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Homebase Free Employee Scheduling App Review

The Homebase free employee scheduling app makes it is easier for business owners to manage hourly work, time tracking, timesheets, payroll, and communications.

You can also use this platform to hire highly qualified employees and many other things. It will help grow your business better, as we will see in this review.

I will show you all the features included in Homebase software, their respective benefits, and how you can use it for free.

We will also the advantages of using advanced tools and how much they will cost you.

What Is Homebase Scheduling App?

Homebase is a sofware or app you can use for your business’s human resources management.

It will help you schedule the work in and outside your company, make your workforce more productive, and better satisfy your customers if you are a service provider.

In addition to employee scheduling, this software allows for tracking the time clocks to see the time spent on specific jobs (time tracking) and pay everyone accordingly.

Homebase also offers many other benefits such as managing employees’ timesheets, payroll, communication, essential management reports, and more.

Several business owners in the United States and many other countries worldwide, from various industries, including food services, healthcare, retail, etc., are happy users of this employee management platform?

It has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface and will provide you with the best solutions to schedule your employees’ tasks, follow their performance and pay an excellent salary.

Homebase comes with a free version for business owners and managers who want to use the basics tools, but there are also paid options for those who need advanced employee management solutions. 

Homebase Features and Tools

Homebase Employee Scheduling

When designing this feature, the idea was to provide you with the tools to schedule your employees’ tasks, manage your teams smartly and make them more productive.

After planning and assigning the tasks to each team or employee, you will instantly share your schedule with them on their mobile devices, by email, or directly through the Homebase application.

You can do the same when you make changes to what was previously scheduled, in case of emergency alerts, or when you want to pass any other communication.

There are many templates designed for this purpose, and it will be up to you to use them to your maximum benefit.

Homebase Time Clock Management

This is the second Homebase important feature in addition to the employee scheduling one.

It helps track the hours spent by every employee on specific tasks and prepare the payroll.

You can use the Homebase time clock app on any device to manage your teams easily in and off the office.

It will give you accurate data about the worked hours, breaks, overtime, etc.

According to the testimonies of many business owners and managers, this feature allows them to always stay in touch with their teams in the office, on the go, and when their workforce is deployed in the field.

You will also get immediate alerts on who has not clocked on time, and GPS or snap photos will show you who has clocked and from which location.

Homebase Payroll Tools

Once you have scheduled your employees’ works and tracked accurately the time spent by each of them to do the assigned tasks, the next step will be to pay their due as required by the labor law.

Fortunately, Homebase has the features and tools for payroll management you can take advantage of.

Using these tools will enable you to automate your company’s payroll process in no time and pay your workforce in clicks.

Homebase payroll is easy to use and so powerful that it automatically calculates salaries and taxes. It also sends payments to each employee, the IRS, state and helps the users stay organized.

Hiring and Onboarding Tools

Companies of all kinds are always on the lookout for the best employees to achieve their goals.

The folks behind the Homebase free employee scheduling software have designed powerful tools to help you hire and qualify onboard employees.

An easy process will make potential candidates aware of new posts opened within your company, help you find suitable applicants, hire and integrate them quickly.

New employees can also use this software to enter the required information and electronically sign deposit W-4 quickly, W-9, and I-9 forms.

You will provide the newly hired employees with essential documents about your company such as employee handbooks, policies, the planned training, and more.

Team Communication Tools

We all know that communication plays a significant role in any business, regardless of its size and activities.

It is why the owners of Homebase have developed the tools you need to always stay in touch with your employees wherever you have deployed them to do various tasks.

This all-in-one platform will synchronize and simplify your day-to-day communications and help you to stay connected with your workforce.

All you will need is to decide on the type of communication suitable for every individual, group, or your company’s employees.

Once done, you will start sharing what matters to manage your business smartly through text messages.

For example, you can schedule various events and send them to interested people, send automatic notes or reminders about schedule updates, clock outs, shifts, announcements, special instructions, etc. 

Other Homebase Features and Tools

The features and tools described in the previous sections are the most important, but there are two others: the Homebase employee happiness and integration systems.

Employee Happiness

The concept of employee happiness is currently trendy, and several companies worldwide are taking advantage of it to be more competitive in the market.

Using Homebase employee happiness tools and perks will help you attract the best employees, make them happy, and succeed in the assigned tasks.

I will not stress enough how useful this feature and tools are because you may already know this. The testimonies on the Homebase website say it all.

Homebase Integrations

This free employee scheduling software integrates easily with many other systems and business tools, including accounting and payroll software such as Intuit Quickbooks, Gusto, and Square Payroll.

Other essential software and tools integrated with Homebase are Shopify for people interested in eCommerce, top online job boards such as Indeed and ZipRecruiter, and more. 

Homebase App Pricing

The owners of this platform offer a free version that you can use without paying a penny. It will allow you to access basic features and tools from one location.

This free plan will enable you to manage your employee’s schedules, track time clocks, sheets, communications, etc., from a single location.

You will upgrade your account to one of the paid plans if you want to make the most of this software and manage all your business’s human resources aspects in one place and from several locations.

  • The Essentials plan costs $14 per month per location.
  • It will cost you $35 a month and per location for the Plus plan.
  • You will pay $70 every month and per location, if you opt for the all-in-one plan. 

You can use the link below for the details of each plan and choose the most appropriate for your business.

Homebase App Pros and Cons


  • Homebase software comes with a free version you can use to manage your employees’ various aspects from one location.
  • The paid plans offer many benefits and are affordable. All you need is to choose the one tailored to the needs of your company.
  • This platform has an easy-to-use interface; you will not need a long learning process to get acquainted with it.
  • Managers and employees can access this system from any device, including tablets and smartphones.
  • Using this software will drastically help to reduce or remove scheduling errors such as overlapping shifts, lost worked hours, and unaccounted.
  • You will get accurate and relevant reports to manage various aspects of your company’s human resources.
  • And lost more benefits.


Some users say that this sofware doesn’t have the tools to block communications with unqualified applicants in the hiring process.

For them, this can be annoying because some retained applicants will keep sending you continuous messages, which can be like harassment.

Apart from that, Homebase is software that I recommend using to manage your human resources efficiently.

It has all the features, tools, and integrations you need to make your company stand out from the competition and make it more profitable.

The Final Words 

It is the end of this review of the Homebase free employee scheduling app.

I have provided you with the necessary information about this platform, including its various features, tools, advantages, and disadvantages.

I have also shown you the Homebase plans and their prices. You can start by using it for free and subscribe to the paid plans when you feel the need to do so.

I hope that this review will be of great help to you, and I thank you for reading it. Please share a comment at the bottom of this page; I will reply quickly. 

6 thoughts on “Homebase Free Employee Scheduling App Review”

  1. One of the major problems most companies have is that they have inefficient scheduling programs, and as a result, efficiency is far below what it could be. 

    I know many companies that don’t use any scheduling tool for their employees, which often results in chaos. I like that Homebase offers a free plan that can help you determine if it is the right tool to use before spending any money on it.

  2. Before reading this review of the Homebase Free Employee Scheduling App, I was unaware of the existence of this software and how to use it.

    Your thorough review gave me and anyone else reading it the insights necessary to understand its benefits for human resource management. I do not need such a tool at the moment because I am a one-girl operation, but this could happen in the future. 

  3. Homebase sounds like an awesome employee scheduling system. I love that they have a free version so businesses starting or having a shoestring budget can first see if this system is worth using. 

    I also love that it can integrate with payroll/bookkeeping systems that may already be in place. I’m going to share this information with some business owners I know.


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