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Ringcentral Phone Systems Review From A User

Through the Ringcentral phone systems review, I will show you a platform that offers top phone communications services in the United States and other countries worldwide. 

These services will allow you to reduce communication costs significantly, especially if you own a starter or a small business with a limited budget.

RingCentral can provide you with as many phone lines as you need at affordable packages.

I will explain how this platform works, why you need to use it, how much it will cost you, etc.

At the end of this post, you will have enough information to decide whether this phone system is worth using or if you would do better to look for other alternatives.

The General Overview

  • The Name: Ringcentral.
  • Headquarters: Belmont, California, USA.
  • Industry: Technology (phone systems).
  • Pricing: It starts at $19.99 per maonth.
  • Customer Rating: 9.00 out of 10. 

What Is Ringcentral Phone System?

RingCentral is a United States-based company that offers cloud phone communications solutions and many other communication services, including fax, team messaging, video meetings, online conferences, etc.

This platform is reliable, secure, and easy to use. You will get settled in no time, no matter whether you have used such as system before or not.

You can use its communication tools across all types of office sites and mobile devices.

The RingCentral services are available all over the United States and in some European and Asian countries.

I will link to go to its official website and check if these services are available in your country.

In the following paragraph, you will see in detail how this platform work.

This platform operates in the same industry as Keap sofware that offers the best CRM (customer management relation) tools to manage a business.  

How Does Ring Central Work?

RingCentral uses top-notch technology to deliver a quality and reliable cloud phone system.

It employs a team of professionals always working hard to help customers get the best of these services.

Once you have installed this system, the RingCentral IT professionals will monitor it 24/7/365 to ensure it keeps working perfectly and help you get the maximum of your subscription.

Its owners say that it is fully redundant in every state, region, or country where they offer these services, unlike many competitors.

In a few words, this system works as follow:

  • Alarms monitor the system performance and make warnings if there are some widespread or significant drops in endpoint performance.
  • You can use your account dashboard to check the real-time performance at any time.
  • In case of an emergency, the system will switch automatically from the failure data to the active one and provide you with real-time disaster recovery.
  • Your conferencing services, fax, voice, and voicemail will keep functioning without you realizing that there was an interruption.
  • If there is an internet connection failure, advanced cloud tools will keep the calling features up and running.

RingCentral Features 

Calling and Mobility

The idea behind designing this feature was to offer you and other customers in the countries where this company operates a flexible and powerful cloud phone system.

You can install this platform’s apps on any device (desktops, laptops, tablets, or smartphones) and start communicating immediately.

You will have the opportunity to choose one or several Ringcebtral phone numbers as you like and enable your business to establish a solid local or international presence.

To summarize this point, I can tell you that this platform offers over 200 area codes, toll-free and vanity numbers, and extensions to link your employees at local and satellite offices.

Other tools included in the call and mobility feature are call delegation to help your business’s admin assistants place calls on your behalf or that of other managers.

Within this feature, you will also find call screening, call forwarding, call flip, call park, shared lines, internet fax, voicemail-to-email, visual voicemail tools, etc.


The administration is another critical feature integrated with the Ring central software. It includes advanced and analytics tools to help you manage your business efficiently. 

For example, you can use this feature to move employees from a department to another or make other changes for the benefit of your business.

These cloud phone solutions will revolutionize your office phone system administration without negatively impacting your finances.

International Coverage

This feature will enable your company’s phone system to gain extensive coverage in more than 30 North American, European, and Asian countries.

The RingCentral phone system also offers inbound virtual numbers in over 100 countries, which is impressive.

Subscribing to this platform’s phone system can be the best way to expand your business internationally.

It will be convenient if you work in an industry such as eCommerce that requires you to deal with customers located in different countries worldwide. 

In a few words, using the RingCentral office phone system will help if you want to gain a broad local and international reach at a friendly budget.

These phone solutions will help you contact your clients, suppliers, partners, etc., locally and globally. It will be the same for your offices, no matter their locations.

Online Conferences

Besides the features already described, this software also integrated online conference tools such as video conferencing that you can use to meet with 500 people globally. 

You can also host audio conferencing of up to 1,000 people with local dial-in support.

The RingCentral rooms tools will also enable you to instantly connect and collaborate with whoever you want from any device.

Messaging Tools

These tools will enable you and other team members to conveniently share essential files, tasks, SMS, and other messages.

Team collaboration is something crucial to consider if you want to make your business more productive.

Thanks to the technology, you and your team members no longer need to spend hours working through email threads, attachment files, etc.

Analytics and Reporting

Analytics and reporting tools will give you detailed insights into how your communication system performs.

You can easily customize these tools into your account dashboard for a complete overview.

The performance reports concern different call metrics, such as the number of missed and rejected calls by your voicemail. Your system answers callers’ time speed and lots more.

The Pros and Cons


1) The name “RingCentral” can imply that this platform offers phones systems services only.

It is not the case because it will provide your business with everything to communicate locally and internationally.

2) These services are available all the time (24/7/365). The downtime will never affect your communication system.

3) You can use the Ringcentral Ip phone, VoIP phone, home phone, office phone, etc.

4) You will easily connect with your customers, suppliers, etc., in 30 countries wordwide, meaning that this system can help expand and grow your business internationally.

5) You, your employees, collaborators, and someone else in your company can call from any device.

6) There are different plans to choose from. You can also cancel your subscription at any time.

7) The owners provide excellent customer support.


Many businesses worldwide would like to use the RingCentral communication systems to develop locally and internationally quickly, but it is only available in 3O countries.

I will give you in the next paragraph a link to choose a subscription plan suitable for your company.

The system will automatically show you if these services are available in your country or location.  

The Pricing Structure

  • Essential plan: $19.99.
  • Standard plan: $27.99.
  • Premium plan: $34.99.
  • Ultimate plan: $49.99.

All prices are per user and month. You must also pay in a one-year installment to benefit from these subscriptions.

They will charge you a bit more if you choose to pay monthly. You can use the link on this page to check the details associated with each plan.

This platform is available in North America (Canada and the United States), Europe ( Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, UK, etc.).

You can also join RingCentral from the Asia Pacific ( Australia, Hong Kong, India, New Zealand, Singapore, etc.).

The owners will give you a 15-day free trial period to use their phone systems and see if they suit your business before committing to a monthly or yearly subscription.

If you decide to keep using this platform at the end of the trial period, a 30-day risk-free money-back guarantee will cover your subscription.

The Final Words

It is the end of the Ringcentral Phone systems review from a user. I can assure you that using this system will significantly benefit your business.

This platform goes beyond providing simple phone communication tools and offers all-in-one communication systems.

Its use will help your business to develop locally and internationally at an affordable cost.

I also urge you to read a review of Versium REACH to discover another company that can help promote your business in North American countries.

Versium will help your business to gain more prospects, and most of them will become regular buyers.

Thank you for reading the Ringcentral review. You can comment or ask questions at the bottom of this page. I will get back to you quickly.

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