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Keeper Security Password Manager Review

Through the Keeper Security password manager review, I will show you one of the most trusted and downloaded password managers all over the world.

Once you choose to use Keeper Security, it will automatically generate, store, and auto-fills strong passwords to efficiently protect your data and online privacy.

This software will also protect your customers’ devices, privacies, documents, etc.

Keeper Security at a Glance

  • The Name: Keeper Security.
  • Type: Password Manager since 2009.
  • Operating system: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.
  • Pricing: Please refer to the point number five.
  • Overall Ranking: 9.6 out of 10. 

What Is Keeper Security Software?

Keeper Security is one of the best passwords managers currently available on the market.

This software was created in 2009, and since then, millions of individuals and businesses wordwide have downloaded and are using it.

You can ensure that Keeper Security will safely protect and safeguard your data and those of your customers.

A team of experienced people in the mobile device technology industry, cloud computing, and cybersecurity software manages this platform to make it more efficient.

The following sections provide detailed information on what you can expect from Keeper regarding features, solutions, and benefits to help you make the right choice.

Keeper Security Key Features

This software has three main features as detailed below:

Secure Password Generator

First of all, I want you to be aware that using easy-to-remember passwords is not a good choice; they are easy prey for cybercriminals and online hackers.

It would help if you instead used unique and strong passwords to prevent cybercriminals from accessing your online accounts and stealing your personal data.

A strong password must have the following characteristics: 

  • Be of at least eight characters, but more is better.
  • Made of both lowercase and UPPERCASE letters.
  • Includes letters and numbers.
  • Have at least one special character like #, @, &, etc.

In a few words, a strong and unique password must be complex, long, and difficult to remember. It is the reason you need to use a password generator.

You must also be careful when choosing a password management platform. Some people prefer to use free password generators, but such providers will not store your passwords.

It is always better to choose password management software that will provide you with a secure place to store all of your passwords and enable you to access them when needed.

With that being said, the keeper Security software will generate for you strong passwords for all of your accounts and apps and stores them in a secure digital vault.

You will then use any device running any operating system to access your passwords without worrying about forgetting or losing them.

keeper security software

Business Password Sharing

As a business owner or organization manager, some projects or employee accounts will require sharing passwords with team members.

If you don’t use a reliable password management platform, it will be challenging to exchange passwords within your company or organization.

This can also end up making your system vulnerable to hackers.

With this regard, the Keeper password manager software will provide you with a secure and encrypted vault where each of your employees will store their work-related passwords.

  • Keeper software will automatically alert you when someone accesses a shared password or change it.
  • It supports automated team sharing.
  • Its secure vault-to-vault encryption will prevent cybercriminals from intercepting your passwords or any other shared record in transit.
  • Your IT admins can create shared team folders and limit every team member’s control.
  • You can import passwords and other secure files from sources such as CSV, JSON, or password managers.
Keeper App


Besides the two fantastic features described above, you can also use KeeperFill to enter in the login fields your username, passwords automatically.

You can also use this feature to enter sensitive information related to payment card data and addresses in the online forms.

This must-use feature will also let you log in instantly to the websites you have on the Keeper platform, enabling you to fill in billing and shipping addresses, payment card information, etc.

Who Can Use Keeper Security Solutions?

The awesome people behind Keeper Security have designed solutions for individuals, families, businesses, enterprises, managed service providers, and public sectors, as detailed below.

Keeper For Individuals and Families


Keeper software will protect your online privacy by creating high-strength random passwords for all applications, services, and websites you use on the internet.

Such a process will prevent you from ransomware attacks; you will also be alerted when cybercriminals attempt to use your credentials so that you can take the appropriate measures.


It is not a secret that families share almost everything online, including videos, photos, sensitive information such as banks accounts, personal identification numbers, etc.

As a result, for your family members to share nearly everything online, you can all be easy targets from cybercriminals and online hackers.

Keeper Security will come in handy because this software will make it easy to share passwords and personal information with family members without the fear of being attacked.

It will make it difficult for cybercriminals to target and attack your family members, no matter whether they are young adults or elderly.

This software can even protect and preserve your family legacy, including estate planning documents, insurance forms, medical records, tax documents, etc.

Keeper platform

Keeper For Businesses and Enterprises


As a 2021 award winner of Cyber Defense Magazine, Keeper has the features and tools designed to protect all types of businesses from cyber threats and password-related data breaches.

This must-use software will prevent your company from being the next target of online hackers and cybercriminals that are sources of data breaches usually difficult to repair.

By securing your business’s passwords and preventing its data breaches, Keeper will also improve your employees’ productivity.


Besides protecting businesses of all types and sizes, the owners of Keeper also say that its advanced features can be used to scale big brands.

I will provide you later with a banner you can use to go to the Keeper official website and learn more about these kinds of solutions if they interest you.

Keeper For Managed Providers

You can partner with Keeper if you are a service provider and let it protect your customers like never before.

The owners have designed KeeperMSP exclusively for protecting managed services, and you can ensure to get the best of it.

This easy-to-use feature will protect your passwords and those of your customers. It will also store all sensitive data in secure and encrypted vaults.

A central admin console will also enable you to manage and audit your customers while maintaining the users’ security policies and stringent privacy.

Keeper For Public Sector

Other than the best solutions described in the previous paragraphs, there is also “Keeper Enterprise,” whose purpose is to protect critical government assets while preventing data breaches.

Whether it is a small municipality or a big federal agency, Keeper Enterprise will use role-based enforcement policies and delegated administration to provide the best protection.

Keeper Security Pricing 

The Keeper pricing structure depends on whether you want to subscribe as an individual (personal plan), family, student, business, or enterprise.

The table below summarizes the cost related to each particular case:

Personal Plan– Keeper unlimited: $2.91/ month paid annually at $34.99.
– Keeper plus bundle: $4.87/ month billed annually at $58.47.
Family Plan – Keeper family password manager: $6.24 a month or $74.99 paid annually.
– Keeper family plus bundle: $8.62/ month or $103.48 a year.
Student PlanKeeper offers 50% off to help students protect their passwords and private information.
Business Plan$3.75 per user, per month, or $45 billed annually.
Enterprise PlanThis plan requires contacting the sales team for a quote.

The Final Words

It is the end of the Keeper Security password manager review that I hope will enlighten you on how this sofware is a must use by whoever wants to protect against all kinds of threats online.

Now that you know the benefits Keeper can bring you as an individual, family, student, business, etc.

You can use the banner above to choose a subscription plan suitable to your particular case and start working on the internet will peace of mind.

I also urge you to read this post about the best webinar platforms you can use to communicate remotely with your employees, customers, partners, colleagues, etc. 

Finally, I want to thank you for taking the time to read this article.

You can ask a question at the bottom of this page or contact directly the Keeper security customer service for any help or inquiry. You will get the right answer and support quickly.

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  1. This is a fascinating review of the Keeper Security password manager. I can see that this software has everything one needs to ensure the best protection online.

    The plan options: individual, family, business, etc., are also more than affordable when you consider the damages hackers can do with your personal information or that of your website visitors. 

    Thank you. 


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