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The Best Rated Home Security Alarm System Review

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This review of the best home security alarm system will mainly focus on Scout Alarm, a company that helps to secure families and properties all over the US.

Indeed, home security systems are worth investing in because they feature emergency autoresponders always looking to prevent all types of break-ins. 

There would be at least a home burglary every 15 seconds, hence the need to minimize or avoid such them from happening to your home.

Let’s go straight to the point and see how the Scout Alarm security systems can benefit you without much talk.  

Scout Alarm Overview

The NameScout Alarm.
Date of creationFounded in 2013 by Dan Roberts (CEO).
HeadquartersChicago, Illinois, United States.
Products Products: Security alarm systems.
Cost Depends on the device and subscription plan.
Customer Rating9.4 out of 10.

What Is Scout Alarm?

Dan Roberts founded Scout Alarm in 2013 after he went to buy a home security system for his new house in Chicago and found that the product was outdated and too expensive.

He then did a small market survey and realized that 83% of homes in the US were not equipped with adequate security systems.

There was an emergency to find solutions to this problem, and he launched Scout Alarm in February 2013.

Dan Roberts set up an independent crowdfunding campaign to pre-sell its devices, and within 30 days, he sold over $500,000 worth of systems.

Since then, Scout Alarm kept been successful. It is currently one of the leaders in home security systems all over the United States.

This company operates in the technology industry, like Anttop Antenna, which sells high-quality indoor and outdoor TV antennas.

How Does Scout Alarm Work?

The owners of Scout Alarm use a breeze DIY installation to ease installing a new home security system.  

You will only need 30 minutes and simple tools to install and activate your new home security system. Scout Alarm will then use a central called “the Scout Hub” to configure it.

Once everything is up, this company will continuously monitor your home’s activity and pair wirelessly with the other Scout sensors.

On your side, you will use the scout Alarm App or your web browser to monitor your Scout home security system wherever you are.

The system will automatically alert you if an incident or something suspicious happens to your home.

It will help define the notifications you want to receive (call, email, text format, or push notifications).

When your alarm goes off; the following actions will happen:

  • The sensor will trip automatically to detect spontaneous activity and notify your Scout Hub immediately.
  • The Scout Hub will trigger preset responses, such as custom alerts or sirens.
  • The system will provide details of the event to decide whether it is worth alerting authorities quickly or not.
The Best Rated Home Security Alarm System Review

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The Scout Alarm Products

This company offers many home security alarm systems, so that I will give you the most used ones.

Towards the end of this review, I will also show you how to check the detail of all the Scout Alarm security systems and choose the most appropriate to your needs.

Scout Hub

The Scout Hub is a smart home security device that powers your security system by connecting your sensors across your home.

It will also capture and analyze information from your Scout devices and alert you if something suspicious happens.

The Scout Hub features a 4G LTE and battery backups to keep you connected.

This brain of your security system also has a 105 dB siren to ward off intruders.

You will only need to plug this powerful device into your router to enable it to talk wirelessly to the sensors and connect to Scout’s best-in-class integrations.

Scout Hub will monitor your system and automatically transfer to a 4G LTE connection if your internet goes out.

The Best Rated Home Security Alarm System Review

Door Panel

The Door Panel is three sensors equipped with an RFID reader to enable you to alarm and disarm your system without a phone.

This device will monitor the opening and closing of your door and will house a loud siren to deter intruders. 

Besides that, this versatile and powerful control sensor Scout’s wireless will alert you when someone enters or exits an entry door of your property.

Scout Motion Sensor

You can use the Scout Motion Sensor to monitor critical paths in your house, such as hallways, large rooms, and stairwells.

This tool can detect motion up to 25 ft with a 90-degree field of view. It can even monitor an entire room with just one sensor.

In brief, Motion sensor alarms will protect areas of your house that are hard to cover with an Acces Sensor or Door Panel.

Ensure to use them in rooms intruders can access without opening a window or door.

Scout Access Sensor

Access Sensor detects doors, windows, safes, and cabinets opening and closing.

You can use them to protect things you wish to keep off-limits, like a liquor cabinet or bedroom closet. 

Scout’s access sensor operates as a window alarm while covering other parts of your home. 

It will detect when the sensor bar and the detector move apart and enable you to keep an eye on anything you want to keep off-limits that open and close (fridge, liquor cabinet, etc.).

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Scout Indoor Camera

These top home security camera systems integrate new sound detection and allow you to view a live feed of your home day and night.

You can also watch the recorded clips directly through the Scout app to monitor your home whenever you are.

The Scout Indoor Camera will record clips for later review and put a 1080p HD live video feed at your fingertips.

The Scout Alarm Refurbished Products

Besides the new Scout Alarm Products, this company also sells refurbished products. You can buy them and save up to 25%.

All Scout Alarm refurbished products are Certified Refurbished, thoroughly tested, and covered by a three-year warranty.

This company’s security alarm devices also come with three years of limited Warranty covering material defects and quality from their purchase date. 

However, you can not transfer this Warranty; it is only limited to the original purchaser and gives you specific legal rights.

Also, the Scout Alarm warranty does not apply to any misused product, altered, abused, or used other than as approved in the purchase contract.

Scout Alarm Monitoring Plans 

Once you have installed the home security system, you can monitor it yourself or use Scout’s professional monitors.

Scout Alarm has plans that match every individual specific needs and budget.

  • The top tier plan is “On+,” which includes 24/7/365 professional monitoring dispatch for police and fire custom service.
  • G LTE backup (AT&T and T-Mobile) allows you to access the Scout mobile, and other family members can access the system.
  • The “Always On Plan” includes all the pro features except access to Scout agents.

Scout will automatically notify your pre-selected contacts, but you must activate the alarm.

Remember to choose people who will receive the notification and how Scout will notify them (push message, text, call, or email).

If you don’t have an internet connection, they will provide you with “Cellular Only” add-ons to their existing plans.

The Best Rated Home Security Alarm System Review

Returns and Exchanges

Even if the Scout Alarm home security system is the best on the market, you can always return them after purchase.

If so, go to the Scout Alarm official website, where you will find out the Scout returns procedures and follow them.

Ensure to return the products within 60 days from the purchase date.

You will receive a full refund of your money, excluding the shipping fees, if your order is entitled to a refund.

However, this company doesn’t accept returns on items purchased from the Amazon marketplace.

Does having a security system lower home insurance?

Equipping your house with a security system can decrease your home insurance by twenty percent. Still, it is better to check with your insurance provider for the exact amount.

The Final Thoughts

This review of the best-rated home security alarm system by Scout Alarm ends here.

I hope this information will help you choose an adequate security system and protect your home, property, or business.

You can also contact the Scout Alarm company support team if you need advice or assistance choosing an ideal alert security system.

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Thank you for reading the Scout Alarm review; you can comment or ask questions at the bottom of this page.

I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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