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HR Block Free Online Tax Preparation Software Review

If you are looking for a free platform to fill your tax return, this Hr Block free online tax preparation software review includes the information you need.

We will review the features integrated within HR Block software, how they can benefit you as a taxpayer, and get the maximum refund.

Moreover, we will see the different tax filing options available to you (free and paid plans).  

You will then choose an option appropriate to your particular needs or your business.

HR Block Software Overview

The NameH&R Block Software.
Date of inceptionCreated in 1955 by brothers Henry and Richard Bloch.
HeadquartersKansas City, Missouri, United States.
Used forOnline tax preparation software.  
PricingFree and paid plans starting at.
Customer Rating  9.0 out of 10.   

What Is HR Block Software?

H&R Block is one of the leader’s online tax preparation services in the US. Brothers Henry W. Bloch and Richard Bloch created this platform in 1955, and it has millions of users.

You can use H&R Block for free for uncomplicated tax filings like W-2, kids, and rental income. Students, unemployed, and first-time filers cna also use it free of charge.

Moreover, this software integrates premium tools for individuals and businesses with complex tax filings.

So, let’s move to the next section and see the essential services offered by this platform and how they benefit you. 

HR Block Tax Services

This software offers a wide range of tax services, including:

Free online tax filing

This category includes free online tax filing services offered by H&R Block and other financial services resulting from its partnership with another provider.

The Free Option

This option is for taxpayers who need simple tax filing services (W-2 tax form and income related to renting and kids).

Besides, you can also use this free service if you are a first-time filer, a student, or unemployed. 

There are not many things to learn because the process is straightforward to follow.

This platform also has a help center designed to guide users along the way and answer the commonly asked questions.

HR Block partnership

This service results from the collaboration between HR Block and Military OneSource, which helps members of the US army and their families access free tax returns.

To use this software free from your home’s comfort, you will need to download and install it on your Windows computer or another device.

You will start by filling in the basic information, including an email to send the download instructions.

HR Block will send you a confirmation email including a download program link to click on and start the download process right away.

Once done, you will open the downloaded file in the next step and follow the indicated instructions to complete the installation. You don’t need to be tech-savvy because the process is easy.

After installing your software, you will start using it to fill your tax return and get the return tax deductions you are entitled to.

Tax Pro Services

You can choose this HR Block-paid tax service if you can’t fill your tax return yourself or have a more complicated tax situation.

H&R Block has a network of more than 60,000 tax professionals across the US with over ten years of experience ready to help you.

It also has more than 9,000 offices disseminated all across the US, meaning that you will find your nearest office with no hassle.

These tax professionals master every single aspect of tax returns. They handle your tax returns and help you to get the maximum refund.

They have received rigorous training to help clients comply with tax law. They will help you get every credit and deduction you deserve.

You can work with them in many ways, including going straight to their offices, asking for guidance, or requiring them to do the entire work for you.

Moreover, you can meet your preferred tax professional virtually, by video or phone if you can’t do so in person.

Whatever the chosen channel, he will help you get the maximum possible tax refund.

Now that you know the two types of tax preparation services offered by HR Block ( free and paid), you can choose the most ideal for your particular tax situation.

Millions of other taxpayers have made this platform their preferred. They keep using its free tax services and working with its tax pros year after year.

Tax Identity Shield Services

When designing the HR Block tax identity shield services, the idea was to protect the taxpayer’s refunds by preventing cheaters or thieves from standing in the way of their refunds.

As a taxpayer, you need always be careful and avoid your tax identity being stolen. Otherwise, you will incur the risk of not getting your refund.

If online malicious people access your confidential information such as the name, birth date, and Social Security number, you will automatically become a victim of tax identity theft.

Such an unfortunate situation can result in you not obtaining your return for several months to even years, which is a pity.

Fortunately, you can use the H&R Block complete tax identity theft protection to avoid such a situation happening to you.

Many other taxpayers are aware that tax identity theft can happen at any time and have chosen to use this service.

Financial Services

This category includes the following HR Block banking products:

Spruce Mobile Banking

HR Block has partnered with MetaBank to provide this financial institution’s mobile banking services.

To benefit from the HR Block Spruce Mobile Banking services, you must first set your saving goals.

The system will then earn you automatic cashback offers and enable you to get paychecks up to two days early than expected.

Refund Advance

For those new to the concept of “Refund Advance,” it is a loan you can request and payback with your tax refund.

To apply for this loan, you must be an H&R Block client. You will get the loan through MetaBank, and you can apply for $250 to $3,500.

However, before applying for the refund advance, you must understand that it is not your tax refund. It is instead a loan that you will reimburse with zero interest.

In my opinion, it is a way for the HR Block company to attract as many customers as possible.

It is how big companies do businesses, and the owners of HR Block are right. Many people are happy to take advantage of this offer; you can apply for up to $3,500. 

The best of this loan is that it won’t affect your credit score. Moreover and you will not pay interest or other loan fees.

Another benefit of the Refund Advanced and not the least is that you can get approval a few minutes after filing the request.

Other Financial services

In addition to Refund Advance, H&R Block also offers Emerald Advance which allows clients to apply for a $1,000 line.

You can also use “Emerald Savings,” which allows people to save from as little as $25 for emergencies.

Small Business Services

Besides the services already mentioned, you can also ask the HR Block advisors to help manage your small business or request their services as a solo entrepreneur.

This company has several experts in tax ready to do the work for you and give you the freedom to do other things that matter for your business.

They will take care of everything related to bookkeeping, payroll, and taxes with the most incredible accuracy.

Meanwhile, you may also read the Intuit Quickbook review if you need software to manage your business’s accounting and financial transactions without a third party.

The HR Block Pricing Structure 

This platform services’ pricing structure is as follow:

First of all, it will cost $0 or nothing at all to file your tax return yourself online from the comfort of your home.

If you have a complex tax return situation, you can use the Tax Pro either by meeting a tax professional in person or virtually.

You will only need to give the required documents to your tax adviser and let him do the rest of the work. Filing with Tax Pro will cost you $80.

Besides that, you can also download HR Block software at your computer or any other device you like, but the owners will ask you to pay $19.95.

Other than the services above, you can file expat taxes confidently with the help of an advisor or online. The service costs $99.

Moreover, if you need more time or an extension to file your tax return, you can get it by paying $10 in addition to the standard price. 

HR Block Pros and Cons


  • You can use this software for free to file simple tax returns such as W-2, kids, rental, students, or unemployed income.
  • HR Block also has tax professionals that will help you to file complex tax returns.
  • It has more than 9,000 offices all across the US, you will always find an HR Block tax advisor near you.
  • Your tax advisor will help you to get the maximum credit and deduction you deserve.
  • There are many ways you can file your tax return, including yourself at home, meeting a tax in person, phone or video.
  • This company’s pricing structure is transparent. You will know the amount they will charge you in advance.
  • Besides filing tax returns, HR Block also offers many other services as outlined in this review.


You can disagree with me, but I find that the pricing structure of this platform can be a bit confusing for people who are new to using it.

Apart from that, I recommend it, especially since millions of taxpayers have already been using it for many years. 

The Final Thoughts

Allow me to end HR Block free online tax preparation software review, hoping that this information will help you file your tax return and benefit from the maximum refund.

You can also read this article that reviews some other software to prepare and file your tax returns.

Thank you for reading the HR Block review. You can leave a comment or ask questions at the bottom of this page. I will ensure to get back to you as soon as possible. 

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