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Life Fitness Home Exercise Equipment Review

Are you looking to purchase top-rated indoor or outdoor workout equipment like treadmills, exercise bikes, body trainers, strength training, and more? 

If so, read the Life Fitness home exercise equipment review that describes world-class home fitness machines and accessories designed to help you stay active and live healthily.

After describing some of this company’s workout equipment, we will show you how to go to its online shop.

You will then check all the available fitness products, choose the ones you like, and purchase them if you wish so.

Life Fitness Overview

The NameLife Fitness.
Founders Founded in 1977 by Augie Nieto and Ray Wilson.
HeadquartersFranklin Park, Illinois, United States.
Products Indoor and Outdoor§èFitness Equipment.  
PriceIt depends on the product. 
Customer Rating8.6 àout of 10.

What Is Life Fitness Company?

Augie Nieto and Ray Wilson founded Life Fitness in 1977 as an American-based company specializing in producing and selling high-end fitness equipment.

This company aims to help people in and outside the United States live active lives and do better what matters.

Its online store features a good range of indoor and outdoor fitness products from which you can choose the most suitable for your needs and budget.

For example, you can select and buy stationary bikes, treadmills, or equipment to strengthen your body like Hammer Strength.

Moreover, if you are or care about someone older or in rehabilitation, this brand has the appropriate fitness equipment for this category of individuals.

In a nutshell, Life Fitness offers all types of fitness equipment you can imagine at great prices. 

This brand also has a vast network of distributors in the US and more than 120 other countries worldwide, making it one of the leaders in the industry.

So, let’s jump to the next section and see some of the most popular fitness exercise products available on this company’s online shop.

Life Fitness Exercise Equipment

This is where you can purchase new and used Life Fitness treadmills for commercial purposes. The products range under the three following categories:

1. Cardio Fitness Machines

This category features a wide range of cardio workout machines,  including:

i) Treadmills

 It will all depend on what you like because Life Fitness sells four cardio workout treadmills ideal for all fitness levels.

Of course, you may have seen these cardio fitness products in several sports facilities, health clubs, and personal training studios.

So, if you wonder how to learn more about these treadmills, you will find later on this page a link that will bring you to the seller’s official website.


ii) Indoor Cycling Bikes

Besides treadmills, this company also sells three types of indoor cardio exercise cycling bikes of great designs and at great prices.

These Life Fitness exercise bikes feature a “Coach By Color” system designed to optimize your cycling training experience and maximize the results, whether you use them alone or in groups.

You will be happy to see how this system’s natural stimulating properties will guide you all along your workout journey.

iii) Other cardio workout products

Other cardio workout products you can purchase within this category are Arc trainers that engage muscles and gentler your joints when workout.

You can also buy elliptical cross-trainers known for their comfort and reliability if you own a public gym facility. These fitness bicycles are ideal for cardio workouts and are many people’s favorite.

Meanwhile, you may also want to check this review of the best almost invisible home gym mirrors.

2. Body Strength Training Equipment

This category includes cheap but powerful strength workout gears designed for men and women.

i) Olympic weightlifting bars

You can, for example, select and buy women’s Olympic Weightlifting bars if you like to use lighter and thinner gear to build up your strength.

This gear is of lighter starting point, easy to use, and will enable you to learn the fundamentals of weightlifting techniques.

Life Fitness sells a wide range of strength workout gears. Be careful and choose the ones that provide comfort and suit your body strengthening needs.

Moreover, if you are a man in need of such gear, don’t worry because this company also sells Olympic bars designed for men.

ii) Hammer Strength Plate

You can also go to this brand’s online shop and browse other strength workout gears like Hammer Strength Plate, the favorite of many sportsmen.

The designer has featured this workout equipment with the capability to move around with your body’s natural path of motion.

So, you can rest assured that this body gear is adequate for your body strength workout needs, no matter whether you train alone or with others in groups. 

 Hammer Strength Plate

Besides the above body strength equipment, you can also buy practical and versatile cable motion, benches and racks, synergy systems designed for small group training, etc. 

3. Workout Accessories

Life Fitness also sells many workout accessories, such as the durable US-made 12-Side Uretahn Dumbbells.

This hammer strength gear features high-grade steel, a compact design, and is easier to use and control.

Life Fitness also sells many other training accessories, including gloves, heavy bags, mats, medicine balls, resistance bands, stability balls, ropes, etc.

I hope you understand what types of workout products you can find on its online shop.

This company produces and sells all types of workout equipment. It will all depend on the fitness goals you want to reach and your budget.

So, let’s see the pros and cons of Life Fitness in the following section. 

Life Fitness Pros and Cons


  • This company has been producing and selling high-end fitness equipment since 1977, making it one of the leaders in the sports industry. 
  • Whether your want fitness equipment for home or commercial use, you will find them on its online shop or physical stores. 
  • There are workout machines and accessories for all genders and groups of age. 
  • Life FItness delivers its range of products in and outside the US. It is present in over 120 countries. 
  • This company also has instructors who offer group fitness classes such as pilates, spin, yoga, etc.  
  • Outstanding customer support will give you the necessary assistance when needed. 


Some workout products like treadmills are more suitable for commercial than personal use because of their high costs.

You must take a monthly subscription if you want to follow fitness classes, and some people say the fee is high.

However, it depends on the goals you want to reach. You can also cancel your membership at any time. 

Life Fitness equipment

The Final Thoughts

That’s all I had to tell you in this Life Fitness home exercise equipment review that I hope will be helpful to you. 

This company’s headquarters are in the United States, but it also has branches in several other countries worldwide. So, use the link above to browse all its products and purchase those you like. 

The owners will deliver your package quickly. You will also receive the necessary instructions to assemble your fitness equipment and your delivery.  

Life Fitness has many certified technicians who will identify and solve all of your equipment’s mechanical and technical problems.

Moreover, consider Aletha Health if you are an older adult or have some other health challenges that prevent you from using these types of equipment or have a tight budget.

You will find affordable and easy-to-use home machines for relieving back pain, joint pain, sciatic nerve pain, pelvic pain, and lots more.

Thank you for reading the Life Fitness review. You can leave a comment or ask questions at the bottom of this page. I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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  1. I have some health issues that require me to exercise daily because they worsen if I don’t keep moving. So buying home workout gear can be helpful.  

    Thank you for sharing this review. I will check if Life Fitness sells small treadmills. Otherwise, I will see if they also sell home exercises bikes.


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