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Inventory Source Dropshipping Services Review

Choosing suppliers of the highest quality and most wanted goods is the first step to consider if you want to succeed in the dropshipping business.

You can, for example, use the Inventory Source dropshipping services, which are among the best in the industry.

This dropship automation software offers an array of services, including uploading your products, the synchronization of your inventories, and routing your orders.

Thousands of dropshipers take advantage of this software to start and run profitable online stores, and you can be the next.

So, please find in the following sections what this software is, the services it offers, and how they can benefit you.

We will also give you the details of the pricing structure and other essential information about this platform.

Inventory Source Overview

The Company’s NameInventory Source.
FoundersFounded by Kelly Dyer in 2002. 
HeadquartersJacksonville Beach, Florida, United States.
SpecialtiesDropship Automation Software. 
PricingIt starts at $99.00 per feature a month.
Customer Rating8.2 out of 10. 

What Is Inventory Source About?

Inventory Source specializes in monitoring, integrating, and updating product data from dropship suppliers to sales platforms.

The owners’ mission is to empower small businesses to sell profitable products at predictable prices.

You will find suppliers offering top products at the lowest price possible to break even on sales quickly.

US Direct works through this funnel, and once you integrate it with Inventory Source, you will access a directory of more than 230 pre-integrated suppliers.

You will then choose the suppliers offering the products you want to sell. The catalog manager tools will customize your product feed.

Moreover, you don’t have to go through the supplier approval process because the people behind this platform have partnered with them.

How Does Inventory Source Work?

This platform focuses on helping people involved in eCommerce sell more products while spending less time managing them and making more profits. 

It will help you manage data in your dropship suppliers’ feeds. For example, it can adjust the prices to fit your pricing strategy and business model.

You can also use the catalog manager tools to filter the products and exclude those you don’t want to sell.

Inventory Source will access your supplier’s feed, monitor, and update it twice a day using a tool called “Optimized Sync.”

Besides, it will also enable you to manage the details concerning the product’s description, categories, images, prices, UPC, etc.

If, for example, a supplier changes the feed throughout the day ( adds new products, changes prices, status, quantity, etc.), the system will automatically push these data to your website.

In summary, this platform will enable you to manage each aspect of your business automatically and at the lowest cost possible.

This company offers the same services as Spocket Platform, but it is convenient for those who want to build a huge dropshipping business.

Now that you have a general idea of how Inventory Source works let’s see its services in detail.

Inventory source software

Inventory Source Dropshipping Services

This platform ranges its services into three categories, as outlined below. 

1. Free Dropshipper Directory

The Inventory Source directory includes more than 230 wholesale dropship companies. You will find United States Dropshippers, China Dropshippers, and many others from other parts of the world. 

Just use this directory to find the right dropship supplier for your business. Below are the supplier directory features:

a) Supplier Quality

This supplier directory includes the top distributors from leading drop ship niches. You can find large catalogs, exclusive brands, high-demand products, etc. 

Just use the advanced searching, filtering, and sorting tools to locate the right supplier.

b) Complete Product Data

Inventory Source is the only free dropship supplier directory you can use to view the complete product data at no cost. 

It uses criteria like image quality to analyze the product feed and help you make the most informed decision for your business.

c) Reseller Information

This supplier directory integrates an array of information about suppliers. You can, for example, consult the supplier fees, contact information, policies, etc., in one place.

This directory includes the following top dropship distributors of leading brands:

  • Survival, tactical, and mountain gear equipment.
  • The pet products niche.
  • Hunting and fishing products.
  • Adult products and lingerie.
  • Bath, fragrance, and bath products.
  • Consumer electronics products.
  • Vitamins and supplements products.
  • Fashion, apparel, and jewelry products.
  • Furniture and home decor products.

2. Dropshipping Software Solutions

These services are for small startups and enterprise retailers. You can choose between Inventory Source and Automation tools for eCommerce startups or Flx Point and Enterprise Dropship Platform.  

For example, you can opt for FlxPoint if your dropship business requires cross-supplier SKU mapping, private vendor integrations, invoice reconciliation, and other features.

3. US Direct Sourcing

US Direct will give you instant access to thousands of dropship products from top United States suppliers.

Once you become an Inventory Source customer, the US Direct will automatically integrate with your online store.

Why use US Direct?

There are many reasons you need US Direct, including being the source of top products sold by trusted US dropship suppliers.

In other words, you will be selling quality products from leading brands. You can also use the US Direct to ship three to five times per day to your customers.

Moreover, this directory can test different product niche audiences and suggest the most appropriate.

It has helped many dropshipers to build sustainable businesses, and you can be the next if you take action quickly.

US Direct Vs. Inventory Source

US Direct allows eCommerce business owners to access instantly more than 200,000 dropship products from top suppliers. 

This feature does most of the work and prevents the user from the hassle of going through a supplier approval process.

You will only need to integrate US Direct in your Inventory Source dashboard to sell the products you like.

You don’t have to go through a lengthy approval process, and Inventory Source doesn’t charge hidden fees.

Thousands of small and medium business owners trust this platform to build sustainable and successful dropshipping businesses.

US Direct would sync more than 1.6 billion products per month, which is unbelievable.

Moreover, It processes over $ 3 million dropship orders a month and syncs more than 8,000 integrations daily.

Inventory Pros and Cons


i) You can use Inventory Source Catalog Manager to bulk customize product data, category mapping, and pricing rules. It also allows you to automatically sync quantity, price, and status updates to your online store.

ii) This platform has an extensive directory of more than 230 suppliers from various niches like pets, home, and garden, outdoor gear, consumer electronics, etc.,

iii) It also has a network of suppliers of high-quality products from exclusive brands and will help your eCommerce business be more competitive.

iv) You can use the US Direct to access more than 200,000 dropship products from top suppliers. 

v) Fixpoint Enterprise Software will empower your entire business with unmatched flexibility and solve most of your dropship pain points.

vi) This platform also provides the best customer. You can ask questions at any time by email and get them answered quickly. 

In addition to email support, you can also contact customer support by live chat. A support staff member will assist you instantly.


Honestly, this platform provides everything you need to start and manage a dropshipping business successfully, but the pricing plan can be costly for beginners.

However, we need to understand that we are in business. The owners have invested a lot of money to make this software potent and help you succeed. They must also get the maximum of it.

The Cost of Inventory Source 

This company offers three different pricing plans: directory account, inventory automation, and full automation.

The first plan will enable you to use this software for free to see how it works and its benefits.

If you want to start a serious and successful business, you will upgrade your account to the Inventory Automation Service.

This plan will automatically sync dropship suppliers’ inventory and product data to your marketplace account or eCommerce website.

The final plan is for those who want to take their dropshipping businesses to the next level and become more successful.

It will automatically route orders to your dropship suppliers, sync back shipment tracking to your store, and do many other things.

You can consult the figure below for more information about each plan and choose the most ideal for you.

Final Thoughts

Allow me to end the Inventory Source dropshipping services review here. We have seen what this software is about and how it can help you build a solid eCommerce business.

The dropshipping industry has emerged in recent years; many individuals in the US and worldwide are taking advantage of it to make a good living.

We have provided you with the information you need to make the right decision, but the last choice is yours.

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Thank you for taking reading the inventory Source review. You can ask questions or comment at the bottom of this page. I will reply quickly.

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  1. There are so many options out there, and most of the time, droppshipers end up disappointed because they don’t have enough quality. 

    You find yourself trying to sell the same items many other people are selling on your platforms of choice, or suppliers make big promises. Yet, you find yourself just continuing to shell out money and seeing nothing in return.

    I’m so glad you shared this review; it is good to see that there are legit and viable options. I’m so excited to give Inventory Source a try. 

    Thank you. 


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