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The Best CRM Software For A Small Business This Year

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If you are looking for the best CRM software for a small business, this post will list the most used ten. You will then choose the best for you.

CRM stands for customer relationship management, and suitable CRM software will enable you to manage your business’s relationships better to make it more profitable.

You can find below the most used CRM platforms:



ServiceTitan is a complete software you can use to manage all the aspects of your business in one place, especially in the service industry.

More than 100,000 world’s leading service companies and professionals are using its features to provide a better customer experience, increase sales and streamline their operations in general.

While being powerful, this software is also easy to use; you can find below its key features:

  • Customer Experience to help you manage your customer care services.
  • Dispatch boards are used by home and commercial service companies to track their technicians better and ensure that everyone stays on time.
  • The scheduling tool that you can use to plan the services offered by your company with confidence.
  • Call booking to enable your team to book more jobs and provide the best customer experience.
  • Marketing scorecard you can use to create new advertising campaigns with a few clicks, monitor, and adjust them.
  • Reporting tools to provide you with analytics reports and grow your business better.
  • QuickBooks integration for managing your company’s day-to-day accounting operations.
  • And five other valuable features.
The Best CRM Software For A Small Business This Year

As you can see, this software integrates into one platform all the features and tools you need to manage your business effortlessly and make it more profitable. 


This company doesn’t disclose how much it will cost you to use its various features and tools on its official website. You will first need to fill out a form and request a demo.

You can read a detailed review of Service Titan to learn more about this software.

Does ServiceTitan have an API?

ServiceTitan now features the V2 APIs designed to improve performance and security and enable users to integrate the necessary tools to solve their business challenges and grow better. 


Zendesk is another powerful CRM software to improve your company’s customer relationships and scale your business to the next level.

It integrates the following features:


Given that this platform integrates fourteen features, I will give insights into a few. You can then go to its official website to learn about them.

Ticketing System – This powerful and easy-to-use feature was designed to track, prioritize and solve support tickets submitted by customers.

Messaging and live chat tool – This feature can add messaging to your web, mobile, and social channels and enable your customers to reach you instantly, whenever needed.

Community Forum – Given that your customers regularly use your products, they are the best source to suggest improving your products and services.

This feature will enable you to create a space for your clients to collaborate with your business efficiently.

Reporting and Analytics Tools – This is where you will get data and analytics to measure and improve your business’s entire customer experience.

Zendesk reporting and analytics tools are easy to understand. You don’t need a statistics degree to know more about your customers’ insights and use them to manage your business better.

Besides powerful and easy-to-use features, this company also has a charity named “The Zendesk Neighbor Foundation,” which aims to address homelessness and poverty.


The pricing depends on whether you are looking for Zendesk for sale or Zendesk for service.

  • Zendesk for sale: The sell team plan costs $19 per user per month, the professional plan $49 per user per month, and the enterprise plan will cost you $99 per user per month.
  • Zendesk for service: The suite team plan costs $49 per agent per month, suite growth $79 per agent per month, and suite professional $99 per agent per month.

All plans are billed annually.


Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Massachusetts, United States, the HubSpot company develops and markets software for customer service, inbound marketing, and sales.

You will find within this platform the following features:


A Free Meeting Scheduler App – This App will enable you to schedule your appointments faster and make your calendar more productive than common email messages.

Social Media Management tools – These tools were designed to enable users to spend more time connecting on social media networks with whoever is interested in their businesses.

Email Tracking tools – The email tracker will instantly inform you of potential customers (leads) who have opened your emails so that you can make appropriate follow-ups and close deals faster.

Sales Automation – This feature includes the tools you need to automate lead rotation, create tasks, and improve prospect follow-up.

Ads tools – This is where you will find CRM data to create highly targeted ad campaigns. You will also know which ads perform better by turning leads into actual customers.

Lead Management and Tracking Tools – You can use these tools to see the details and records of your company and view the history of all communications to manage your prospects quickly.

Sales Pipeline Management Software – This is another helpful tool to assign tasks, add deals and track progress without hassle.


  • The starter plan starts at $ 46 per month or $497 per year.
  • The professional starts at $823 per month or $8,880 per year.
  • The enterprise plan starts at €2,944 per month or 35,328 per year.

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The Best CRM Software For A Small Business This Year


Keap is another CRM software whose owners promise to provide you with the right technology and tools to manage and grow your business.

More than 125,000 business owners use this software currently to make more sales, save time and eliminate business chaos.

It will enable you to collect high-quality contacts, use the CRM tool to arrange them into segmented lists, and send the right message to the right people for maximum results.

This process will enable you to engage more prospects and convert some of them into real clients.

You will also create a better customer experience that can generate repeat sales in the future.


This company offers three plans you can choose from the most suitable for your business’s needs.

Lite Plan – This plan costs $79 per month, but you will pay $40 for the first two months. It comes with automation, core CRM and email tools, including 500 contacts, solopreneurs, and new businesses that can use one user.

Pro – This most popular costs $149 per month, but you will get a bonus as a new customer; they will charge you $75 monthly for the first two months.

The plan is for growing businesses whose owners want to use automated tools to create profitable marketing campaigns and generate repeatable sales while saving time.

Max Plan – This final plan will cost you $199 per month; all new customers get a bonus for the first two months and only pay $100 per month.

Businesses need CRM tools, eCommerce tools, secure payment gateway, and advanced automation to optimize their sales pipeline and grow their online revenue.

All plans include 500 contacts and one user; they will charge you $30 for each additional user.

Zoho CRM

Since its inception in 2005, Zoho has become one of the most popular CRM software; more than 150,000 businesses currently use it in 180 countries.

These businesses are happy to use this customer relationship management software to convert more leads, engage with their clients, and grow their revenue more than ever.

Zoho integrates a broad range of in-depth features as shown below:

  • SalesForce Automation and Journey Orchestration.
  • Process Management, Omnichannel, and Analytics tools.
  • Sales Enablement and Performance Management.
  • Predictive Sales, Customization, and Marketing Automation.
  • Team Collaboration and Remote Work tools.


Four subscription plans are billed annually; your choice will depend on the size of your business and its specific needs.

Standard – This plan costs $14 per user per month; it includes free custom dashboards, mass email, multiple pipelines, scoring rules, and workflows.

Professional – This plan costs $23 per user per month. It comes with the benefits of the standard plan plus Blueprint, Inventory Management, SalesSignals, Validation Rules, and Web-to-Case Forms tools.
Enterprise – If you opt for this third plan, it will cost you $40. It includes the features of the professional plan plus Advanced Customization, CommandCenter, Canvas, Multi-user Portals, etc.

Ultimate – This last plan costs $52. In addition to the features found in the previous plan.

The ultimate plan includes advanced analytics tools, enhanced feature limits, and a 30-day trial.

This company also offers many other resources, such as support, a community forum, Zoho Newsletter, and many others, as found on its official website.


Zoho’s pricing structure shows that only the ultimate plan offers a 30-day trial. I have not found out if other plans have a free trial or related period.

The Best CRM Software For A Small Business This Year


Insightly was founded in 2009 with $50 million in funding from leading firms such as Cloud Apps Capital Partners, Emergence Capital Partners, Sozo Ventures, and Scott Bommer.

You can use this software’s customer relationship management features to manage any business, size, and activity.

It will track your company’s most relevant information in real-time such as emails, meetings, phone calls, the timeline of marketing campaign sources, follow-up on leads while they’re still hot, etc.

This feature also allows this software’s workflow automation to create or update records and send email alerts whenever needed.

Moreover, it can generate tasks for your collaborators once you win some opportunities and lots more.

This software is easy to use; you don’t need special technical skills. Below, you can find how much it will cost you if you use its features and tools.


The pricing will depend on whether you want to use CRM, marketing, or App Connect features:

  • The CRM tools cost $29 for the Plus plan, the Professional plan costs $49, and the Enterprise plan is $99. All prices are per user a month and billed annually.
  • The marketing tools will cost you $299 for the Plus plan, $599 for the Professional one, and $1,299 for the Enterprise plan.

These are monthly costs billed annually, and they all include 10,000 contacts. You can go to this company’s official website for more details.

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Founded in 2010 and headquartered in California, United States, Freshworks is a user-friendly CRM software you can use to manage the interactions with your current and potential customers.

More than 40,000 businesses across different industries are using this software; you can find below its key features:

  • Freshdesk that you can use to provide the best customer services to your clients.
  • Freshchat is a tool designed to deliver a bot and human assistance customer support service.
  • Freshcaller is a cloud-based phone system used by businesses of all sizes in more than 90 countries.
  • Freshsuccess is a feature to protect your business’s revenue while strengthening customer relationships.
  • Freshworks CRM aligns sales and marketing teams within every business and creates better customer experiences.
  • Freshservice is used to streamline every business’s IT service while managing employees’ internal requests.
  • Business owners use Freshteam to recruit top employees and manage them in one place.
  • Etc.


The growth plan costs $29, the Pro plan $69, and the Enterprise $125. All prices are per user, per month, and billed annually.

The pricing will increase if you choose to pay monthly.

The Best CRM Software For A Small Business This Year


According to the owners’ claims, this software was created in 2009 when he was frustrated with existing CRM services that were not user-friendly or overly simplistic to satisfy most businesses’ needs.

He says that a suitable CRM sofware must have the ability to help businesses stay organized, provide more information about their clients, and help build strong relationships with them.

Good CRM software must also help you convert prospects into genuine buyers to increase sales.

Capsule CRM was designed to deliver on the above values, and many businesses are currently using it.

Key Features

Contact management – This is where you will get an overview of the individuals and companies you are doing business with.

Sales Pipeline – This future will give you a summary of your business’s various opportunities.

Security and Permissions – This feature is about your business’s data security.

Tasks and calendar – You can use these tools to create tasks for appointments, meetings, phone calls, etc.

Sale Analytics – This feature will give insights and reports on your business and allow you to monitor its operations efficiently.

Customization – You can record all information that makes sense for your business.


Given that this company is a united kingdom-based, the prices are in pounds as shown below:

  • The cost of the Professional plan is £ 12 per user per month.
  • The Team plan costs £ 24 per user per month.
  • The Enterprise plan will cost you £ 36 per user per month.

Each plan has its associated benefits; you can consult the details of the capsule CRM official website.

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This CRM software will help you manage your sales processes in one place and make your business more profitable.

It uses an activity-based selling approach that schedules, completes and tracks all kinds of activities within a company.


Managing Leads and Seals – This feature will provide more information about your prospects and enable you to incorporate them into your sales pipelines using web format and a custom chatbot.

Communications Tracking – You can use this feature to track calls, emails, and contact history whenever needed, taking your schedule and visibility into account.

Automate and Grow – You will find the tools to eliminate busy work by automating repetitive administrative tasks.

Insights and Reports – This is where you will get the data you need to measure your company’s performance, depending on the goals you want to achieve.

Privacy and Security – This feature will enable you to protect your business’s data and work with peace of mind knowing that unauthorized people can not access them.

Mobile Apps and Integrations – You can use this feature to access the Pipedrive software from your mobile device whenever needed. It will integrate easily with your favorite sales-boosting apps.


The essential plan costs $12.50, the advanced plan $24.90, and the Professional plan $49.90. All plans are per user, per month, and billed annually.


Nimble is the last CTM software I want to discuss in this review.

The owners say that this platform works in every social network. Its key features are usable on any web browser, inbox, or social network.

You can combine calendar appointments, communications, contacts, inboxes, and social media connections into one unified relationship manager.

You can also locate contact information and your team’s interaction history, view your prospects and clients, categorize your contacts list, use the segmentations depending on your business’s needs, etc. 

The Nimble CRM software will cost you $19 per user per month.

The Final Thoughts

This post’s end has helped answer the question of the best CRM software for a small business; I hope it will significantly help you.

Please leave your questions or comments at the bottom of this page.

We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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