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The Best Survey Websites To Make Money: Top Twenty

Last Updated on November 2, 2022 by Emmanuel

People worldwide always look for the best survey websites to make money online. I feel compelled to show you the top survey platforms to use.

Survey sites will not make you rich. However, they can help you supplement your current income if you have some free time to work on these opportunities.

Legitimate online survey platforms are free to join. It would help if you avoided someone who asks you to pay some money before accessing these jobs.

With that being said, this post includes the twenty most-used survey websites.

Depending on your time and willingness to make a significant monthly income, you can join all of them or a few.


Based in Southern California in the United States, the Swagbucks survey helps help people worldwide make a little money by completing surveys online.b

This platform is free to join, and the owners will reward you with gift cards or cash.

You will complete online tasks such as shopping online, searching the web, watching videos, playing games, etc.

You must follow the steps below to start earning:

  • Open a free account and fill in the required information.
  • The system matches you with your country’s surveys and other opportunities.
  • You must check your account dashboard daily to see and perform the available tasks quickly.
  • Swagbucks will reward you with points that you can redeem for gift cards.

You will use your gift cards in retailers such as Walmart, Amazon, etc. In addition, you can change your points in cash payable by PayPal. 

Note: You can join Swagbucks from most countries worldwide if you are at least 13 years old.

Opini Surveys

This platform rewards its members for answering surveys and providing opinions on various products this brand owns.

Such companies always want to know what customers think of their products or services.  

You can join Opini Surveys from the United Kingdom, the United States, and some Asian countries. It works like other survey platforms. 

First of all, you must open an account and complete your profile. You will then wait for the system to send surveys through your email address or app.

According to this platform’s official website, the owners pay members from £0.50 to £4 for every survey completed.

You will request payment when you hit the minimum balance of $12.50. They will pay you by Paypal, Amazon vouchers, etc. 

The Best Survey Websites To Make Money

Paid Surveys at Home will pay you to take online and phone surveys, try and review new products, participate in focus groups, etc.

The brands behind these money-making opportunities want to know what you think about their offers and will reward you for your time.

After opening an account, you will check your email every morning and click on a survey link sent to you.

You will then take a few minutes to answer the basic questions and get paid.

These opportunities will not make you rich. However, you can still leverage them to earn a few bucks to pay some of your bills.

Availability: You can join this platform from Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

If these opportunities interest you, I invite you to review the best stock market trading platforms for beginners. 

Panda Research

You can open an account on this platform and fill out the required information. It will then match your profile with the best online survey opportunities.

Big companies that want you to evaluate their products by giving your opinion will reward you after answering their polls or performing any other task they will provide you.

Panda Research is trustworthy because it has been in this business since 2005. The people behind it also own other legitimate survey websites.

You will make money by completing surveys, reading paid emails, referring others to this platform, and benefiting from special promotions and discounts.

To join Panda Research, you must reside in the United States, have at least 18 years of experience, and open only one account.

You will withdraw your earnings by PayPal when you reach the minimum balance of $50.  

Survey Junkie 

Survey Junkie is another best online survey company that have helped people make money online since 2005.

You will earn by conducting surveys about consumer products, financial goods, politics, technologies, etc.

This platform will not help you make a full-time income, but you can leverage your free time to earn a little money.

It is more beneficial than wasting your time on social media or watching YouTube videos.

Survey Junkie is available for Australian, Canadian, and United States residents.

The minimum withdrawal is $10, and you can request payment by direct bank transfer, PayPal, or e-Giftcards from many US retailers.


You can join i-Say from North America, Uk, and some European Union countries.

This online survey-making money site is legitimate and will help you make extra money in your leisure time.

You will give your consumers opinions on different products and services as requested by the owners of big brands.

They will reward you with points after doing the small tasks, and you will then redeem the earned points to cash or gift cards through various payment means.

You can also earn extra cash by referring new members to this platform.

The Best Survey Websites To Make Money


This company is headquartered in Brentwood, Tennessee, USA, and operates in more than 45 countries.

The owners conduct online market research on a global scale and will reward you for answering various surveys.

The rewarding methods are typically similar to those of other similar platforms.

You will earn points to convert into gift cards and PayPal credit.

All you need to do is open a free account to become a LifePoints member.

You will then receive offers regularly and get rewarded after their completion.

The owners say that you don’t need special skills to complete their surveys and start making money from home.

Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is another famous site that offers many online surveys to earn money from home.

This company has many partners globally, always looking to gather opinions on their offerings.

Its website says that anyone can join, but you will likely earn more money if you are a resident of Canada, the US, the UK, and a few other countries.

Surveys opportunities are spread in different subjects and sectors to maximize the chance of earning a few dozen dollars.

These opportunities include:

  • Getting paid for testing products.
  • Giving feedback on product advertisements before their launching.
  • Participating in diary studies whose aims are to gather people’s lifestyle habits.
  • Take part in focus groups and give your opinions on different topics.
  • Perform surveys for location-based services.
  • Share your thoughts about online ads such as those from Google.
  • Etc.   

Opinion Inn  

Opinion Inn pays new members a $10 sign-up bonus. After registering your account and completing your profile, it will start sending you the surveys.

Be careful and complete your profile based on your area of interest.

They will send you periodic email messages containing the surveys to complete.

At the same time, the email will also include the money companies are willing to pay you for participating in that particular survey.

You will withdraw your money through Paypal when the balance reaches $25. 

Opinion Inn also allows active members to join the monthly draw program and try to earn $500.

Availability: Australia, Canada, India, and the United States.


I will not discuss this platform because it works like other free online cash or gift card surveys.

The owners have partnered with many market research companies willing to pay people to review their new products.

Each time you perform such a job, they will compensate you with points you can change in cash or gift cards. 

You can also invite others to join this platform and earn a percentage of their points. 

Availability: Wordwide. 


QuickRewards launched in 2002 and has paid its members more than $7,000,000. It is one of the most popular and trustworthy survey sites.

You will get paid for taking surveys, playing games, watching videos, taking advantage of paid offers, and shopping online.

This platform typically pays in free Amazon gift cards and in-store gift cards.

The owners have partnered with around fifty national restaurants and retailers, including Best Buy, Disney, GameStop, Home Depot, Red Lobster, Target, Walmart marketplace, etc.  

The Best Survey Websites To Make Money


Only residents from the United States can join InboxDollars and try to make money by taking online surveys.

It takes three to twenty-five minutes to complete the task, and the owners pay from $0.50 to $5.00 per survey.

You will make money by watching videos from big companies that provide honest feedback on their new products.

Other ways to make money from the InboxDollars platform are playing games online, shopping for Cashback, reading emails containing attractive offers, etc.


You can use the Dabbl mobile app to complete a good range of games, quizzes, and videos on the internet and get paid for your time.

This platform is available for US residents aged at least 18 years old.

The Dabbl app works on Android and iOS, and it will not take much time to complete offers.

Many brands always seek to gather the consumers’ opinions and improve their products and services.

In addition to the money you will make for taking surveys, you will earn $0.25 for every recruited new member who completes at least one paid offer.

To withdraw your earned points, you must exchange them for gift cards from popular retailers like Amazon, Walmart, etc. 

Survey Club 

Survey Club is an American-based comapny founded in 2005 to help people make some extra income in their free time by participating in various market research.

Residents from Australia, Canada, the UK, and the US aged at least 18 years can open accounts and participate in online surveys provided by this platform.

Ensure you complete your profile and provide information about your consumer habits to enable the system to send the matching offers to your inbox.

The email message will also contain the reward corresponding to the offer to help you decide whether it is worth your time.

Survey Savvy

Like similar platforms, SurveySavvy serves as a middleman between companies looking to gather opinions on what consumers think about their offers and individuals who want to make money in their spare time.

The owners will pay you cash for sharing your opinions as long as the information in your profile corresponds to the criteria established by the survey offers providers.

It will help if you take the time to complete your profile attentively because Survey Savvy uses a rigorous profile screening system.

Otherwise, you will not pass the screening phase and will lose the chance to participate in these opportunities.

The Best Survey Websites To Make Money

Decision Analyst, Inc

Decision Analyst, Inc is the number one research company in the United States.

This research platform works closely with several brands, mainly in automatic, consumer goods, healthcare, service retail, and technology.

You will make money by participating in qualitative and quantitative research, advanced analytics research, and many other opportunities.

You can participate in these online making money opportunities as a resident of North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and some African countries.

Valued Opinion 

Valued Opinions operates in more than 40 countries from all continents. 

You can join this online money-making survey site as a resident of the USA, European countries such as France, Germany, and the UK, and Asian countries like China, South Africa, etc.

Your free membership will entitle you to complete online surveys, participate in diary studies, test different products, and perform other small tasks online to monetize your spare time.

They will reward you in credits exchangeable for gift cards from top companies such as Amazon, Target, Prategt, Macy’s, etc.

Branded Surveys  

To use Branded Surveys, you need a computer and an internet connection.

You will also open a free account, fill in the required information in your profile, and wait for big companies that want to source you in their market research to send offers.

These companies will collect your responses, analyze them and use your inputs to improve their products and services.

They will then reward you in cash or gift cards. It is a win-win situation because each party involved in these deals will get its share.

You will receive your points exchangeable in cash through the PayPal gateway payment.


I will not talk too much about OneOpinion because its working mode is the same as other online survey platforms.

The owners’ mission is to help as many individuals as possible in the United States and the United Kingdom make money by sharing their opinions.

You can join OneOpinion if you reside in one of these countries and wait for regular offers.

You will not become wealthy, but it can help add a few dollars to your pocket each month.

20. Unique Rewards 

Unique Rewards is the last survey website I will discuss in this review.

It has been in the online survey business since 2003 and has never failed to pay members their earnings.

Unique Rewards offers many daily opportunities. You can take advantage of new offers, including surveys on different topics, reading emails, shopping online, visiting websites, a referral program, etc.

The owners make payments weekly, and you will receive yours by check or PayPal. You can also contact customer support if you have any questions. 

The Final Words

It is the end of this review of the best survey websites to make money online.

All platforms I have reviewed are legitimate; they can enable you to earn money to supplement your income.

However, survey sites will not make you rich contrary to what some people want to make you believe.

I advise you to take advantage of these opportunities in your spare time instead of wasting it watching stories on channels like youtube or browsing the internet.

You can also read a review of the US’s best online tax preparation software.

They can help you file your tax return quickly and benefit from tax deductions.

Remember to ask questions, if any, or leave a comment at the bottom of this page. I will get back to yiu as soon as possible.

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