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The Best SEO Software For A Small Business This Year

This post includes a list of the best SEO software for a small business. You can use them to promote your website, monitor its performance, make changes, etc.

The SEO tools presented in this review are among the most used by successful online marketers.

Towards the end of this post, you will find a chart comparing them to help you choose the one you want.

What Is A SEO Software About?

SEO is an abbreviation of “Search Engine Optimization,” a practice used by online marketers to drive quality organic traffic to their websites, which typically leads to more prospects and sales.

With quality traffic, you can ensure that your online business will attract more visitors, depending on your target audience.

The most popular Search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing) will tell your target market that your website or blog is a good resource to satisfy their various needs.

In a few words, quality traffic generated through SEO will attract more visitors to your business online (website).

Some of them will become leaders, buy the products or services you are promoting and enable you to make money.

Why Using A SEO Software To Market A Business Online?

SEO software provides many benefits to online marketers, including:

Keywords Research – When writing quality content for your website, a good SEO tool will help you to find search terms your potential customers are likely to use in search engines to find the products they want and purchase them.

You must ensure that your content includes a keyword in the meta titles, meta description, and thoroughly the content to match the users’ search queries.

Backlinks – Using internal (links between your website’s content) and external links (linking your website to other sites) will help your content rank in search engines. The best SEO tool will help to identify high-quality backlinks to use.

Domain rating – Even though Google says that domain rating is not the main factor for website ranking, linking your site to high authority sites is always better, and a good SEO tool will help you find them.

Website Ranking – The more you write quality content, the more you will need to know their SEO ranking and what to expect in the future as income.

Seo software can also compare your website to its competitors and help you to adopt good strategies to outpace them.

These are some benefits of using SEO software, but there are many others.

The following sections contain a list of the top nine SEO software to help you choose the most appropriate for your business.

The Top SEO Software To Use


SEMrush is one of the best SEO software currently available in the online marketing industry. It has a database of over 20 billion keywords used by more than seven million individuals and businesses worldwide.

Key Features

I will name a few features because they are so many:

  • Keyword research tool to help you find the best keywords to target when writing quality content for your website.
  • On-page SEO tools to analyze your pages to know how they perform and make the needed improvements.
  • Tools to analyze your competitors, which may result in an increase in your website ranking and traffic.
  • Local SEO optimization for online marketers who target local markets.
  • Rank tracking to help you find out which keywords produce the best results in terms of traffic.
  • Link building tool to help find high-quality backlinks and strengthens your website ranking.
  • Website audit, etc.

SEMrush allows everyone to open a free account and start a seven-day free trial to see how it works.

If you want to keep using this SEO tool at the end of this period, you will upgrade your account to one of the following plans. 

– Pro at $119.95 per month or $99.95 a month if billed annually.
– Guru at $229.95 a month or $191.62 per month if you choose to pay annually.
– Business at $374.95 per month or $449.95 per month billed yearly.


Founded in 2007 and with the head office located in Singapore, Ahrefs is another best software you can use for your website SEO optimization.

Key Features

Keywords explorer – This is an SEO tool designed to provide content marketers with great keyword ideas to use. It also analyzes keyword difficulty ranking and estimates the potential traffic.

Site explorer – This tool provides detailed information on a website’s or URL’s organic search traffic, checks backlinks, and gives information on paid traffic research.

Website audit – This is where you can see how your website ranks in search engines’ first pages and find out what may harm its ranking.

Other Ahrefs’ important features are rank tracker, content explorer, etc. Its official website will provide you with more information.


The lite plan costs $99, the standard plan $ 179, the advanced plan $399, and the agency plan $999.

These prices are monthly; you will get a small discount if you opt for an annual payment.

Moz Pro

Moz Pro is an all-in-one software used by online business owners to manage various SEO advertising campaigns.

Below are some of its main features:

Keyword research – This tool’s main purpose is to help you, as an online marketer, do keyword research and find the best ones to use when promoting your business online. 

You will also get the keyword difficulty scores, other websites competing for specific keywords, the expected traffic, etc.

Backlink analysis – Moz owners, have designed this tool to help users see their website metrics such as domain authority, anchor text, etc.

Rank tracking – This tool will track your website ranking performance and give you insights into the traffic generated by specific keywords.

Site audits – Moz also crawls websites on their owner’s demands to determine if they have some technical SEO issues and suggests how to fix them.

  • The standard plan costs $ 99 per month or $79 when paid yearly.
  • The medium plan’s cost is $179 a month or $143 per month for those who choose to pay yearly.
  • The large plan will cost you $ 249 a month or $199 per month if billed annually.
  • The premium plan costs $599 per month or $479 when you paid yearly.


SpyFu is another SEO software used to do keyword research and competitive analysis when advertising online.

Key Features

Keyword research tools – These tools will enable you to see the keywords bought by your competitors for their different PPC advertising campaigns.

PPC competitor research – You can use this tool to get insights into how your campaigns perform if you use PPC advertising to market your business.

SEO competition – This part includes the tools to track your website SEO, keep what works and make some adjustments if needed.

Domain leads – This feature helps digital marketers to create their own custom list of domains and use various criteria such as ad spend, location, search traffic, etc., to filter them.

  • Basic plan: $39 per month or $33 a month if paid annually.
  • Professional plan: $79 a month or $58 per month for a yearly payment.
  • Team plan: $299 a month or $199 per month if billed annually.


Unlike other SEO software, KWFinder only focuses on keyword research. You can use it to find long-tail keywords for which your website is likely to rank easily.

Most people use long-tail keywords when searching for specific things online, meaning that it can be a good strategy for writing content.

  • Basic plan: $29 per month or $229.20 per year.
  • Premium plan: $39.90 a month or $478 a year.
  • Agency plan: $79.90 per month or $589 a year.


Jaaxy is a high-performing keyword and research platform that was developed by successful affiliate marketers to help people involved in affiliate marketing to succeed.

Key Features

Keyword research – This feature will enable you to leverage billions of keywords that exist today in online marketing, choose the most likely to make your website rank better, and get good organic traffic.

Niche research – Jaaxy also allows users to take any search term, use it to build alphabetized list variants, and get hundreds of keywords for their SEO or PPC campaigns.

Competition analysis – It is always better to understand what your competitors are doing if you want to win at SEO.

Jaxxy will help you in this matter by uncovering and showing you The top-ranked websites.

Website SEO ranking – This feature will show you where your website is ranked in the main search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing) depending on the keywords you choose to track.

Domain search – Another benefit of Jaaxy is the possibility for you to search instantly for the availability of a .com, .org, and .net domain for a given keyword.


Jaaxy is fully integrated within Wealthy Affiliate, a platform that teaches affiliate marketing since 2005 and that has helped many people worldwide to become successful affiliate marketers.

You can open a free account and start the first ten lessons for free to see how Wealthy Affiliate and Jaxxy works.

You will decide later if it is worth upgrading your account to a premium plan at $49 per month.

Advanced Web Ranking

Advanced Web Ranking software features SEO tools designed to:

  • Help to find the best keywords for optimizing your website content creation.
  • Monitor your website rankings in search engines.
  • Manage link building, website et google analytics.
  • Create SEO reports for your own business or those of your customers.
  • Analyze your competitors or those of your clients.
  • Social media marketing monitoring tools, etc.

The starter plan costs $49 per month, the Pro plan $99, the Agency plan $199 a month, and the Enterprise plan $499.

SEO Buddy

SEO Buddy provides online business owners with guidance on optimizing their websites’ SEO to take positions on the first pages of search engines like Google.

Key Features

The SEO checklist – The purpose of the SEO Checklist is to guide you step by step and show you the SEO actions to optimize your website and get more organic traffic.

The SOP collection – This part includes a series of detailed procedures you must take to rank your website’s content on Google’s first pages.

The Link Chest – The link chest offers a collection of high-quality backlinks opportunities to use when marketing your business online. Backlinks are essential for every website ranking in search engines.

Competitive Analysis Framework – This last feature will enable you to quickly analyze your business’s Google results.

You will find valuable backlinks and content opportunities designed to enhance your website ranking.

  • The startup plan costs $47 per month for an SEO Strategy of up to 25 keywords.
  • The SME plan costs $98 a month for an SEO strategy of up to 50 keywords.  

SE Ranking

SE Ranking is an SEO software used by online marketers to optimize and promote their websites efficiently.

Below are its main features:

Seo tools –
In this part are keyword research and suggestion tool, backlinks checker and monitor, on-page checker, website audit, and some other tools.

Competitive researc
h – This feature will enable you to Spy on your competitors their keywords, traffic, backlinks, domain trust, etc.

Other features integrated into this software are B2B business tools and social media management tools to help promote your website on various socio media networks.


– Essential plan: $23 per month.
– Pro plan: $52 per month.
– Business plan: $111 per month. 

How To Choose The Best SEO Tool?

Given that there are many SEO software, it can sometimes be confusing to choose the best one to use.

Below are some criteria to consider:

Keyword Research

Whether you use content marketing, PPC, or any other online advertising method, a good keyword research tool will help you find the best keywords.

Your website will then rank better in search engines, which will enable potential customers to find what you are promoting.

Some of your visitors will become leads, make purchases, and help you achieve your goals of making money online.

Rank Tracking

Besides choosing the best keywords to use, an SEO tool must also help you track how your keywords rank in the top search engines to see if you are heading in the right direction.

You will also see what is not working and make changes on time before things become worse.

Competitor Analysis

The competitor analysis feature is another essential factor to consider when choosing the best SEO tool. It will enable you to find out what other businesses similar to yours are doing to become successful.

You can then try to implement their strategies in your various online advertising campaigns and get excellent results if done rightly.

SEO Website Audit

Some people tend to overcomplicate themselves when it comes to SEO website auditing, but the term is self-explanatory.

A site audit typically covers both structural and content components affecting an online business’s SEO visibility.

Efficient SEO software will analyze your website to see if it is SEO friendly and suggest actions to improve its SEO performance.

The criteria described above are the most essential to consider, but they are not the only ones.

Good SEO software will provide you will many other tools to manage your website efficiently.

I also advise you to read a review of the top ten social media platforms most successful online marketers use to promote their businesses.  

The SEO Software Comparison Chart

Now that you know the top-rated SEO software to use, let’s see their comparison chart to help you understand each of them better.

SEMrushKeyword research, on-page SEO, competitor analysis, SEO rank tracking, website auditing, backlinks checker, etc.It starts at $119.95 a month or $99.95 a month if you pay annually (best for all types of online businesses).
AhrefsAlmost the same features as SEMrush.First plan: $99 per month.
Moz ProAlmost the same tools as SEMrush and Ahrefs.Standard plan: $99 per month.
SpyFuKeyword research, PPC competitor, SEO competitor, and domain leads.Basic plan: $39 per month or $33 a month if paid annually.
KWFinderFocuses only on keyword research for digital marketers.Basic plan: $29 per month or $229.20 per year.
JaaxyKeyword research, SEO ranking, competitor analysis, and domain search.Fully integrated into Wealthy Affiliate (an affiliate marketing learning platform. The premium plan costs $49 per month (best for affiliate marketers).
Advanced Web Rankingkeyword research, site ranking, link building, SEO reporting, and competitor analysis.Starter plan: $49 per month.
SEO BuddySEO checklist, the SOP collection, link chest, and competitive analysis. Startup plan: $47 a month.
SE RankingKeyword research, backlinks checker, website audit, and competitive analysis.Essential plan: $23 per month.

The Final Thoughts

It is the end of this post about the best SEO software for a small business. I hope it will be helpful for your online marketing success.

All SEO tools described in this review are among the top-rated in the online marketing industry.

Just choose the most suitable for your online business and use its features to your benefit.

For newbies or other people who want to get started in affiliate marketing and make this industry their primary source of income, I recommend using Jaaxy.

Jaaxy is part of Wealthy Affiliate, an affiliate marketing platform that will teach you how to build your own website and affiliate marketing from scratch until you become successful online.

Thank you for reading this post; please leave a comment at this page’s bottom. I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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  1. It’s great to see that people are getting outside and resuming normal activities again; many small businesses were hit hard in the past year and needed all the help they can get. 

    Finding the best SEO software for small businesses is key to ensuring that target customers can find that small business online and get quality leads and sales. 

    Thank you so much for this helpful article.

  2. Thank you for this interesting review. I just started my own business recently, and I’m still surprised by how many things I have to learn to make it profitable. SEO software is one of the most important aspects of online marketing; it allows business owners to understand their customers’ behaviors and increase traffic and sales.

    I have recently joined a wealthy affiliate, and l will start with Jaaxy, which seems to be a reasonable option for beginners.

    Thank you.

    • Thank you, Cogito, for your comment. It is a pleasure to learn that you have started an online business; I wish you success. 


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