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Soundtrap Music Maker Software Review

The Soundtrap music maker software review will show how this platform helps people of all skills levels and ages create outstanding music and podcasts online.

Soundtrap has everything you need, no matter whether you are a beginner or professional in the music and podcast industry.

You can also use this platform as a teacher to provide the best music and podcasts lessons to your students. 

Soundtrap Overview

  • The Name: Soundtrap.
  • Date of creation: Founded in 2012.
  • Current Owner: Spotify.
  • Used for: Creating music, podcasts and giving lessons in this area.
  • Pricing: It starts at $9.99 per month or $95.88 a year.
  • User Rating: 9.4 out of 10.

What Is Soundtrap Music Maker?

Five partners joined their effort to found Soundtrap in 2012, and this platform has become one of the best references for people who want to create music and podcasts online worldwide.

Spotify was then amazed by how Soundtrap was helping millions of people to become professional music and episodes creators and made an offer to purchase it.

The deal was closed in 2017, and Spotify is the current owner of Soundtrap, making this platform more powerful than it was before.

After acquiring this platform, Spotify added some other products, including Soundtrap for Storytellers.

Many users have really appreciated this new addition. I will talk about it later in this review.

I will show you everything you can do with this software, including collaborating with other music and podcast makers.

It will help you to realize your projects quickly without using any additional software.

Also, if you are or plan to become a music teacher, we will see how Soundtrap can help you provide the best education to your students, regardless of their ages and ability levels.

I will end this article by showing you the cost of using this platform and how you can get started right away.

Soundtrap Feature To Make Music

This is where, as a professional or aspiring music maker, you can create kind music and share them with your target audience quickly.

The music maker feature has everything you need from creating top songs, exploring new sounds, making some noises, collaborating with others, etc.

All you need to take advantage of this platform’s extensive collection of beats, instruments, loops is a computer and an internet connection.

You can even connect your own instrument for your music creation projects conveniently. Soudtrrap will store your creation online in the cloud.

  • You can record and edit your music from anywhere using any device.
  • Automation tools will create professional sounds, tweak your music’s volume, etc.
  • You will pitch and modify your voice recording as you want.
  • An amplifier will enable you to connect your own instruments.
  • This platform includes more than 4,000 beats and presets you can use as you want.
  • And lot more.

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Soundtrap Music Maker Software

The Soundtrap Storytellers Feature 

You can use this feature to produce high-quality podcasts, share them with the public you like as a hobby or for monetizing purposes. 

The Soundtrap interactive transcript feature will record your voice and transcribe it automatically.

You will then upload your podcasts to Spotify and share them with the public you want. 

The Soundtrap storytellers feature is really amazing because of its several benefits.

Towards the end of this review, I will provide you with a link to visit this platform’s official website and browse all features and their benefits. 

The developers of Soundtrap Storytellers say that it supports arts, engineering, math, science, and technology education initiatives. 

In a nutshell, this tool will help you to create top podcasts. It automatically transcribes and helps to edit audio files with a click of a button. 

There is no more excuse to say that you cant’ produce high-quality podcasts and share them with the people you like.

The people behind Soundtrap software have made the process easy for everyone.

Podcasting can be a good source of income if you use an appropriate platform to make amazing episodes consistently that will engage your audience.

Many people in the United States and other countries worldwide make comfortable livings with this industry, and it can be a good opportunity for you to do so.

There are many strategies to monetize your episodes, including sponsorships that promote someone’s products on your podcasts.

You can also ask for support from your fans, make money from memberships, promote affiliate products, etc. 

 Music Maker Software

Soundtrap Education

Soundtrap offers other benefits in addition to helping people make high-quality music and podcasts and share them through the platforms like Spotify.

You can use this software as a teacher to provide the best online education in the music creation and podcasting area to your students globally.

Indeed, new music and podcast learners always look for the latest STEAM curriculums that meet the required learning standards.

Soundtrap online music maker will help you offer outstanding education to people who want to learn this industry and monetize your skills.

It integrates easily with many other popular platforms such as Canvas, Google Classroom, Flat.io, Microsoft Teams, MusicFirst., Noteflight and Schoology.

Your learners will also have the opportunity to collaborate on different projects or interact to help each other, no matter the countries where they live in.

Also, this software is so user-friendly that you can use it on any device, provided that you have a good internet connection.

Your students will access a library of over 4,000 loops, vetted non-music sound effects. 

This platform also features more than 400 instrument sounds that learners can create any project and many other resources.

To conclude this point, I will say that Soundtrap Educationis a must-use for students who want to learn music and podcasting from scratch until they become professionals.

This platform also provides essential tools to teachers who want to provide the best education in this industry and make a good living.

If you are one of them, you will create lessons, assignments, check the learner’s progress, project status, and many more.

Online Music Maker Software

Soundtrap Pricing

The cost will depend on the plan you will subscribe to. You can choose among the following options.

  • The Premium: $9.99 per month.
  • Supreme plan: $14.99 a month.
  • Storytellers plan: $14.99 every month.
  • Complete plan: $17.99 per month. 

You can also choose to pay yearly and get a huge discount.

The Final Words

It is the end of Soundtrap Music Maker Software Review. I hope it will help you make the best music and podcasts.

This platform can also be the best way to make a good monthly income if you take advantage of it and make the best creations constantly.

Also, if you are a music or podcast teacher who wants to monetize your skills while helping people worldwide to learn this industry, Soundtrap is for you.

It includes the feature and tools you need to achieve your goal.

Several people are always looking for the best online platforms to make quality music and share their stories through podcasting.

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Thank you for reading the Soundtrap review. You can leave a comment or ask questions at this page’s bottom. I will get back to you quickly.

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  1. I’m pleased that Soundtrap is available all around the world. I am a person who is passionate about music that other people create, but I also want to create my own since I can write songs. I am convinced that Soundtrap will be beneficial to me and enable me to achieve my goal. 

    Thank you for writing this article.

  2. Thank you for sharing this very detailed review on how Soundtrap helps to make music. People in all countries communicate through music, and it is also a form of entertainment. 

    Soundtrap sounds wonderful for music lovers; being able to use a user-friendly platform and suitable for people of all ages is amazing. I will check out all the features for detailed information. 


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