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CCleaner Software Review – Does Is It work?

Through the CCleaner software review, you will discover a tool that automatically deletes unwanted computer files to enhance their performance.  

Using this software will free storage space on your computer or laptop and keep it running smoothly.

This tool will also help protect your privacy online and enable you to work with peace of mind.   

Overview of CCleaner

The NameCCleaner.
Launching Date Developed by Piriform and released in September 2003.
Headquarters New York, United States.
Specialties Software for PC cleaning, defragmentation, performance, speed, etc.
PricingFree and professional plan starting at $24.95 a year. 
Customer Rating9.2 out of 10.

What Is CCleaner Software?

Introduction To CCleaner

CCleaner is the software that you can use to remove unnecessary data, files, and programs on your computer and enhance its performance.

It was released towards the end of 2003 and has since been downloaded more than 2.5 billion times.

This software has both free and professional versions depending on every user’s needs and budget.

You can download it free on your PC or laptop and start maintaining your devices to make them work properly.

The owners will never force you to use a paid version, as long as you don’t feel the need to do so.

A free version will clean your devices to free up space, make them safe and keep running faster as if they were still new.

How To Install CCleaner?

First of all, you connect to the internet to install CCleaner on your device. It is compatible with Windows and Mac.

You will receive your license key in your order confirmation email if you purchase the CCleaner pro.

Ensure to fill it in the appropriate place to start using the CCleaner pro version and make your computer cleaner, safer, and faster.

CCleaner Key Features 

CCleaner is the number one sofware for cleaning computers using Windows and Mac operating systems. It will make them run faster while protecting the user’s privacy.

Since the release of this software in September 2003, individuals and businesses worldwide have downloaded it more than two and a half billion times.

You can choose to download the CCleaner for home or that for businesses depending on your needs.

You will find within this software the following main features:

Computer Health Check

This feature will analyze your computer from A to Z to check for issues that may prevent it from running smoothly.

When the health check finds issues on your devices, it will recommend quick fixes and automatic updates to make them more secure and run faster.

In addition, this feature will check if your computer has outdated applications.

It will then update them automatically to prevent you from being an easy prey of cybercriminals.

Such evil people are always on the lookout for vulnerabilities on the internet.

They can take advantage of such failure to steal crucial data and use them to your detriment.

CCleaner operates in the same industry as Norton Antivirus that offers the best protection for Windows 10.

CCleaner Software


The purpose of this feature is to clean all out-of-date program drivers, settings, and unused files collected by computers as they age.

Obviously, the more your device will get older, the more it will be full of unwanted programs and files that run slow.

Using a computer that runs slow can be annoying and lead to a bad user experience.

CCleaner Shield

The Shield feature will erase cookies and the search history on your device to prevent advertisers and websites from tracking what you do online.

It will also enable you to work more securely as your online privacy will be safe.

There are no bad things than being inundated by unwanted promotions or programs that pop up when browsing the internet.

Error Graph

The longer you use a computer, the more your registry will contain errors and broken settings that cause crashes.

Fortunately, the developers of CCleaner have anticipated such issues and incorporated the error graph feature within this software.

This patented registry cleaner will clear out all clutter on your devices to make them more stable and provide you with the best user experience.

In addition, CCleaner features “Dial,” that you can use to disable the programs you don’t need on your computer.

There is also “Award-winning PC Optimization,” which allows optimizing any computer in a few clicks. 

CCleaner Pros and Cons


  • CCleaner will clean up your computer’s system, help to free up more space and make it run faster.
  • It will help protect your internet privacy better. 
  • This Sofware will also clean out files from your computers before your sell or give them away. 
  • It will speed up your computer and enable you to work comfortably. 
  • This platform will also detect duplicate files that clutter your computer and remove them.
  • Using CCleaner Professional will provide you with more other benefits. 


  • CCleaner doesn’t detect viruses on computers to remove them. 
  • This software can neither defragment your hard drive.
  • It will not help you recover the deleted files. 

CCleaner Plans and Pricing

This software has subscription plans appropriate to every user’s needs and budget. 

You can download it for free and how it works. The free plan has the tools to clean your device, free up space, and make it run faster.

If you want to use advanced features and have the budget to afford them, you will upgrade your membership to:

  • Professional
  • Professional Plus.

The professional plan costs $24.95 a year. It comes with the benefits of the free version and offers other advantages such as regular updates, real-time system monitoring, etc.

This plan will keep your computer (s) always clean, safe and enable it to run fast.

Another paid subscription is the “Professional Plus,” which costs $39.95 per year.

It offers additional benefits, including the possibility to defragment your disk, recover your files when needed, and lots more.  

CCleaner Software

Is CCleaner Professional Worth It?

Now that you have the necessary information about CCleaner and how it helps fix computer issues, let’s see if it is worth using a free or paid subscription.

Indeed, you can download CCleaner on your device and use it for free forever without paying a dime.

However, it will help if you upgrade your account to the professional plan to access powerful features.

A paid plan will only cost you $24.95 per year, and this investment is worth it because of its numerous benefits.

It includes many features and tools to boost your computer’s system and protect your privacy to help you to work online securely.

Many other users worldwide are happy to use the CCleaner professional privacy protection, registry repairer, real-time system monitoring tools, and many others.

In conclusion, CCleaner offers the best feature and tools to clean all unwanted files and data on a computer.

It will help your devices to run smoothly and provide you with the best working experience. 

This software also sells at a low price compared to most of its competitors.

The Final Thoughts

It is the end of the CCleaner Software to clean up PC, fix issues, and enhance performance.

Choosing the best tool to remove unnecessary files and programs on your device will optimize its performance and enable you to work with no hassle.

Remember that despite its many benefits, CCleaner does not protect computers from malware, spyware, ransomware, viruses, etc.

You will still need a robust antivirus to avoid being attacked by such challenging issues online.

You can use this link to discover the best antiviruses that exist today and choose the one young like.

Thank you for reading the CCleaner review. Would you mind leaving a comment or asking questions at the bottom of this page? I will reply quickly. 

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  1. I’m familiar with CCleaner because I have already used its free version. However, I never imagined that it could defend my computer as effectively as a true antivirus.

    It’s also worth noting that as the device ages, it will become increasingly clogged with unwanted apps and files, potentially slowing down the computer. 

    You are completely correct in stating that no one requires advertisements to appear while browsing online.

    • Thank you for your comment, but I think that you misunderstood me: I didn’t say that CCleaner plays the same role as an antivirus. This review is very clear about this. 


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