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Shaw Academy Online Learning Platform Review

Shaw Academy

Through the Shaw Academy online learning platform review, I will show you the courses provided by this online teaching institution and their costs.

We will see in detail how Shaw Academy works, the various disciplines it teaches, how much it costs to follow a program from beginning to end, etc.

I hope that this information will help you decide if this online learning platform is worth joining or if you will do better to find another alternative.

What Is Shaw Academy About?

Shaw Academy is an online learning institution founded in 2012 and headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. It also has offices in ten other countries.

This online education platform offers a good range of courses at a lower cost.

The owners want to help as many people as possible gain new skills, enhance their current careers or find the jobs they have always dreamed of.

You can join Shaw Academy as a job seeker, part-time or full-time employee, choose the courses you want to take, and start your online learning journey.

Highly experienced teachers provide all training courses. This platform also uses top-notch technology to offer the best learning experience.

You will gain new skills that private and government institutions look for when hiring new workers.

The skills taught by Shaw Academy can also enable you to work on your own as a freelancer, independent contractor, etc.

All you need to get started and prepare for your future is:

  • Register an account, browse all the available courses and choose the one you want to take. You will find many free and paid courses.
  • Start your online learning journey; you can attend two interactive classes per week at your convenient time.
  • Use the learning material at your disposal, including weekly assignments, quizzes, etc., to assimilate your lessons quickly.
  • Pass the final evaluation successfully and become certified.
  • Level up your current career or find a new well-paid job.

This online institution works similarly to the Udacity platform, but the learning programs taught by each of them are different.

The following sections summarize the courses available at Shaw Academy to help you pick the most appropriate for you and get started. 

Shaw Academy Online Courses

This platform offers free and paid online courses in the following disciplines:


This category includes online photography courses for people who want to gain the required skills to become professionals in this area.

You will learn general photography, wedding photography, video production, online photoshop, take adobe lightroom training courses, and lots more.

The average duration of each Shaw Academy photography course is twenty hours.

This period is enough to gain the necessary skills and take your photography career to the next level of success.

You will learn at your own pace, meaning that you can accelerate the courses and get your certification early or delay the process depending on your availability. 

People worldwide have managed to become successful photographers using this platform.

It is the best moment for you to engage in the learning journey if this area is of your interest.


This platform also offers online music lessons to learn how to create beautiful melodies and other necessary knowledge in the music area.

You can learn music theory, playing guitar, sound engineering, music reading, and production, etc.

The duration of each course is twenty hours of theory learning, practical training, and assessments. You will get a certification after completing each module.

Later in this review, I will give you a link that you can use to explore all the Shaw Academy online music courses and choose the ones you like.

I also recommend you read the Soundtrap review to discover a platform you can use to find one of the best music and video makers currently available.

Beauty and Costimetis

The beauty and cosmetics industry is highly regarded. It helps business owners gain engaged customers, make more money, and live the lives they deserve.

To help you embrace this career, the owners of Shaw Academy have included in their training a wide range of online courses in beauty and cosmetics.

You can learn and gain practical skills in body treatments, makeup, skincare, image consultancy, nail art, and lots more.

These skills will enable you to turn your hobby into a real home business and become a beauty and cosmetics industry professional.

Design Courses

This platform also offers online lessons to people interested in getting into this design career.

These online design courses can be your primary source of a part-time or full-time income.

You will find different subjects to choose from, including fashion design, graphic design, interior design, jewelry design, online photoshop courses, technical drawing, web design, etc.

You will also access the essential design tools and techniques to complete your training successfully and become certified.

Professional designers provide all the Shaw Academy online courses. More than one million students globally have followed at least one training program.

You will gain new design skills and find a well-paid dream job in the beauty and cosmetics industry.

Health and wellness

Depending on the professional career you plan to pursue, you can also follow the Shaw Academy online health and wellness program and get certified after completing the training.

This platform features different programs such as alternative and holistic therapies, cooking, fitness, mindfulness, sports nutrition to equip each student with the required skills in this area.

It can be the best opportunity for you to start a new career while helping other people stay healthy.

There is no better moment for you or someone else that you care about to start the training.

You will get a Shaw Academy nutrition diploma or any other health and wellness certification.

Besides the training programs described above, this platform also provides many others in business and analytics, finance, language, marketing, and technology. 

The Pricing Structure 

There are more than one hundred courses to choose from. You can access the ones you want by subscribing to a membership that costs S49.99 a month.

You can use the most used credit and debit cards to pay your school fees. 

This platform’s website is encrypted and SSL secured. Your private information will stay safe and secure. 

The owners will give you four weeks to use all the available courses for free without paying a penny.

This time will be enough to see how this platform works and decide if it is worth using.

Employers can also use this online learning platform to help their workers acquire new skills and increase the profitabilities of the businesses. 

Do I Recommend Shaw Academy?

Shaw Academy is a platform that I recommend you to join if you want to gain new skills, enhance your current career or start a new one.

Millions of individuals, businesses, and government institutions have already used this platform since its launch in 2012, and the number keeps increasing.

This platform would not have gained such popularity if the users were not happy.

You will have, as a student, a good range of online training courses to choose from. The pricing structure is also affordable to many individuals.

The Final Thoughts

The Shaw Academy online learning platform review ends here. I did my best to give you the necessary information that you need to know about this platform.

Use the link above to browse all the Shaw Academy free and paid online courses by category, choose the one you like, and start learning at your own pace.

You will receive a certification after completing the training session, and the gained skills will open many new opportunities for you.

Thank you for reading the Shaw Academy review. You can ask questions or leave a comment at the bottom of this page. I will get back to you as quickly as possible. 

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  1. I never knew that there are online learning platforms like Shaw Academy where I can learn from my home’s comfort. It will help me take my next BIG step in my career. 

    I am interested in music and photography, and I will take enough time to check their site to learn more about the different courses they offer. 

    Thanks for the informative post. 

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