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How To Create Greeting Cards Online With Lovepop?

This post will show you how to create greeting cards online with LovePop and send them to your friends, loved ones, etc., on birthdays and special occasions.

Back in the 15th century, people in China and ancient Egypt used to send notes to wish each other the new year. The use of greeting cards was generalized in the 1850s.

In the early 2000s, some people thought that eCards and social media messaging would take over the greetings cards, but this is not near to happening.

Back to the Lovepop card maker platform, let’s get some useful information about it and the benefits it can bring you when designing quality greetings cards. 

What Is Lovepop?

Lovepop was founded in 2014 by two partners and best friends John Wise and Wombi Rose.

Both had a solid background as naval architects engineers and good knowledge of ancient art.

They took advantage of their experiences and skills to develop Lovepop, which has become one of the most popular in producing high-quality greetings cards online at great prices.

This company’s mission is to help people of all ages to create wonderful magical moments and share them with their friends and loved ones.

Lovepop can help transform your current life by creating magical cards and gifts you can share with the people you care about.

With its amazing designs, you will always find a way to share the love on special occasions such as celebrating birthdays, important milestones in your loved ones’ lives, etc.

This company’s services and products are available online and in many locations all across the United States.

I will show you later in this article how to access the Lovepop online store and the included products.

How Does Lovepop Cards Maker Work?

To enable this company to produce the best greetings cards for you, you must accompany your order with a personalized note.

After printing your note carefully, cards makers will insert it into your selected Lovepop card, put your note in an envelope, and pack it into a Lovepop mailer.

You can choose among the following greeting cards:

Lovepop Pop Up Birthday Cards

These fun and customized cards are for sending to people you care about on their birthdays anniversaries and making them happy.

The Lovepup owners have been very creative in designing happy birthday pop-up cards with powerful messages, songs, fun birthday decorations, etc.

Your recipients will surely like receiving a card with the mention ” “Wishing you a Happy Birthday” and the amazing colorful pop-up unfolding from the inside.

Create Greeting Cards Online

Lovepop Pop Up Christmas Cards

Lovepop also produces a good range of pop-up Christmas Cards featuring flora and fauna around the base.

Other funny things included in these cards are colors embodying the Christmas spirit, gold stars, pine cones, holly, poinsettias, sparkly, and other amazing inventions.

There is no doubt that you will become one of the many Lovepop clients in the US who never miss a single Christmas season to send such cards to their families, loved ones, and friends. 

Flower Basket Pop Up Cards

These cards feature beautiful things that will make your recipient very proud of you. We can name, among other components, butterflies, beautiful flowers, etc.

On the front of these cards are also pale purple colors and flowers that will pop up when you open the card to simulate a wicker basket sitting at the top of a blue table.

The idea behind designing basket pop-up cards was to help you make your loved ones aware that you always think of them.

You can, for example, send these cards to your parents or grandparents on mothers’ or fathers’ days, at Easter to your friends, etc. They accept various pay meant means, including Amazon Pay.

Thinking of You Bouquet Pop Up Cards

Once you receive from someone a “thinking of you bouquet pop up card” or do the opposite, you will both keep smiling and feel like your days of living on the earth have greatly increased.

I absolutely have no words to describe these cards with brightly colored flowers that will certainly bring a smiling brightness and love to your special recipient.

Whatever the way you want the owners of Lovepop to design these cards, you will find that they are the most suitable to show full of love, the joy of life, very friendly, and plenty of other lovely things.

Cherry Blossom Pop Up Cards

These cards are for people who like the cherry blossom season. I am sure they are too many in the US and many other countries wordwide.

Their typical lifetime is only two weeks a year, but they are very remindful for many people, including me.

Of course, getting a symbol of renewal and a reminder of life’s nature for only two weeks per year seems to be not good enough, but it is better than nothing.

I particularly recommend offering these types of cards to your special ones, including grandparents who have memories of old times about nature and the beautiful things it brings in life. These lovely gifts will always stay present in their memories.

Create Greeting Cards

Lovely Hummingbird Pop Up Cards

These are the last types of Lovepop greetings cards I want to talk about in this post because this company’s online store is full of so many cards that it is impossible to describe all of them.

What particularly distinguishes the lovely hummingbird pop-up cards are their fronts that feature watercolors hummingbird, with the word “love” that we all like to hear about from those surrounding us.

Your recipients’ hearts will really be touched and happy to see the peaceful seafoam green, reminding them of the comfort, joy, peace, security, and unconditional love from their partners.

You can offer these types of cards to your husband, wife, mom on mother’s day or at any other time to let someone know the love you have for him. 

The Costs of Lovepop Cards

The cost will typically depend on the types of cards and the purchased quantity, but it ranges from $13 for a single card to $50 for five cards.

The banner below will take you to the Lovepop official website, where you can browse all the available cards; their respective costs, and order the ones you like.

Lovepop Pros and Cons 

Now that you understand the Lovepup company and its different products let’s see its pros and cons to help you make an informed purchase decision. 


  • This company belongs to experienced people who know their customers’ needs and how to satisfy them.
  • It produces all kinds of greating and love cards for occasions such as birthdays, holidays, special dates, etc.
  • Lovepop makes cards at great prices and has thousands of happy clients.
  • You can order Lovepop cards wherever you are in the US and quickly get them delivered.
  • In addition to the online store, this company also has many retail locations throughout the US.
  • Lovepop offers international shipping to customers from certain other countries, including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, Switzerland, and the UK.Cons


The shipping is only available in the US and a few other countries worldwide. Many people cannot this company’s cards while they are among the most wanted on the market.

It would be better if the owners expand their operations to other countries, but it is just a suggestion.

They know what is best for their company and whether it is worthy of targeting other markets in addition to the ones serviced currently.

How To Order Your Preferred Cards? 

You can use major credit, debit cards, or other payment means for purchasing online, including Amazon Pay and PayPal.

Ensure to select a suitable payment method at the checkout and follow the process to finalize your order. It will also be better if you first consult the returns policies before ordering.

After the ordering process, you will receive an email message containing the tracking information from the delivery date to when your package reaches the delivery address.

The Final Words

This is the end of this review on how to create greeting cards online with LovePop. I hope that the provided information will be handy for you.

As a reminder, you must first prepare a note containing the information you want to appear in ordered cards.

Such a note will allow LivePop to personalize your cards the way you want and make your recipient happier.

I have also shown you various greeting cards you can ask this company to produce and customize to your particular requirements.

The prices range from $13 per card to $50 for five cards or a bit higher for some special cards.

The provided link will take you to the Lovepop online store to see all products and prices.

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Thank you for reading this article; please leave a comment to let us know what you think about this company and its lovely range of cards. 

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  1. These cards are amazing; I love how different shapes and sizes pop out of the cards. Sadly this company does not hip where I am in the world currently. I would have loved to try them out and send some cards to my family and friends. Maybe, they will ship here in the future.

  2. Thanks for writing about Lovepop. I’ve heard about them but never checked their pop-up cards until I see them in your article; the designs are immaculate and beautiful. 

    It is good to see that they make various greeting cards and would love to order some. I want to wish some of my close friends have healthier life during this pandemic period. 

    Thanks for the recommendation.


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