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Antop Indoor And Outdoor Antenna Review

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The Antop Indoor and Outdoor Antenna review describes a US company that manufactures and sells Indoor and Outdoor Digital TV Antennas at great prices. 

Indeed, this company provides the best free TV solution to people across the United States.

It is among the world’s leading indoor and outdoor TV antenna research, development, manufacturing, and sales.

You will find in this review the range of Tv antennas this brand manufactures and sells. I will also give you an antenna selection guide to help you make the best choice.

Overview of Antop Antenna

The Company Antop Antenna, Inc.
USA Headquarters Balboa Avenue, Ontario, California.
Products Indoor and Outdoor antennas.
The Price It depends on the type of antenna.
WarrantyOne year from the date of purchase.
Customer Rating.9.5 out of 10.

What Is Antop Antenna?

Antop Antenna was founded in 1980 by experienced antenna professionals in California. It aims to help people in the US get the best free TV solutions at great deals.

The owners have dedicated their lives to researching innovative antenna technology. It is the core foundation for their indoor and outdoor antenna products.

Since its inception, Antop has always been considered a trailblazer in this particular sector.

It has been awarded numerous patents as the world’s leader in research, development, manufacturing, sales, and distribution of the best quality antennas.

Antop Antenna Product Line Ups

This company offers a complete lineup of best-rated HDTV antennas, accessories, Cord-Cutting solutions, etc. 

There is a range of more than 100 Antop products from which you can choose the most appropriate to your household needs.

You can purchase the following:

The Look and Feel

The core product lines that set Antop Antenna apart from its competitors are Stylish Blue Lagoon (Retail) and Classic Black (Pro).

Both products have easily readable features and clear icons that provide the perfect blend of information.

  • Stylish Blue Lagoon – A complete lineup of products that invoke a sense of innovation and quality.
  • Classic Black – These HDTV antenna lineups are both economical and reliable. 
Antop Indoor And Outdoor Antenna Review

ANTOP Antennas is committed to quality, research, engineering, customer experience, and bringing you product satisfaction and value.

Smartpass Amplifier

These Inline Smartpass Amplifiers will provide you with an easier connection and more possibilities in different receiving ranges.

You no longer need to worry about deciding between long-range and short-range antennas because Anttop’s Smartpass Amplifier delivers the correct range.

  • Smartpass Amplifier works with any non-amplified/passive TV antenna.
  • It amplifies UHF and VHF signals with a low noise level.
  • Besides, it has a dual-color indicator for short and long reception.
  • All you need is to switch ON the Smart Switch to boost weaker signal level reception or switch it OFF to avoid amplification overload for stronger signal reception.

4G LTE Filter

ANTOP was the first manufacturer to introduce a built-in 4G LTE filter that blocks all 3G and 4G signals from tablets, mobile phones, or wireless network transmitters.

Indeed, the 4G LTE Filter uses the latest technology to ensure a noise-free digital TV reception. You can ensure to get crystal clear HDTV TV reception.

Antop has a dedicated team of engineers (in the USA, China, and Europe) that support each product from initial concepts to final testing.

This team controls all the development process cycles to ensure you receive the highest quality products.

Also, this company is environmentally friendly. It strictly adheres to ISO Quality Control Systems and honors other requirements.

Thanks to all these procedures, you can ensure that this brand’s best indoor and outdoor digital TV antenna will perform as expected.

Just use the banner on this page to discover the range of the Antop antenna and choose the most suitable for your household needs.

Antop Indoor And Outdoor Antenna Review

The Antenna Selection Guide

This section will answer a question many people ask: “what is the best HDTV antenna to buy?

Indeed, there is no 100% correct answer because the type of antenna at a specific location depends on certain variables.

It would help if you considered the following factors:

  • The signal strength of local TV networks.
  • Geographic location.
  • Local terrain.
  • The height at which you will install the antenna.
  • Nearby trees, etc.

Antop Antenna recommends that you perform an “address lookup” search on their Signal Maps page before selecting the correct HDTV antenna for your specific location.

Also, do not forget that a clear path between the antenna and the TV stations is preferable for the best reception.

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ANTOP Antenna Signal Map

You must first enter your address and zip code in the Location box on the ANTOP Antenna Signal Maps page.

Once done, you will see the signal strength, available channels, station location, and other helpful information in search results.

Checking Your Locations’ Signal Strength

Determining the signal strength received at your location will help you select the appropriate antenna. The signal strength categories are strong, moderate, weak, and no.

The image below shows the indoor antenna suggestions that may work well at your location in a vital signal area.

Indeed, a moderate Signal Area requires a high-quality amplified indoor or outdoor antenna. 

Use an ANTOP Smartpass Amplified Antenna and switch it to the “ON” mode in moderate signal areas to boost the signal for optimal reception. 

You can find hereafter a few antenna suggestions that may work well at your location in a moderate signal area.

Antop Indoor And Outdoor Antenna Review

If you live in a weak signal area, purchase a high-quality amplified outdoor antenna and install it as high as possible (best at 30 feet above ground level). 

Also, do not forget to switch “ON” mode to your ANTOP Smartpass Amplified Antenna in weak signal areas to boost the signal for optimal reception. 

Below, you can find the antennas that may work well at your location in a vulnerable signal area.

Finding Your Map Location

Multi-directional and omnidirectional antennas will provide reception if towers are in a single location.

When installing your multi-directional antenna, it is better to point it toward the tower location.

As for the multiple tower location (less than 90 degrees), both Omnidirectional antennas and Multi-directional are the best choices.

A Multi-directional antenna is the best choice for capturing reception, but you must make slight manual adjustments.

The ANTOP omnidirectional antenna is suitable for weak signals. It is easy to install and doesn’t require adjustment. 

Connecting Your Antenna To Many TVs 

You will need a signal splitter to connect your antenna to more than one TV. However, the signal strength may decrease because it will be shared between multiple end locations.

In such a case, use an outdoor antenna and splitter (with low insertion loss and high shielding structure) to set up a signal distribution system for multiple TVs.

You need an “All Ports DC Power Passing splitter if the antenna is amplified.” Also, ensure a suitable shielding quality coaxial cable like RG6 or RG59.

Other Useful Information

Once you have purchased an antenna, you will also need the following:

  • J-pole to mount it. You may also need a splitter to receive reception in other TV posts.
  • A coaxial cable that goes from the antenna to your TV is required.
  • If you want to hook your antenna to multiple TVs, you should get an amplifier if your antenna doesn’t have one already.
  • You will also need a digital OTA converter box if you have an old TV that does not have an ATSC tuner card.

How To Connect Your Outdoor Antenna?

The first step is to mount or position your antenna on the rooftop for optimal performance.

However, it is suggested that you mount your antenna anywhere you believe in getting the best reception.

The second step is to face the front of the antenna towards the TV towers and perform the channel scan to check the available channels (coming in with no interruptions).

Also, it would help if you moved around the antenna to determine the direction and position that best receives your preferred channels before mounting the unit down.

The final step is to attach the cable to your digital TV once you have mounted the antenna and connected the coaxial cable.

How To Run A Channel Scan?

The last thing to do before enjoying your free TV channels is to run the channel scan by using a TV remote and doing the following:

  • Select menu.
  • Go to settings.
  • Select channel setup.
  • Go to antenna or Air (depending on your TV).
  • Superior channel search or channel scan.

Tip: Be aware that running a channel scan is DIFFERENT from pressing channel UP or DOWN on your remote control.

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How do you tell if an antenna will work in my area?

You can connect to Tvfool.com, fill in your zip code and check your local broadcast towers to know if your antenna can work where you reside.

The Final Thoughts

The Antop Indoor and Outdoor Antenna review that has provided you with the necessary information to buy an ideal antenna and enjoy your TV channels ends here.

The good thing is that this company has a wide range of digital TV antennas from which you can choose.

We have also seen many other things you need to know when purchasing a suitable indoor or outdoor TV antenna.

Thank you for reading the Antop ANtenna review.

If you have questions or comments, feel free to leave them at the bottom of this page.

We will reply quickly.

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  1. Hello. II didn’t know that you can use one antenna for multi TV; that’s great. It gets complicated when you need to install several antennas, and it is great that you have clearly explained how to install an antenna. However, some people are not good at installing things. Do you have a service in your company that also installs antennas?

    • Thank you, Claudia, for your comment and question. The process is easy, and you will get an easy-to-follow guide. You can also get the help of a local provider of such services. 

  2. Thank you for your Antop indoor and outdoor antenna review. I live in New York City and don’t know much about antennas. So I have a question that comes to mind, and it will help if you give me an answer. Does one need an Antop antenna only if they live in the mountains or someplace in the suburbs? 

    • Hi Alstone? It will all depend on the network in the area you live and the TV channels you want to watch from your home’s confront. 


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