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Aweber Email Marketing Review

This article will review in detail the Aweber email marketing to help you understand better how this sofware can take your business to the next level of success.

According to experts in the online marketing industry, integrating email marketing into your online marketing strategy is a must to make your business profitable.

Towards the end of this review, I will also show you how you combine this online advertising method with content marketing to become a more successful online marketer.

What Is Aweber Autoresponder?   

AWeber is an email marketing service provider created in 1998 by Tom Kulzer, the current Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

More than 100,000 small businesses worldwide use this email marketing company successfully.

It will help you build a massive list that you can use to promote the products and services you sell online.

Aweber will also help you keep in touch with people who have voluntarily agreed to subscribe to your mailing list.

For example, you may come to this page after receiving a message from one of my email advertising campaigns.

Whatever the size of your online business, AWeber will help you set up profitable advertising campaigns that can lead to more prospects and sales.

However, you need to understand that there are no quick and easy ways to become wealthy online, unlike what some malicious people pretend.

It will help if you first learn the ins and outs of email marketing and other online advertising methods such a content marketing.

Many platforms teach how to write quality articles that rank in search engines bring much traffic to your site or blog.

However, all platforms that teach online marketing are not as good as the owners pretend. I will show you a reliable source to learn online marketing later in this post.

Back to AWeber: it will provide you with the tools you need to launch email marketing campaigns profitably.

You find below its main features:

Aweber Key Features

Autoresponders Allow sending automatic newsletters to subscribers.
Marketing Automation
RSS to Email Templates
Responsive Email Designs 
Opt-in Processes
Split Testing
Data Segmentation
Third-Party Apps Integration

You can find below the details of each feature:


The Aweber autoresponders will enable you to create and set up a series of follow-up emails automatically triggered by time or user actions.

If you are new to email marketing, you need to know that autoresponders are at the heart of email marketing.

The owners of Aweber have invented one of the best autoresponders that exist today in the industry.

Aweber autoresponder is easy to set up and use; you will find step-by-step tutorials that will help you all along the process.

For example, you can use this tool to send welcome email messages to your subscribers immediately after they have signed up to your opt-in list.

You will then send a promo code two days later and other follow-up emails subsequently at a convenient time.

Marketing Automation

This feature will help you design a flowchart where your email advertising campaigns will be sent according to user actions such as email opens, site visits, link clicks, purchases, etc.

You can use the Aweber marketing automation criteria such as clickthroughs action rate, apply tags to determine particular offers, etc.

However, some users wish Aweber improved this functionality further and made it more flexible.

RSS to Email Templates

The purpose of this tool is to take your website’s RSS feed and turn it in to e-newsletters that you can send out according to the predefined schedule.

Aweber calls this functionality “Blog broadcasts.” It is convenient for bloggers who want subscribers on their mailing lists to automatically receive e-newsletters about their latest posts.

The Aweber email templates will enable you to quickly power the newsletters from your website.

Responsive Email Designs 

Aweber will provide you with responsive email templates that suit the devices used by your audience to open and read your messages.

The best of this tool is that it can also adapt adequately to smartphones and tablets technology.

Aweber sofwtare

Opt-in Processes

This other flexible Aweber feature will easily handle all the opt-in processes without much effort on your part.

For example, you can use a single opt-in or a double opt-in process depending on the objective you want to achieve.

You can also use the single opt-in when a user subscribes immediately after completing a form.

As for the double opt-in, subscribers will need to click on a link included in the confirmation email to complete their signup process.

You can also check this article about the best software to manage your businesses’ passwords in one place.

Split Testing

Also known as A/B testing, split testing consists of sending variants of your e-newsletters to some of your mailing lists.

This tool will enable you to monitor the performance of every message. You will also find the sources that produce the best results.

You can, for example, create different versions of your email and send them to a sample of your subscribers.

Your email marketing solution will then roll out the best-performing version to the rest of your mailing list automatically.

Aweber will enable you to send up to three variants of your e-newsletter when split testing.


This sofware will enable you to monitor statistics about the opening, clickthroughs, and bounce rates.

In addition, it will also provide you with other helpful analytics information about the growth of your lists over time.

You will even know where people open your email, individual activities, and many more.

Aweber’s reporting feature is more comprehensive compared to the one provided by its main competitors.

It will enable you to get an overview of your email marketing campaigns’ performances in one place.

Data Segmentation

Aweber is pretty straightforward for data segmentation. It will allow you to create segments based on the contents of any field in your database.

You can also use this tool to create segments based on email’s open rate, the number of web pages visited, links clicked, products purchased, etc.

To create the segments, you must log in to your Aweber dashboard, go to the subscribers’ section, search for some subscribers, and save the search as a segment.

However, Aweber will not allow you to broadcast emails to multiple pieces at once. You can instead regularly pick and mix segments in mailouts.

Aweber segmenation

Third-Party Apps Integration

Besides the tools described in the previous actions, Aweber will provide you with a range of other integration tools.

You will find hundreds of third-party tools to connect Aweber to different cloud-based software, web builders, etc.

Aweber Support and Pricing

Customer Support

This software has excellent customer support service that you can contact by phone, email, and live chat. 

This is a great advantage compared to other email marketing providers that only offer email and live chat support.

You will find the phone number and email details without trawling knowledge bases or following any other process beforehand.

The phone support team is available from 8 am- 8 pm EST from Monday to Friday, while the email and live chat support are available 24/7.

Aweber Pricing Plans

As a small, middle, or big online business owner, Aweber will provide you with email marketing solutions that suit your needs. 

This software’s different packages plans include many features, including the email creation tools and autoresponders.

In addition, it integrates simple automation, unlimited emails, signup forms, industry-grade deliverability, etc.

Aweber also offers 30 days to try its services and determine whether they fit your needs in terms of email advertising campaigns or not.

If at the end of this period you are satisfied and want to continue using this platform, you will upgrade your account to one of the following packages plans:

  • Up to 500 subscribers for $19 paid monthly.
  • 501 to 2,500 subscribers, you will pay $ 29 per month.
  • 2,501 to 5,000 subscribers, the monthly cost is $49.
  • 5,001 to10,000 subscribers, you will pay $69 every month.
  • 10,001to 25,000 subscribers, you will pay $ 149 monthly.
  • If your list is over 25,001subscribers, you will need to contact the Aweber owner to discuss the quote.
Aweber pricing

Aweber Pros and Cons


  • The platform is users friendly. 
  • It integrates an extensive range of templates than most of its competitors.
  • Aweber has more support options than those provided by some other email marketing providers.
  • This company’s email amrketing tools are among the cheapest in the industry.
  • You can use a single or double opt-in subscription process.
  • Aweber will allow you to import a wide range of file types and add the email addresses to autoresponders.
  • Also, it integrates neatly with a wide range of third-party tools and apps.
  • All email templates are responsive, and the reporting features are great.


  • Some users say that there are templates that look a bit outdated, but Aweber has updated them.
  • When sending e-newsletters, you can not include or exclude multiple segments at once.

The Final Thoughts

Allow me to end the Aweber email marketing review now. I hope that this information will help you launch and manage successful email marketing campaigns.

It will help if you combine email and content marketing with many other successful online marketers.

A reliable affiliate marketing training company such as Wealthy Affiliate will teach you the ins and out of online marketing from scratch until you become seasoned in the industry.

Wealthy Affiliate integrates into a single platform the creation of your website, the domain, the hosting, the training, the tools, the support, weekly live classes, etc.

You can now open a free account and start training that will change your current financial situation forever.

Thank you for reading the Aweber review. You can ask questions or leave a comment at the bottom of this page. I will get back to you as soon as possible.  

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  1. Well, I have come across Aweber before but never used it or looked into it until I came across your review. I had always thought that it was a paid email autoresponder, so I am happy to see that they offer a 30-day free trial.

    This insightful blog post has also helped me know the various pricing plans they have; I can see the price varies depending on the number of subscribers for an email opt-in.

    Thank you, Angelina. 


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