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Spocket Dropshipping Software Review

Are you a US and European Union-made product supplier, need retailers to help you find customers globally, and wonder which dropshipping platform to use?   

Don’t worry because we have got you covered. We are going to share the Spocket dropshipping software review and give you the information you need to get started.   

Overview of Spocket?

The NameSpocket.
Date of creationFounded in 2017 by Saba Mohebpour. 
HeadquartersVancouver, BC, Canada.
Specialties eCommerce Dropshipping Platform.
PricingThe start plan costs $19.00 per month. 
Customer Rating9.2 out of 10. 

What Is Spocket Dropshipping Software?

Spocket is an eCommerce platform you can join, partner with top manufacturers of original products mainly from the European Union and the United States, and starts a dropshipping business. 

This online selling platform features a wide range of tending products, including bath and beauty, bag and wallets, home and garden, clothing for men and women, accessories, etc. 

It allows users first to choose some products and use them as samples themselves to see if they are worth selling. 

You will see in the Spocket dashboard an easy process to build a reliable and successful dropshipping business.

To start as a Spocket supplier, you must submit a joining request. Once approved, you will set up your payout information, upload the products you want to sell, and publish your dropshipping store with Spocket. 

Now that you have a general idea of the Spocket platform, let’s move to the next section and see how to become a supplier. 

How To Become A Spocket Supplier?

This platform will help you find customers of your preferred products increase sales and profits, but you must meet some requirements to get approved as a supplier.

More than 60,000 detailers use this platform to grow their online dropshipping businesses by selling the most trending products on the market. 

Below are the criteria you must meet to get started:

Products’ Requirements

To ensure that you supply products of the highest quality and standards, you must provide their photography and individual descriptions.

Avoid submitting products that make health claims, such as Nutraceuticals and pseudo-pharmaceuticals.

Spocket doesn’t accept these products unless competent authorities have verified and approved them.  

Moreover, this platform doesn’t allow selling equipment that uses drugs, such as bongs, hookahs, and vaporizers.

Distribution and Pricing 

To qualify as a supplier on the Spocket platform, you must be the manufacturer of the products you want to sell or have warehouses where you hold the inventory of your products.  

Spocket Dropshipping Software?

Another criterion to meet is being ready to offer at least 25% off of your retail price to incentivize detailers to build profitable online businesses selling your products.

Most of these detailers are always looking to partner with suppliers offering the best opportunities to maximize profit margins. 

Minimum Placement Order and Shipping Fees 

Before engaging in the partnership with the Spocket platform, be aware that this platform doesn’t facilitate minimum order quantity due to the nature of retail dropshipping.  

You will be required to offer the same shipping fees as you do for your other retail customers.

Ensure to honor a net 25% discount off your product price plus the shipping cost if you have to set the shipping fees differently on Spocket.

For example, if you offer a $10 product with free shipping, you can provide the same products on the Spocket platform at $50 with $2.5 shipping because the net discount will still be 25%.

Images and Products Descriptions 

You must rightly describe your products so that retailers can choose to sell them in their online stores.

Spocket will ban you if you use watermarks, so it will help if you avoid using them.

Other Requirements 

i) Pricing

Avoid increasing the price of your products after publishing them on this platform.

If you find that the price changes (at least above 15%) are inevitable due to the factors linked to inflation, you will need to send a notification to Spocket for a review.

ii) Shipment Packaging 

It would help if you avoided competition with the Spocket platform to keep using this platform.

Refrain from including any promotional material that can lead customers to your website instead of Spocket.

Moreover, you must ship all orders in neutral packages (envelopes or cardboard boxes) without your logo or other promotional information.

iii) Customer Invoices

It is an absolute obligation to print and include the Spocket generated invoice in the order sent to customers.

  Spocket Dropshipping

How To Become Spocket Retailer? 

Besides partnering with suppliers willing to sell their products, this company also helps retailers earn a part-time or full-time income.   

More than 60,000 online dropshippers use this platform to promote their preferred products and earn sales commissions.

As a retailer, you will meet the best suppliers from the United States and 27 European countries, including France and Germany.

Moreover, you can sell products from Australia and the United Kingdom if you find them profitable.

If you don’t have a website or don’t know how to promote products online, I will show you the process in the next section.

To start selling products on the Spocket platform, you will choose between the following plans.

1) You can get started for free and upgrade your account to one paid plan to build a real business. 

2) The starter costs $24 per month, entitles you to sell up to 25 unique products and access the full support by email. 

Online marketers who want to maximize sales and profits use a Pro plan that costs $49 per month.

This plan will entitle you to sell 250 unique products, brand your invoices, and access full live customer support.

3) The final plan is “Empire,” designed to scale your online dropshipping business. It costs $99 per month. 

You can sell up to 10,000 premium products, brand your invoices, and access live to chat customer support with this plan. You will also get a 14 day free trails period.

Dropshipping Software

The Pros and Cons of Spocket


  • This platform will help you expand your dropshipping business, make lots of sales and profits. 
  • It prioritize suppliers from North America, the European Union countries, and Australia, but suppliers from other parts wordwide are also welcomed.
  • This platform also doesn’t charge the joining fee, setup fee, commission, or any other hidden cost.
  • You will put your products in front of more than 60,000 retailers looking for the best opportunities to make money in the dropshipping business. 
  • Spocket also integrates with the most popular eCommerce platforms including Shopify, BigCommerce, Wix, etc.
  • If you have retailers who preffer to sell your products on their websites, Spocket will help you efficiently manage them. 


The Spocket owners prioritize suppliers from North American countries, the European Union, and Australia.

Some suppliers from other countries would not get the same benefits, but this business works.

You can contact the customer support team if you are a supplier for another part of the world willing to sell Spocket dropshipping products.

Now that you know how to become a supplier on this platform let’s become a retailer.

How To Promote Your Favorite Products Online?

There are many ways to promote your favorite product online and make a good income.

Some people like to use PPC ads on various online advertising platforms, while others use social media advertising such as Facebook ads.

However, most successful online marketers use content marketing because it does not require a lot of budget as the previous ones.

This method does not provide immediate results, but it is profitable in the long run.

All you need is to learn how to write quality content about the products you promote online and post them on your website or blog.

Once your content ranks in the first pages of search engines, potential customers will see your products. 

Some of those customers will purchase your products, and you will start making money online, leading to a full-time income.

It will also help if you learn how to use other online advertising methods such as PPC ads, social media marketing, YouTube, etc.

You can learn how to build an affiliate marketing website and all the above online advertising methods through a platform like Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate has been the leader in affiliate marketing since 2005 and has helped thousands of people worldwide to become financially free.

Most of these people earn a full-time income working for their homes’ comfort, and you can be the next successful online marketer.

This platform also allows people to pen free accounts and start the first ten lessons for free to see how it works.

So, you can open a Wealthy Affiliate Free Account now and get started. Once you finish your first ten lessons, you will decide if it is worth upgrading your account to a paid plan or not.

The Final Thoughts

All me to end the Spocket Dropshipping software review, hoping that this information will be handy for you.

We have seen that Spocket helps to start and run a successful dropshipping business as a supplier or retailer.

It will all depend on what you like, but both options can help you make enough money and live the life you deserve.

So, if you have a website and have the required skills to sell affiliate products, you can join this platform and get started.

Otherwise, I recommend first joining Wealthy Affiliate and learning the ins and outs of online marketing from scratch.

This platform has helped thousands of online marketers worldwide to become successful, and you can be the next if you take action today.

Thank you for reading the Spocket review. You can leave questions or comment at the bottom of this page. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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  1. I want to ad Spocket Software to my Shopify site, so thank you for helping to clarify how it works. I’m still building my website, but I love how easy it is to add products from Spocket. I look forward to making sales using this platform. 

    I hope this software will work perfectly since I’m located in the United States and am looking for USA suppliers. Thank you for this helpful review.  


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