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Personal Capital Wealth Management Review

I feel compelled to share the Personal Capital Wealth Management review to help you find the best opportunities to invest and manage your money profitably.

We will see in detail the financial services offered by the people behind the Personal Capital platform and the different ways you can take advantage of these services.

Personal Capital Overview

The NamePersonal Capital.
Date of creation Founded in 2009 by Bill Harris. 
HeadquartersRedwood Shores, California, with offices in other parts of the US.
SpecialtiesOnline personal wealth management and financial advisor.
PricingIt starts at 0.89%.
Minimum Balance$100,000.
Customer Rating8.4 out of 10.  

What Is Personal Capital Company? 

With more than 25 years of developing financial technology, Bill Harris founded Personal Capital in 2009 to help individuals all across the Unites States invest and manage their money profitably.

Before founding this company, Bill Harris worked as CEO for financial security and technology for different brands.

This savvy entrepreneur worked for PassMark Security Inc, PayPal, and Intuit. He knows precisely what is best for his clients.

Since the inception of this company, it has become one of the leaders in digital investment management with millions of customers from all parts of the US.

So, you can confidently entrust your money management to Personal Capital and leave its managers to make the most of it on your behalf.

Not only will it help you to access a good range of banking services online, but you will also get the maximum of your money through high-interest rate savings.

Now that you have the general idea about this company let’s move to the next section and see the financial services and how they can benefit you.

Wealth Management Services

This category includes many financial advisory services as detailed hereafter:

Tax Optimization 

The personal Capital software will place your assets in different accounts to help you minimize taxes and maximize profits.

Usually, this software places higher yield securities in tax-sheltered accounts to help the holders get the maximum gains. It will all depend on the availability of such placements.

The experts in finance behind this platform say that tax-loss harvesting can offset realized capital gains.

If so, tax harvesting losses will be written off against income up to applicable IRS limits, which is interesting for you as an investor.

Additionally, you will benefit from ongoing rebalancing opportunities as long as they occur on the market.

Many other online investors regularly take advantage of such opportunities to buy low, sell high, and diversify their investment portfolios.

Private Investment Strategies

These are financial advisory services provided by a dedicated team designed to help you make more money from your personalized portfolios.

You can, for example, benefit from private equity, legacy planning, and lots more, depending on the opportunity you want to invest your money in.

At the end of 2022, the asset under management within this category was $22.4 billion from clients in all 50 US states.

You, too, can become one of them from today and let this company help to invest your money like never before. 

The owners always emphasize risk management and institutional-style diversification when managing their clients’ personalized portfolios, legacy holdings, and other portfolios.

Advisory services for retirement

This service is for individuals who want to plan for their retirement and enjoy happy days after so many years of hard work.

If you are one of them, the Personal Capital experts in retirement will efficiently take care of your 401k and 403b.

They will set up personalized strategies for you and provide you with the most convenient wealth management service, no matter the number of your accounts.

Besides that, you can use these services as an employer to monitor, rebalance and track your employer-sponsored retirement accounts and transactions. 

You and your employees will be able to check all the accounts at any time in a single dashboard.

Social responsibility investing

The last advisory service under the wealth management category I want you to know is socially responsible investing.

This service will show you how to invest your hard-earned money responsibly and sustainably.

They are the best way for you to take care of our environment and provide the coming generations with a better future.

Indeed, there are currently more and more proactive companies dedicated to supporting the management of the environment and making this world better to live in.

Thus, the Personal Capital advisors will identify these companies and analyze carefully the opportunities they offer.

After that, they will show you how to take advantage of them while contributing to environmental protection.

Later in this article, we will see how to sign up for the investment porfilio you like and start making your money worth it.

For now, let’s see some other services offered by this platform. 

Personal Cash Management Services

I won’t talk too much about this service except that it consists of managing your cash in one secure place so that you can access it at any time you wish.

The service is easy to use. An aggregate FDIC insurance will back your capital cash account and give you the best peace of mind.

You can also monitor and access your cash through the unique capital website or mobile app.

Currently, each customer can place up to $1.5 million into this type of account. You will not incur the management fee.

Moreover, if you are an employer or a corporate, you can use this service to collect your employer’s checking accounts, paychecks, make large purchases, and so on.

Please get in touch with the Personal Capital customer service at any time if you need help or more information about this service or for any other inquiry.

Personal Capital cash management

Financial Tools

In addition to the services already described, this platform also provides a good range of financial tools, including:

  • Net worth that helps to manage better customers’ financial wealth. You will get automatc reports about the money you have minus what you owe to others.
  • Savings planner designed to show if you are saving enough money to meet your retirement goals or needs.
  • Budgeting tools to manage your income and expenditure better.
  • Cash flow management to check the income and expenses for the last month (last 30 days) and stick to your savings goals.
  • Retirement planner that shows the money already saved for your retirement and how much you can expect to receive per month.
  • Education Planner for estimating the money you can start saving today to cover your children’s education fees down the road.

Besides the above tools, you will also access the investment check-up tools designed to show you how your investments are performing.

The system will also analyze all your investments portfolios and propose how to make the most of them, if not yet.

Finance Education

The last service offered by the owners of the Personal Capital platform is education material to help people learn more about their services.

You can find this service on this company’s official website under the “learn” section.”

For example, you can learn how to invest in financial markets, retirement, taxes, and insurance or college planning, depending on what interests you.

This company also has a blog that features different articles related to the services it offers.

That is all I had to tell you about the Personal Capital platform, the different financial services it offers, and how they can benefit you.

You can now continue the reading to the next section to see its pros and cons.

Personal Capital Pros and Cons 


1) Unlike similar companies that offer the same services, Personal Capital has many years of experience in the finance industry.

2) The owners and team of advisors know exactly what service to invest in. You can choose in the category of wealth management or cash management.

3) This platform also offers free money management tools. You can even ask the advisors to provide you with comprehensive and customized financial planning services.

4) Moreover, this platform is user-friendly; there is no hassle learning process.

5) You can access all these services through its official website or download the personal capital app on your phone.

6) Personal Capital is also available all across the United States.


Unfortunately, this platform is only for people with enough capital or money to invest. It is not for ordinary citizens because you must have a minimum balance of $100,000.

If you don’t fall under this category, you will better look for an online investment platform appropriate for you.

You can now take a minute to watch this video that summarizes what we have discussed along with this review.

The Final Thoughts

Allow me to end the Personal Capital Wealth Management review here, hoping that this information will help you reach your saving goals.

This company has helped millions of people in the US transform their lives and become financially free.

At the end of the year 2021, it was managing more than $22.4 billion in clients’ assets, and the figure keeps growing month after month.

Customers come from all 50 states; you can open an account and get started wherever you are in the US.

You will get high-end financial services, and the maximum of your investment as Personal Capital will keep creating the best investment opportunities for you.

It will also help if you remember to save for your retirement and enjoy a better life after many years of hard work.

Your account will also entitle you to be free and professional-grade financial tools in addition to financial advisory services.

Meanwhile, you can also read the Quicken review to discover another estate planning software.

However, Quicken can not compare with Personal Capital which remains one of the best in the industry and that I recommend.

Thank you for reading this review. You can ask questions or leave a comment at this page’s bottom. I will ensure to reply as soon as possible.

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  1. Thanks for your informative post. When you have such a significant amount of money to invest, it is necessary to check the company out thoroughly. I believe I have heard of Quicken, but I am new to Personal Capital Wealth Management.

    It is difficult for a person to keep up with all of the ins and outs of the financial world, and having someone to help you manage your wealth is something crucial. I also like that this company offers many financial tools: savings, budgeting, cash flow, etc. 


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