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Ginger Software For Grammar Checker Review

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The Ginger Software for grammar checker review shows a platform you can use to check your written text for grammatical correctness automatically.

This program will carefully check each sentence to see if it is grammatically correct. It will also propose corrections in case of errors.

We will see various features and tools integrated within Ginger Software. I will also show you the cost of using this platform and its alternatives.

The General Overview

  • The Name: Ginger Software.
  • Date of creation: Founded in 2010 by Yael Karo.
  • Purpose: Grammar checker.
  • Pricing: $13.99 per month.
  • Customer Rating: 8.2 out of 10.

What Is Ginger Software About?

Founded in 2010 by Yael Karo, the current CEO, Ginger Software helps professional writers, teachers, students, speakers, newspaper editors, etc., to check for writing errors.

You can also use this software as an affiliate marketer who writes blog posts to promote various affiliate programs online.

Ginger only focuses on the English language and digs deeper to see if your text is correctly written.

It will also propose the right ways to write your text’s sentences in case of grammar errors.

The owners want to ease the lives of native English speakers and foreigners with English writing struggles.

This software will help you as it has helped millions of individuals worldwide achieve better communication.

The following paragraphs describe this platform’s features, its pros and cons, and how much it will cost you.

I will also show you a few alternatives to this platform to help you make the right choice.

Ginger Software Key Features

Grammar Checker

Online Ginger grammar checker tools use patent-pending technology with unmatched accuracy.

These tools will make your text free of embarrassing mistakes and help you to appear more professional.

They will check your English text to detect grammar, punctuation, spelling, misused words, etc.

A window with live suggestions will show you how to correct the mistakes in your text in one click.

The online and offline world require us to write in an understandable English language free of silly grammar, syntax, or punctuation mistakes.

This feature will improve your English writing and make your text original as if it was reviewed by a professional in the English-speaking language.

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Sentence Rephraser Tools

The owners of Ginger proofreading software have designed these tools to help you style your writing better and make your text compelling to readers.

Ginger’s Sentence Rephraser will strategically place familiar idioms in your text to enhance and make it appear in plain English.

You will provide your target audience with clear messages and make them focus on carefully digesting what you want to convey.

Users say this tool makes them feel like they have the entire English dictionary at their fingertips.   

Ginger Software For Grammar Checker Review

Translation Tools

As a native English speaker, it could also want to address an audience that speaks another language.

Ginger’s free translation feature will come in handy. It can translate English into more than forty foreign languages.

This tool will prevent you from making embarrassing translation mistakes and help you express yourself correctly in a foreign language.

It can also help expand your horizons in other skies and discover many other opportunities if you are in business.

You will quickly translate your text into French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Spanish, and lots more.

Punctuation Checker Tools

The Ginger platform also integrates tools to check punctuation errors in your text and helps you to express your ideas in plain English.

You can use the Ginger grammar app as a free Chrome extension on any device as a student, teacher, researcher, or someone else.

The punctuation checker tools will help to improve your academic scoring and make your text more appealing to readers.

Besides, it can help to improve your professional image and credibility. Errors can always happen in your text, even if you are an expert writer.

Even top human editors can make these writing errors despite spending hours scrutinizing their text to discover the slightest mistakes.

Spell Checker Tools

This is the last Ginger feature I want to discuss in this review.

Ginger Spell Checker is so powerful that it can discover the most hidden spelling mistakes and correct them instantly with unmatched accuracy.

It will quickly check for misused words, phonetics, and severe spelling mistakes.

This tool will also check typos in your text based on the context in which you have written your sentences.

English spelling can sometimes be more tricky than you imagine, which is why you need such a tool. 

Even native English speakers can make spanning mistakes unconsciously.

Ginger Software For Grammar Checker Review

The Pros and Cons


  • This software will be your best ally in writing and formatting your texts.
  • It will scan your text to detect grammar, punctuation, spelling, contextual errors, etc.
  • A Ginger window will propose how to correct the discovered mistakes in simple clicks.
  • This software can also translate Engish into more than forty languages and will enable you to communicate with people worldwide.
  • A free account will enable you to get free and use the essential grammar checker tools.
  • The owners provide good customer support; you can contact them for help.


The free Ginger grammar checker is not enough to scan all mistakes in your text and propose how to correct them.

It will only check the minor errors, and the most embarrassing ones will remain.

To use advanced tools, you must upgrade your free account to a paid plan.

Advanced tools will scan your text entirely to discover all mistakes and show you how to correct them in a few clicks.

However, this is not a real issue. The owners have invested heavily in designing this software and are expected to monetize it. 

The Plans and Pricing

You can open a free account and start using this software for free. You will upgrade to use advanced tools.

The owners will charge you $13.99, $7.49 annually, or $6.99 monthly if you pay biannually in one installment.

Whatever the chosen paid plan, you can access unlimited grammar checks, sentence rephrasing, punctuation, spelling mistakes corrections, etc.

Other benefits include using alternative synonyms to make your text more understandable, translating English into other languages, etc. 

Is Ginger grammar checker safe?

This grammar checker software uses a secure connection; nobody can see or access your sensitive information and documents, no matter your subscription plan. 

Does Ginger work in Google Docs?

Unless otherwise, we couldn’t find that Ginger works in Google Docs, but it is possible to use a plugin called “the browser plugins for Chrome.”

Another alternative is downloading Ginger in Safari or Microsoft Edge and using the ginger grammar check within Google Docs.

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Which is better, Grammarly vs. Ginger?

Which is better, Grammarly vs. Ginger?

Both software integrates powerful tools to check your writings and ensure they are compelling to the public you address.

However, there is a slight difference between the two because Grammarly offers a Mac desktop app, while Ginger is not compatible with Mac.

Another difference is that, unlike Gingee, Grammarly offers tools to check your content’s plagiarism, making it more convenient.

To run plagiarism checks, you must open your content in the Grammarly editor and click the plagiarism button.

Grammarly will check your content by comparing it with billions of academic papers and web pages to show you if it is plagiarism free.

Other Ginger Software Alternatives 

Besides Grammarly, other alternatives to Ginger includes:


PorWritinAid combines world-class grammar and style checking to help users strengthen their writing and appear more professional.

This platform integrates many features you can use to eliminate embarrassing errors that can make you lose credibility.

Its owners charge $20 per month or $79 if you pay annually. You can also make a one-lifetime purchase at $399. 

Language Tool

Language tool was founded in 2003 to help users unleash their writing skills.

The owners say it goes beyond grammar and spelling to analyze each text’s tonality, style, and typography. It also instantly generates suggestions.

This software is free for people who want the basic grammar and spell checker of up to 10,000 characters per text. The paid plan costs $5.01 per feature.

The Final Thoughts

It is the end of the Ginger Software for grammar checker review. I have described the features this platform integrates and how they will help to improve your writing.

We have also provided a summary of a few alternatives to this platform and how much it will cost you to use its advanced features.

We hope this information will help you choose a platform to help you become a successful writer.

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Thank you for reading the Ginger grammar checker review. You can leave a comment or ask questions on this page’s bottom.

We will reply as soon as possible. 

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