many features:

Automation – This feature enables the use of default marketing automation to set and automate tasks. 

Custom Forms – This is where you will customize sign-up forms, add a business logo, social media network, use a mobile device to integrate a list of contacts, etc.

Email diffusion – MailChimp also allows to send an email blast to subscribers or segment a list to better target potential customers. 

Reports and Analytics – This feature enables users to access the report about email advertising campaigns and see the people opening emails, the clicking rate, etc.


  • Free: This plan is for starting an email marketing campaign.
  • Essentials: It starts at $9.99 per month for a list of 500 contacts, allows more customization, and access to 24/7 support.
  • Standard: This plan starts at $14,99 per month, provides access to advanced business tools, and allows to build a list of up to 500 contacts.
  • Premium: It starts at $299 per month, allows to build a list of 10,000 contacts, and is suitable for high-volume senders.


This email marketing software helps business owners to turn their visitors into subscribers, convert them into leads, and then into real customers to achieve their financial goals.

Key Features

Landing Pages – This feature will enable you to create landing pages quickly and use them to promote your business efficiently.

Email sign-up forms – These tools will allow your website visitors or readers to subscribe to your list easily.

Integrations – This is where you will find the tools to connect to your business and expand your reach.

Email marketing – This is where you will build trustful relationships with your target audience and grow your business fast.

Besides the above features, ConvertKit also integrates many others such as email designer, automation, commerce, creator Pro, etc.


You can get started for free and build an email list of up to 1,000 subscribers, but it will not be easy because this membership will give you access to the basic tools.

If you want to promote your business seriously, you will need to upgrade to one of the following paid plans:

Creator starting at $29 per month – This plan allows you to build a list of up to 1,000 subscribers; you can do this using unlimited landing pages and forms. You will also be able to send email broadcasts, etc.

Creator Pro starting at $59 a month – You will get the benefits of the previous plan plus the use of advanced reporting, Facebook custom, newsletter referral, and subscriber scoring tools.

You can also use this link to learn how to build a website and start a profitable affiliate marketing business.


SendinBlue is another popular email marketing software used by small and medium businesses to build email lists for automated email marketing campaigns.

Some people say that it is the best alternative to other email marketing solutions such as MailChimp, but you can choose the one you want.

Key Features

This platform’s key features are ranged under the three following categories:

Communication Tools – This includes easy-to-use email marketing tools, SMS marketing to send urgent messages to your customers, and the chat tool to provide them with instant support.

Personalization Tools – You will find CRM tools to build stronger relationships with your customers and marketing automation tools designed to boost your business’s performance.

Other personalization tools are transaction email and email segmentation. You can use them to send marketing messages to the targeted audience. 

Convert tools – This part features landing pages, signup forms, and Facebook ads. All these tools will help you to grow your business better.


  • The Lite plan costs $25 per month.
  • The Premium plan costs $65 per month.
  • The cost of the “Enterprise” plan is not specified on this company’s official website. You can get in touch with the su^^ort team for more details.

You can also read this post about the best eCommerce platforms currently available on the market if you are interested in this industry.  


Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Chicago, United States, ActiveCampaign is an automation platform used by more than 150,000 businesses in over 170 worldwide, making it one of the leaders in the industry.

Key Features

This platform integrates “by-product” and “by industry” features. I will only talk about the email marketing component that features the following tools:

  • Broadcast tools to sent bulk emails to all your subscribers.
  • Triggered email tools to send trigger emails based on certain criteria such as purchases, customers’ visits, or engagement.
  • Targeted emails you can send to a group of customers using a segmented list.
  • Email autoresponders whose purpose is to send automatic welcome emails, help to deliver lead magnets automatically, etc.
  • Email funnels that can help to convert hot prospects to paying customers.
  • Scheduled email tools to schedule emails for a specific date and time.


The Lite plan starts at $9 per month, the Plus plan at $49 per month, the Professional plan at $125 per month, and the enterprise plan at $229 per month. All plans are billed annually.

Benchmark Email 

Benchmark Email provides the best email marketing solutions to help businesses grow better. It has the features and tools designed to build a huge list of prospects.

Once you have built a list, you will use it to send automatic advertising emails and track their performance to see if they are helping to achieve the expected results in terms of sales and revenue. 

Key Features

Email builder – This feature has the tools you need to create responsive emails, no matter whether you are skilled in HTML or a newbie.

Marketing automation – This is where you will send a series of automated emails triggered by website and email engagement for the maximum online advertising results.

Lead generation – This tool was designed to help businesses grow their audiences and build an engaged fanbase. It works in conjunction with the list builder, surveys, and polls.

Besides the aforementioned features, the Benchmark Email platform also integrates landing page templates and reporting tools and can be integrated with many other services, including Facebook, Google, Shopify, Zapier, etc.


You can use a free plan to get started, but you will still need to upgrade your account if you want to use advanced tools to achieve better results.

The paid plan starts at $13 per month; it is appropriate for small and mid-size businesses. You will need to contact the company for the quote if you run a large subscriber list.


SendPulse provides various marketing services, including useful email marketing tools; you can find below its key features.

Key Features

  • Drag and drop editor to build adaptive and responsive email templates.
  • Subscription forms to turn your website visitors into subscribers, leads, and customers.
  • Email automation tools for sending the right emails at the right time to the right audience.
  • A transactional emails feature to send email campaigns through APU or SMTP.
  • Analytic tools to evaluate your email advertising campaign results.
  • A tool designed to verify email addresses on your mailing lists and improve the deliverability rates.


The price depends on the number of subscribers. You can start at $9.85 per month for 500 subscribers and pay more as your list grows.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is the last email marketing service provider I want to talk about in this post. It has been in the industry since 1995, and many business owners are happy to use it.

Key Features

This platform is multi-purpose because it integrates features for:

  • Launching email marketing campaigns to build lists of subscribers and engage customers better.
  • Building responsive websites quickly.
  • eCommerce tools you can use to upload products to your online store.
  • Integration of online advertising tools, including social media networks, Google Ads.
  • And many others. 

I will not give you further information about this platform as the details can make this post too long. I instead find it helpful to provide you with a link you can use to browse all the details about it.

You have nothing because Constant Contact provides new users with 30 days ( one month) to try various solutions and see if they are appropriate to their businesses.

It will be up to you to keep using this software by upgrading your account to one of the paid plans or leaving it if you are not satisfied. 


  • The “Email” plan starts at $20 per month, depending on the number of contacts.
  • The “Email Plus” plan starts at $45 a month, depending on the number of contacts.

How To Choose The Best Email Service?

There are several criteria to look into when it comes to choosing the best email marketing service:

Templates – You will need to ensure that the platform you want to use will enable you to create simple but efficient emails easily and quickly.

Tracking – Even if you have designed the best emails, they will not help achieve the expected results if you cacan’track how they perform to make the necessary adjustments.

The chosen email marketing service must have a dashboard that features the necessary tools, including the statistics on email open rates, bounces, clicks, etc.

Automation – This is another important factor to consider; your will need to send relevant messages to the right people at the right time using automation tools.

Ensure that a given email service provider integrates the tools you need to schedule and send automated messages whenever needed.

Mobility – The more the technologies advance, the more things go mobile. You must ensure that your email marketing campaigns will work perfectly across the various devices.

Nowadays, people open 53% of email campaigns using mobile devices, meaning that other devices such as desktops have a low rate.

In a nutshell, you must ensure that your email marketing campaigns are optimized for all devices to maximize the conversion rates and revenue.

Email Providers Comparison Chart

The figure below compares the email marketing services we have discussed in this review. It will help to have a good general understanding of each of them. 

AweberTemplates, Tracking, Automation, and Mobility tools.The first plan starts at $19 per month for a list of 500 subscribers.
MailerLiteTemplates, Tracking, Automation, and Mobility tools.You will pay at least $10 per month for building a list of up to 1,000 subscribers.
GetResponseTemplates, Tracking, Automation, and Mobility tools.Basic plan: $15 per month for a list of 1,000 contacts.
MailchimpTemplates, Tracking, Automation, and Mobility tools.It starts at $9.99 per month for a list of 500 contacts.
ConvertKitTemplates, Tracking, Automation, and Mobility tools.The basic plan starts at $29 a month for building a list of up to 1,000 subscribers.
SendinblueTemplates, Tracking, Automation, and Mobility tools.The first plan costs $25 per month for an unspecified number of contracts.
ActiveCampaignTemplates, Tracking, Automation, and Mobility tools. The basic plan costs $9 per month for 500 contacts.
Benchmark EmailTemplates, Tracking, Automation, and Mobility tools.The paid plan starts at $13 per month for 500 contacts.
SendPulseTemplates, Tracking, Automation, and Mobility tools. You will pay $9.85 per month for 500 subscribers.
Constant ContactTemplates, Tracking, Automation, and Mobility tools.It will cost you $20 per month for an unspecified number of contacts.

The Final Thoughts

This is the end of this post about the top 10 email marketing service providers to use this year and beyond. Some of them, like Aweber, are the most popular in the industry.

Others like Constant Contact are multi-purpose platforms meaning that they can help you achieve the best results, whatever the types of business you run, and your niche.

However, you can pick any other; the choice is yours. You cn even use a platform that offers a free option, but it will not necessarily be the right choice because yiu will get access to limited tools and ga$hardly achieve your goals.

Please leave your comments or questions at this page’s bottom if you want to discuss more on the topic. I will reply quickly.

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