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Service Titan Software Review – The Best Commercial Services

In this post about the Service Titan software reviews, I will show you a platform that you can use to manage all types of business services in one place.

Thousands of companies from different industries services such as electricity, garage door, landscape, pest control, plumbing, etc., use this platform.

They generate more prospects, customers, sales, and considerable profits. 

I will give you all the information you need about Service Titan and how to leverage its services. 

The General Overview

The NameService Titan.
Release DateFounded in 2013 by Vahe Kuzoyan and Partners.
HeadquartersGlendale, Southern California, United States.
Specialty All in one business service management software.
Pricing A customer must first fill in a form to get a demo and quote.
Customer Rating9.2 out of 10.

What Is Service Titan Software?

Service Titan is software used to manage in-field activities of your service business in one place and provide the best customer satisfaction.

This platform is available on all devices and provides full GPS support to make things easier for users.

Your technicians can use the Service Titan app to complete the assigned jobs.

You will schedule various on-field tasks, dispatch technicians to execute them.

This software will also give you automatic job status updates to see if everything was done correctly.

In addition, your customers will use it to follow up with the technicians assigned to their jobs.

When your clients are happy with the services rendered, you will make invoices, send them and collect payments.

The system will generate automatic reports that you can use to check if your business performs as planned in terms of sales and profits.

Also, ServiceTitan offers many other benefits, including helping you see the area of your business that needs some improvements.

For example, it can be that your staff need specific training development.

Also, some marketing channels can not drive enough new customers to help your business keep running profitably. 

Service Titan Key Features

I will not talk about all Service Titan features because they are too many. I will only describe a few and show you how to learn about the others quickly.

Call Booking

Your clients can use this feature to book more jobs. It will also help your in-field employees to execute the tasks at the best customer satisfaction.

Integrating call booking in your marketing funnel can help your business grow fast.

In real-time, you will see the people who make calls to get in touch with them right away.

In addition, this feature will enable you to schedule appointments to discuss the new opportunities that arise and take advantage of them.

Customers can even use it to book jobs directly from your website.

They will automatically see the available dates and times and choose the most convenient for your technicians to execute the booked jobs. 

Marketing Tools 

In addition to the call booking, Service Titan also integrates other marketing tools to help you promote your business constantly.

You will generate more prospects, sales and keep growing your business quickly.

Consequently, these marketing tools will rank your advertising campaigns and show their revenue. You will even know what works and what doesn’t.

Also, such monitoring will enable you to adjust your advertisement to avoid spending your money unnecessarily. You will get a good return on investment.

Job Scheduling and Dispatching

Once you have secured a few service delivery contracts, the next step will be to plan the execution of the work within the timeframe to satisfy your customers and maintain trusting relationships with them.

In this regard, the owners of ServiceTitan have designed the tools that will help you schedule jobs and dispatch your technicians on the ground efficiently.

For example, a calendar will give you an overview of all your business’s scheduled jobs.

You will then leave them as they make adjustments depending on your employees’ availability.

You can even use a dispatch board with a GPS to track your technicians in the field and stay in touch with them at any moment.

Billing and Payments

In addition to the features mentioned above, you can use the Service Titan invoicing tools.

After preparing customized invoices for the jobs, you will send them electronically with a simple push-button.

To save time, you can send invoices individually to each customer or do it in batches.

Your clients will automatically receive invoices in their email addresses and pay you on time.

To help you collect payments easily, this software integrates with the standard credit cards, checks, and other popular payment gateways.

In addition, it integrates easily with other business management tools such as Quickbooks accounting software that will help you streamline all your accounting transactions in real-time.

Analytics and Reporting Tools

First, this part includes the tools to track your business’s performance.

You will know where you are heading and what you need to adjust to make your company more successful.

Analytics tools will track the generated revenue, recurring memberships, daily, weekly, monthly trends, etc.

You can also sort all your business’s transactions by date, unit location, types of services, and many other criteria.

In conclusion, the analytics and reporting tools will give you insights into your business at any time.

Knowing your company’s performance is essential because it will help you improve it for more competitiveness.

service titan

Who Can Use Service Titan?

All companies that offer services can use the Service Titan software to effectively manage the activities on the ground and better serve their clients.

You can use this platform to run a company in the construction, electricity, franchise, garage door, plumbing, septic, or any other industry. 

Service Titan Pros and Cons


  • This software has the features and tools to manage your in-service business in one place.
  • It will help you to improve the customer experience.
  • Also, Service Titan is a cloud-based platform, meaning that you can access it from anywhere.
  • You can use this software to manage any service business, whatever the size.
  • This platform integrates easily with other business management services such as payment gateways and accounting solutions.
  • It is easy to learn and use. You will get acquainted in no time.
  • In addition, the owners offer extensive educational resources and good customers support.


Service Titan has so many features that can confuse new users. Also, its website doesn’t show the cost of using it.

First, you must fill in your email address, request a free demo, and wait for the owners to send it along with the quote.

Service Titan Pricing

There are three plans: Starter, Essentials, and the Works.

Each subscription plan has its specific advantages, but I will not go further to explain them.

You can use the link below to request a demo. The owners will give you the details of each plan, along with the associate pricing. 

The Final Words

This is the end of the Service Titan software reviews. This article provides detailed information about this platform, and I hope that it will be helpful for you.

Fortunately, the figure above shows that many users say that this software has helped them simplify the management of their technicians on the ground.

In addition, it will allow you to gain more time to devote to other aspects to grow a given service business further.

There is no better thing than having at your side the tools to see immediately the customer who calls you to request a service.

You can even use ServiceTitan to schedule and dispatch employees who will execute the works on the ground and follow them in real-time.

Also, Service Titan will enable you to bill customers for the services rendered, get paid quickly to avoid running out of cash flow. 

I also advise you to read a review of the best email marketing services that you can use to promote your business efficiently online.

Thank you for reading this review. I will be happy to read your comment at the bottom of this page and reply quickly.

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  1. I find this software great. It is fascinating to have a tool with so many features to help you manage all aspects of your business in one place. 

    I don’t have a business yet, but I will share this review with my brother, who has a plumbing company with a dozen employees. 

    Thank you for sharing your review with us.


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