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How To Track Employee Productivity With ActivTrak?

This post on how to track employee productivity with ActivTrak will show the importance of using this software to improve your organization’s performance.

Knowing your employees’ productivity at any time will help you to know if your resources are used optimally or if you need to make some other informed decisions.

The General Overview 

  • The Name: ActivTrak.
  • Date of creation: 2009
  • Services: Employee monitoring software. 
  • Pricing: Free for up to 3 users, advanced plan at $9.00 per user/month.
  • Customers’ rating:  9.2/10. 

What Is ActivTrak About?

ActivTrak is an as-a-service (SaaS) software you can use to get insights into your employees’ productivity and improve their performance on time.

Once installed properly, it will start collecting data about your workforce, analyze them carefully and provide you with reports on how they work in or outside the office.

Such reports will be handy to increase your company’s productivity and compliance.

Thousands of businesses use the ActivTrak free version or one of the paid plans.

This software is also easy to use; you can configure it in minutes without prior skills.

Within the following sections, you will find the ActivTrak main features, the pros and cons, the proposed plans, and the corresponding costs.

ActivTrak Key Features

This software includes fourteen features in total, but I will describe a few of them.

I will also give you a link that will lead you to its official website, where you will see each feature in detail.

Employee Monitoring Tools

These monitoring tools will give you real-time data on how your employees are busy doing various tasks assigned to them.

Employees can sometimes be tempted to spend most of their time doing other things, such as talking with their families, friends or surfing online.

Fortunately, the developers of this software have made it user-friendly and efficient.

It will track your workforce daily and show you the time spent doing things unrelated to their regular assignments.

Recent screenshots will show you all your employees, a productivity bar chart, and the productive and unproductive time.

For example, it could be that your employees like to visit apps and websites instead of focusing on their regular tasks.

However, it is important to point out that this software was not designed to threaten your workforce.

It is rather a way to help them stay more focused and contribute to your company’s success better.

You will be amazed by ActivTrak’s approach, which is gentler and less alarming to increase your business productivity like never seen before.

Productivity Coaching Tools 

Knowing how your workforce is doing the assigned tasks is indeed essential for increasing your business’s productivity.

It would also be better if you help them to be more responsible through appropriate employee coaching

To help you reach this goal, a virtual productivity coach will analyze all the data from your team carefully.

You will then get personalized recommendations on the best way to fine-tune workload balance and improve your team’s performance.

ActivTrak will, for example, try to understand where your team members can work together efficiently and propose a plan suitable to their work habits.

It will also make weekly reviews of your workforce’s progress reports and assess how the coaching has impacted productivity.

In a few words, you will find within the feature the necessary tools to help your company realize its full potential.

Supporting your employees will make them more responsible and productive. 

A manager guide will also show you how to interpret the reports provided by ActivTrak.

These reports will help you leverage your workforce and make your business more profitable if used wisely.

Productivity Reports

The first report concerns the trends in your employees’ total and productive work time. Several other business owners and managers agree that it is crucial to set the team’s productivity baseline.

You will know exactly the total time spent on what matters for your business and the time spent doing useless things that can lead to huge losses if you don’t take the appropriate time.

The second important report is about the activity breakdown and trends. This software will do everything possible to assess and gather insight into your employees’ typical working habits.

You will then see in your ActivTrak account dashboard the time spent by application category and determine if such activities conform with your company’s priorities and expectations.

Such a report is beneficial because it allows analyzing how activities not related to your business can impact its productivity.

Custom Alarms Feature

Once you have customized the pre-built alarms and tailored them to your business specificities, you will get automatic email notifications or pop-up messages on your dashboard’s screen.

Such notifications and messages will help track your team’s patterns of behavior and the way they spend their time at work.

You will, for example, get notified when there are unusual activities on some devices.

The system will also notify you when sharing unauthorized files, misuse of sensitive data attempts to access blocked sites, etc.

This feature’s benefits are wonderful that you will fall in love with it and recommend this software to other managers or business owners.

Ensure to make the correct configuration to enable ActivTrak to send you automated alarms.

This software will help you to become the best manager you have ever imagined before. 

I also urge you to read a review of the best antivirus software for Windows 10.

You will discover how to protect your devices from all kinds of online threats. 

Benchmarks Features

Unlike the tools and features I have reviewed previously, this one will give you extended insights on your team’s benchmark that can go up to twelve weeks.

You will understand the daily time devoted by every individual to increase productivity and how everyone stays focused on his work.

You will:

  • Compare the difference between your team average and its top quartile.
  • Set actionable objectives to improve productivity continually.
  • Have a good understanding of each team member’s performance compared to the historical averages.
  • Compare your current team members’ value to what they had in the past ( last week, a month, and a three-month period).
  • See if you you have achieved your goals and what prevents you from reaching them.
  • Etc.

ActivConnect Feature

This feature connects ActivTrak with other business applications such as Salesforce, Zendesk, etc., to get more valuable workforce analytic insights.

I will not go into its details; you can use the red banner on this page to go to the ActivTrak website and learn more about all features and their benefits.

ActivTrak Pros and Cons


  • This software is user-friendly; you don’t need special skills to make the required configurations.
  • It will help you monitor the time spent by your workforce doing what matters for your organization and that used to do unrelated things.
  • The coaching tools will help make your employees more responsible, help them stay focused on the work, and increase their productivity.
  • You can integrate Activtrak with other popular applications to make your organization more competitive.


Overall, this software has some features that can confuse users because the same information is often repeated unnecessarily in different features.

It would have been better if its designers had regrouped similar information into the unique features to avoid confusing future users. 

The Plans and Pricing

There are three plans to choose from as detailed below:

Free Plan – This plan is for small businesses with small teams. You can use it to monitor up to three people without paying a single dime.

Your free membership will include 3 GB, giving you access to the dashboard to see the time devoted by your employees to the assigned jobs.

You will also get many other useful reports to improve your company’s performance.

Advanced – This plan is for managers and business owners who want to manage their teams profitably.

It costs $9 per month per user and will enable you to monitor from five users.

Premium – The premium plan is for those who want to optimize their companies’ processes, performance, and outcomes. It costs $15 per user a month.

Enterprise – This plan is for big organizations; you will need to contact the owners of ActivTrak to discuss the best solution if you are in this category.

Note: All plans are billed annually, and all customers get the best support.

The Final Words

It is the end of this article on how to track employee productivity using ActivTrak software.

Monitoring your team’s focus on their work is essential if you want to make your business more performant.

I particularly recommend you to use this software because it includes all the features you need. The costs are affordable compared to most of its competitors.

Also, ActivTrack can help coach your team members and help them be more focused on their assignments.

This feature avoids the impression that the purpose of ActivTrak is uniquely to monitor employees, which some people can consider as a threat.

Thank you for reading this article. You will find under this page a place to share a comment.

Other visitors of this blog will be happy to know what you think about this software.

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  1. I haven’t heard of ActivTrack before, but it would be beneficial for managers and bosses of larger companies. Your pros and cons section is beneficial in providing a brief overview of Athis software.

    It is also good to know that ActvTrack doesn’t require any special skills to use it, contrary to what I would’ve guessed. 


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