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California Harassment Prevention Training Review

As a business owner operating from California State, it can be challenging to comply with labor laws heavily regulated prevailing there despite your will.

Thus, I feel compelled to share the California Harassment Prevention Training Review showing how to get guidance and advocacy for California employers and comply with this state’s labor laws to ease your tasks.

Lets’s go straight to the point and first see what the Hr Calchamber is.

Overview of Calchamber

The NameCalifornia Chamber of Commerce (Calchamber).
Date of creationFounded in 1890 as a nonprofit organization.
HeadquartersSacramento, California.
Specialties Training in HR law compliance, business advocacy, etc.
Pricing Depends on the type of training and service rendered.
Customer Rating 9.2 out of 10.

What Is Hr Calchamber?  

CalChamber provides expert guidance and advocacies to businesses located in California to help business owners operating in this state comply with labor law.

Whatever the size and type of your business, you need such services because of frequent labor laws changes.

The people behind Calchamber will help your business thrive in a heavily regulated environment to develop better.

On this platform’s official website, you can find the compliance tools your business needs to meet California required labor regulations.

Calchambres features, among others:

  • Federal, state, and local sexual harassment prevention training.
  • Compliance seminars and webinars.
  • Employment posters and pamphlets.
  • Online employee handbook creator.
  • Reference guides and many other eressourcs.

You will find the products or services, their benefits, pricing, and other helpful information within the following sections.

Calchamber Range Of Training

This platform provides training, seminars, live webinars, and recorded webinars on employee harassment prevention.

Following these pieces of training will help your business comply with the labor law as required by the California state. Breaching these laws can cause you some trouble.

Indeed, every employer with at least five employees must provide sexual harassment prevention training to all employees every two years.

This training is also mandatory for supervisors and nonsupervisory employees and must occur within six months of hire or promotion.

You must also repeat the training every two years. If, for example, you trained your staff in 2021, they will be due for retraining in 2023 to keep complying with the law.

In addition to the harassment training, the Calchamber platform also provides regular seminars and live webinars online.

The pricing will typically depend on the type of training and the time spent providing it, but this platform offers all its services at very affordable prices.

A banner on this page will take you to its online store, where you can browse all the available training, select the ideal for your business and get started.

Calchamber traning

Other Calchamber Products 

Required Notices Kit

The required notices kit includes the mandatory 2021 updates on various employee regulations, such as the California minimum wage notice.

It also concerns the family medical leave, care, pregnancy disability leave notice, your rights and obligations as pregnant employees, etc.

You will also find the mandatory updates dated December 2020 concerning the State disability insurance pamphlet, the paid family leave pamphlet, and the unemployment insurance pamphlet in the required notices kit.

Labor Law Digest

As a business owner or an HR professional, the California Labor Law Digest will help you understand and better comply with California’s complex employment laws and regulations.  

The Calchamber platform is user-friendly and intuitively organized in plain language to clarify common confusion areas.

You will quickly understand how to deal with exempt and nonexempt status and meal and rest breaks.

Other essential things you will be aware of are paid sick leave, employee management aspects required by California and federal laws, regulations, and court cases.

Calchamber training

Employee Handbook

This handbook includes regularly updated employee management policies to reflect the most recent legislative and regulatory changes in agency decisions, best practices, and court cases.

It also includes other valuable things like paid sick leave, certain California cities’ policies to help you comply with local ordinances, and mots more.

Besides what is described above, you will also find other valuable tools on the Calchmaber online store like the HR quick guide, the creator posters, etc. 

CalChamber Memberships

Callcamber offers three membership plans to choose from, the most ideal for your business needs.

i) First, you will get 15 days to learn for free about the Calchamber training, products, and how your business can benefit them. 

ii) You can then upgrade your membership to $469 per year if you keep using this platform. This plan will give you access to:

  • Regular online updates on Califonia employment laws, regulations, and compliances.
  • Employment newsletter on the latest labor news.
  • Alerts newsletter on the latest business and legislative news.
  • Business partner discounts from FedEx, Office Depot, UPS, etc.
  • Over 300 downloadable HR, employment law forms, and checklists.
  • More than 50à questions and answers on various HR topics. 

iii) You can also choose the preferred membership option that costs 649 a year and includes the benefits of the two previous ones.

This plan will also give you unlimited access to Calchamber’s team of highly qualified and expert advisers and 20% year-round on this platform’s training and compliance products.

You will also get access to the “HR California Job Board,” where you can post unlimited offers to recruit your business’s employees.

The link below will take you to this platform’s online store, where you can choose the training or products you want and buy them. 

You will also subscribe to a membership plan suitable to your business and start benefiting from this platform’s features and tools.

Indeed, statistics show that over 40,000 businesses in California rely on CalChamber to get the best employment advice and comply with the HR law.

Calchamber pricing

The Final Thoughts

Allow me to end the Calchamber harassment prevention training review here, hoping that you will find it helpful.

There is no doubt that you need this piece of information to make your business compliant and avoid incurring expenses that may result from noncompliance with the employment law in California.

Thousands of small, medium and big businesses in the California States use this platform to comply with labor law. You will agree that they can’t all be wrong.

You can also read this review of Jobber software that helps business owners to manage their employees and make them more productive.

Finally, before I leave you, I would like to thank you for reading the Calchamber review.

You can ask questions or leave a comment at the bottom of this page. I will be more than happy to get back to you as soon as possible. 

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