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Can You Make Passive income With Stocks?

There are many opportunities to make passive income, and to help you find some, this article titled ” can you make passive income with stocks” is a must-read.

First, I will explain passive income, stock markets and leverage this industry to make full passive income.

I will also show you the pros and cons of this type of opportunity to help you understand better what to expect before investing your hard-earned money.

What Is A Passive Income?

A passive income refers to opportunities you can invest in once and get paid for many years to come, even when you are sleeping.

You will first need to discover the best opportunities to invest in your money and let your assets generate passive income down the road by providing the least effort.

Please do not misunderstand me; I am not saying there are easy ways to earn money as some malicious people pretend.

Earning a good passive income will require you to invest significant money wisely and be patient before you can reap the fruits of your efforts. It is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

There are many ways to earn a passive income, including the affiliate marketing industry, that you can learn from a reliable learning platform.

However, this article will focus on making passive income with stock markets, as you can see in the following sections.

What Are Stocks and How Do They Work?

Introduction To Stock Markets

Stock markets are places where big companies issue some of their shares publically and allow individuals and other businesses to buy them.

Such financial activities are regulated by competent authorities both internationally and in the countries where they are executed.

For example, we can name both the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the regulatory authorities in the United States.

In the European Union, stock markets are under the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA).

It regulates financial markets in this part of the world while protecting this industry’s investors.

Now that you have a general idea of the stock markets let’s dig a little deeper into the topic and briefly see how they work. 

 Passive income With Stocks

How Do The Stock Markets Work

The most important aspect of this business is “confidence.” As an investor, you must ensure that you operate in a regulated, secure environment and with the lowest risks.

According to the regulator, the stock markets must act as both primary and secondary markets.

The primary mission of stock markets is to facilitate big companies that want to raise capital by selling some of their shares to the public to find buyers.

Companies divide their capital into shares whose nominal value is equal.

For example, a big brand with 10 million shares can sell a part of those shares equivalent to 2.5 million shares costing $10 each to the common public.

This company will raise $25 million through the stock marketplace at the end of this operation and can use this capital to finance new opportunities or current activities.

If you are an investor who bought some of these shares, you will make profits when the value of those shares increases or you enjoy the annual dividends.

It is also worth mentioning that by playing that intermediary role, the people behind the stock markets earn commissions from businesses they have helped raise funds.

Most of the major stock indices worldwide currently operate electronically to manage the buy and sell orders.

You can participate in these opportunities no matter where you live in the world if they interest you. 

How To Earn Passive Income With Stocks? 

The easy way to make passive income with this opportunity is to buy shares from public companies in the stock marketplaces.

You will then earn regular dividends representing a portion of the net profits generated by these companies.

This will typically happen year after year because businesses make financial statements at the end of each accounting period equivalent to twelve months or a year.

Of course, you will need to act smartly because you are, first of all, an investor looking to seize as many opportunities as possible.

You can decide to reinvest your dividends and buy additional shares from other companies or use them for your other living needs.

It is also worth mentioning that the dividend yields can vary significantly depending on the company you have invested in your money.

Do not expect to receive the same dividends from the same company every year; it will all depend on the realized profits and the dividends to distribute to investors.

Tips To Choose The Best Stock Opportunities

Now that you know how to make passive income online by simply buying shares, you may ask yourself which best companies to invest in your hard-earned money.

Specialists in the stock markets recommend potential investors to be careful and use the principle of “aristocrat label.”

The aristocrat label requires investors in stock markets to choose the companies that have been around for at least a 25-year.

You must also invest in businesses with a record of paying out substantial dividends, increasing each year’s payouts.  

Other important criteria to consider are the company’s size, its liquidities which must preferably be of at least $3 billion, and check if it is a member of the S&P 500.

Such companies are trustworthy because they are already well established, with steady profits, and pay dividends in the good and bad times.

However, such opportunities are not too many because only a few companies meet these criteria.

When writing this article, only 65 dividend aristocrats businesses are listed among the Standard and Poor’s 500.

These best companies operate in various sectors, including construction, gas, healthcare, and retail. They offer real opportunities to make passive income from home.  

If you really want to earn a passive income at least in one year, avoid being fooled by startup businesses and the high flyers in technology because they do not pay dividends to shareholders at all.

Instead of paying dividends, their management teams prefer to reinvest the net profits into their operations and new opportunities and sustain the growth better. 

Make Passive income

The Pros and Cons of Stocks Markets


Benefit from the Economic Growth – Given that the economy’s growth typically leads companies to make more profits, it can be the best opportunity for you to earn good dividends and passive income year after year.

Help To Avoid Inflation – The historical data shows that the average return of stocks investments per year is 10%, above the average annual inflation rate.

That being said, buying shares from profitable businesses can be the best way to protect your cash from inflation.

Your shares will likely end up being profitable even if their values temporarily drop.

Easy To Enter – Contrary to many people’s thinkings, it is easy to buy shares on stock markets because big companies are always looking to raise important capital.

There are many ways to purchase shares, including online, through a broker, or a financial planner. All you need is to open an account, choose the best offers and make purchases.

Easy To Sell Shares– The stock market is flexible because it allows investors to buy shares easily and facilitate reselling them at any time when you need quick cash.

Voting Rights – Buying shares from reputable companies will grant you the voting rights proportional to your capital. It can also make you proud and respectable in the community.


Although this sector offers the opportunities to invest once and earn passive income year after year, it also has some downsides.

  • It is possible to lose part or all of your investment if the financial markets take the opposite direction than the forecasted one and become less profitable.
  • You must pay taxes on the gained dividends, but you will also get an income tax break in case of loss.
  • If the company in which you have invested your money becomes bankrupt, you will be the last, as a shareholder to receive dividends, if any.
  • You must always research for the best companies before purchasing shares if you buy stocks on your own.
  • You will need enough money to invest if you want this strategy to earn you a good passive income and live decently. 

The Final Thoughts

This is the end of this post that has answered this question: Can you make passive income with stocks?

There is nothing good in life than investing once and earning a passive income for the rest of your life as long as the business you have invested in your money keeps realizing profits.

Of course, there are many other ways to earn passive income, such as affiliate marketing. This industry really has plenty of opportunities to earn a full-time income from home.

However, you must first learn affiliate marketing from a reliable source, as indicated at the beginning of this article.

You must also put into action what you learn and avoid believing that this industry is a get reach quick scheme.

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Thank you for your time to read this post; you can share a comment about it at the bottom of this page.

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  1. It’s so fascinating to learn there are so many ways to earn passive income online. Affiliate marketing won’t make you rich overnight, but it does pay in the long run if you are patient. A single website can end up making you millions of dollars in years to come.

    I did not know too much about stock markets, and I thank you for explaining it further. I agree that it is not wise to buy stock shares from new companies; it will be too risky. 


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