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Legit Online Surveys To Make Money: Are They Worth It?

Last Updated on February 1, 2022 by Emmanuel

You may have heard that one can make money online by conducting surveys, and some advertisers pretend that these opportunities can make you wealthy.

So, this article will help you learn more about these opportunities by answering most of your questions. We will see if there are legit online surveys to make money.

Moreover, we will examine if surveys sites are worth joining, especially if you are looking for ways to earn a full-time monthly income online.

I will end this article by showing you the best opportunities to leverage and make a decent living if you are patient enough to build a sustainable online business on which you will count for many years ahead.

What Is A Paid Online Survey? 

Online paid surveys, also called “incentivized surveys,” are the opportunities found on the internet where the people behind them ask individuals like you and me to participate against some rewards.

They will generally reward you with points you can redeem against money when you reach the fixed threshold.

They can reward you with gift cards, coupons, entry into sweepstakes programs, and lots more.

That being said, survey sites aim to collect some information where the participants give their opinions about some topics like how they appreciate products, services, etc.

The following section describes how online survey platforms work.

How Do Online Surveys Work?

As said in the previous section, the purpose of surveys sites is to gather opinions on how people or consumers perceive different products or services offered by big companies.

In return, they will pay or reward you for giving your opinion or participating in their online surveys.

On the one hand, online surveys platforms serve as middlemen between companies that want to gather information on improving their existing products, launching new ones, etc.

These middlemen will need people or consumers to evaluate the products and give their honest opinions in such a case.

The big brands will then use your thoughts to improve their products, undoubtedly leading to more sales and profits.

As a participant, you will never contact companies that commissioned these opinion surveys. Instead, they will reward you through the intermediaries or the owners of surveys websites.

The following section shows how you can register and start taking advantage of these opportunities to make some money in your free time.

How To Get Started With Online Surveys?

Now that you know how to get paid for online surveys, let’s dig deeper into the topic and see how you can register and get started. 

To start taking online surveys and get paid for such opportunities, you must first find the best platform available in your country and follow the required registration instructions.

Indeed, all survey sites are not available in all countries, which is comprehensible.

For example, a United States company that addresses only the North American market will not want to collect opinions on consumers located in Europe.

That being said, the registering process is straightforward. All you need is to fill in the required information, including your basic identity, location, and consumption preferences.

It will help if you be as honest as possible and provide the correct information, especially concerning your consumption habits.

The reason is that survey sites will use the information you have given on your profile to match the adequate surveys.

Every time there are some surveys to participate in, you will receive an alert by email so that you can rush to complete them.

You can also check on the survey platforms where you are registered to see the availability of paid surveys to complete.

However, it will all depend on the platform because some sites have more surveys than others, but don’t expect to receive too many surveys per day. 

Now that you know how to register and start taking online surveys for money, you may ask if these platforms are free to join or if you must pay cash to the owners.  

Are Online Surveys Free To Join?

Typically, legitimate online surveys for making money are free to join, unlike scams whose owners do everything possible to take advantage of innocent people who don’t know how such platforms work.

If you see a survey site that asks you to pay before joining, avoid it and run away as quickly as you can.

The people behind it want to take advantage of you instead of helping you earn some money.

In general, you will see that the owners of such platforms pretend that you can make a lot of money and become wealthy quickly.

Please don’t believe them because there are no easy ways to make money online, wherever the opportunity. Otherwise, everybody would have become rich. 

Are Online Paid Surveys Legitimate?

To whether paid survey sites are legitimate, the answer is, of course, Yes. However, you must be smart enough and avoid those that ask you to spend money on registering.

Only legitimate survey platforms offer individuals willing to make extra money from their homes’ comfort the opportunities to do so.

Typically, it takes from five to an hour to complete a legitimate online survey to the entire satisfaction of the entity willing to collect your opinions.

They will then reward according to the time spent completing the survey and how valuable is the provided information. The more time you spend, the more reward you will get paid.

How To Know If A Survey Site Is a Scam?

Usually, scam survey sites use deceptive means to lure as many people as possible into their traps. You can find below some of their characteristics:

  • Promise you to earn a lot of money and become wealthy quickly.
  • Ask you to pay some money to register.
  • Promise to offer you free products like Tvs, computers and even vacations while it is not valid.
  • Pretend to offer you some impressive signup bonus such as hundreds of $$$.
  • Will ask you to give them your bank account information.
  • Ask you to provide your social security number ordriver’s license. 
  • Require any other sensitive information to scam you.

However, please don’t misunderstand me. You must provide information about your identity, including the names, age, gender, etc.

The owners of the paid online surveys websites will then use this information to match you with legit surveys, but this information will stay anonymous.  

What Are The Best Online Surveys To Make Money?

Now that you have the necessary information on making money online with legitimate online surveys platforms, you may ask how to find them.

Indeed, the answer may surprise you, but there are many online surveys platforms out there that you can join to earn a few extra bucks every month.

I have indeed compiled around twenty of the best online paid surveys platforms to join in a single article. Just read this blog post to learn more about them. 

These surveys websites serve as middlemen and will connect you with big market research companies willing to reward you for participating in their online surveys. 

How Much Money Can You Make With Online Surveys?

It is not easy to predict the money you will make with online surveys because your earnings will depend on many factors, such as the time spent and the nature of the survey.

They will also depend on the company that launches the survey, the platform that serves as a middleman, etc.

In general, the more time you spend on a survey and the more surveys you will complete, the more money you will make.

Moreover, some companies pay more money to participants than others. That said, you can expect to earn between 50 to 200 points per survey.

Once you redeem these points in dollars, they will equal $0.5 to $2, meaning you will earn $1 per 100 points. You can also occasionally make more money per survey, but this rarely happens.

I must also mention that you must reach a fixed threshold to withdraw your winnings. Otherwise, you risk losing everything. 

To summarize this point, the highest-paying online surveys are those that take a long time to complete (up or beyond forty minutes).

Also, surveys that look for a particular audience category like people speaking the Japanese language, pet owners, individuals suffering from specific diseases tend to pay more money than others.

Are There Survey Platforms That Pay Cash Instantly?

Unfortunately, You will unlikely find a survey platform that pays participants cash instantly, at least to my knowledge.

It also brings me to whether these opportunities can enable you to make decent money and live the life you deserve.

Once again, the answer will disappoint you because doing surveys online will never make you wealthy.

These opportunities are for people who want to earn some extra bucks per month in their free time.

Indeed, if you have an urgent need of money to meet your needs and those of your family, it will be better to find a job.

You can also continue your reading to the next section to discover the best alternative to survey websites.  

The Best Alternatives To Online Surveys

If you want the best and most sustainable opportunities to make decent money online, you can consider affiliate marketing.

This industry offers endless opportunities to earn money from your home’s comfort, and its barriers to entry are almost inexistent.

However, as you would do for any other job, you need to learn affiliate marketing from a legitimate or reliable source.

Avoid falling into the traps of online malicious people who pretend to show you the quickest and easiest ways to make money online. Such shortcuts don’t exist.

That said, the best affiliate marketing learning platform I recommend to join is Wealthy Affiliate.

WA has been a leader in the industry since 2005 and has helped many people worldwide gain financial freedom.

The owners will allow you to open a free account and start your first ten lessons for free to see how this platform works.

They will start by teaching you how to build your own website choose niche and profitable affiliate products to promote.

If you decide to keep using the platform after the ten free lessons, you will upgrade your account and learn other things, including various online advertising methods.

You will even attend weekly live classes, access the Wealthy Affiliate community to interact with other members, get support, etc.

In a few words, Wealthy Affiliate is a must join if you want to learn affiliate marketing from scratch until you become a successful affiliate marketer.

However, this platform is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You must be willing to learn many new things and stay committed to building a sustainable business online.

You can now open a free account and start training that will change your current financial situation as long as the internet exists.

The Final Thoughts

Allow me to end this article about legit online surveys to make money. I hope it will open your eyes and help you take the right direction towards your financial freedom. 

Indeed, joining legitimate online surveys platforms can be the best way to earn extra cash if you have plenty of time to complete them. 

However, these types of opportunities will never earn you decent money to live the life you deserve.

I will instead consider learning affiliate marketing from a reliable source at your place, as indicated in the previous section.  

Thank you for reading this article. You can leave a comment or ask questions at this page’s bottom. I will get back to you quickly. 

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  1. I agree that affiliate marketing is a better way to build up a business and make a good income. I have done surveys before and, while I found them entertaining, the amount of money that can be earned is small.

    That being said, surveys can be done anywhere, anytime, while you’re waiting for the bus, waiting for the train, or watching TV. The points will eventually add up and lead to more rewards if you have enough time and more surveys to complete.  


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