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Acuity Online Appointment Scheduling Software Review

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If you are looking for the best online assistant software to manage your small or midsized business, take a cup of coffee, relax and read this article entirely.

I will review the Acuity online appointment scheduling software’s main features, how to use them, how much it costs, etc.

Let’s move to the next point and start our review without delay.

Acuity Software Overview

The Name Acuity Scheduling.
Date of InceptionFounded in 2006 by Gavin Zuchlinski.
HeadquartersNew York, the United States.
Specialties 24/7 Online assistant.
CostIt starts at $14 per month.
Overall Ranking 9.2 out of 10.

What Is Acuity Scheduling Software?

Gavin Zuchlinski founded this software in 2006 to help the owners of small and mid-sized businesses to manage their online appointment schedules efficiently.

Since the inception of Acuity, more than 50,000 businesses and big corporations worldwide have used it. The figure also keeps increasing.

You, too, can start using this online assistant tool and become one of its many happy users. It will work for you day and night (24/7) to fill your schedules the way you want.

Acuity is user-friendly and has a customized scheduling page where clients can quickly view your real-time availability and self-schedule appointments.

In brief, this software will give you more time to devote to other essential activities to grow your business and make it more profitable.

Moreover, the owners offer excellent support anytime to help you with your needs.

Ensure to contact them if you have some questions or need any other assistance; they will assist you quickly.

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How To Use Acuity Software?

The ways you can set up Acuity software and start using it are outlined hereafter:

  • First, you must fill out the appointments to let this software know your availability. 
  • Second, you will set up at least one appointment type.
  • You will send your clients to your scheduling page in the third step.

Now let’s explain in detail how these steps work.

Determining Your Availability

After signing up and becoming an Acuity customer, you will find an availability setting feature to tell the software about your availability.

You will then click on “the Edit Availability/Limits button” and choose the calendar for which you want to set availability if you have several calendars.

For example, you can select and set up the days of the week you are always available at the exact times (each Monday, each Tuesday, …. until Friday).

The process is straightforward; ensure to follow it as indicated or request assistance from the Acuity customer service if needed.

Acuity Online Appointment Scheduling Software Review

Setting Up Appointment Types

An appointment type is your clients’ first selection when scheduling their appointments with you.

To set up an appointment type, you will navigate to business settings and click on “Appointment Types.”

You will find an example to follow, customize and adapt to your business’s needs.

When you have finished the process, remember to click on the update button, and you are done.

If you want to create more than one appointment type, you will use the “New Type of Service button” and follow the same process.

The final step will be to send your clients to your acuity scheduling page.

You will indeed be happy to find that this software is flexible and enables you to create and manage the best schedulings.

Allowing Clients To Schedule Appointments

Besides scheduling appointments yourself, you can also allow your clients to do the same from the “Client Scheduling Page.”

For this purpose, they can use your embedded website or the acuity booking software.

The process is easy; the client must select an available date and time for his appointment and fill in his name, email, and phone.

Typically, the system asks for this basic information to use later to send email notifications and client list records.

Acuity Software Integrations

Besides the scheduling features described in the previous sections, this software integrates with another virtual platform to better manage your business. 

Accounting and Invoicing 

You can easily integrate this tool with Intuit Quick Books or Fresh Books accounting software.

Once done correctly, you will synchronize payments and create and automatically send invoices. Acuity will keep your clients constantly updated.

Email Marketing 

Besides accounting and invoicing, Acuity also integrates easily with some email marketing tools.

You can integrate it with Aweber, Active Campaign, Drip, Constant Contact, Convert Kit, Mail Chimp, and many other email marketing platforms.

Such integrations will allow you to add or update your client lists to the email marketing tool you use to promote your business.

Acuity Online Appointment Scheduling Software Review

Analytics and Conversion Tracking

You can also use Acuity to send events about scheduled appointments to Google Analytics.

Moreover, this feature will allow you to create goals based on events, track the conversion rate, etc.

Customer Relation Management (CRM)

Another benefit to the Acuity scheduling system is its integration with popular CRM software like Infusion Soft, Pipe Drive, Google Sheets, Wufoo, Zoho, Daylite, etc.

These integrations will automatically synchronize details from new appointments booked in this tool to the CRM software you are using and automate your sales.


Acuity also integrates with the most used online payment companies, such as PayPal, Stripe, and Square.

Such integrations will enable customers to pay for appointments right from your Client’s Scheduling Page when scheduling appointments.

Can I use Acuity Scheduling without Squarespace?

You can integrate your appointment listings and scheduling block if Wordpress hosts your website because it enables such integrations.

Acuity Software Pricing

The Acuity Pricing structure is as follows:

  • Emerging plan: $14 per month or a 6% discount if you pay annually.
  • Growing plan: $23 per month; you will save 8% if you pay annually.
  • Powerhouse plan: $45 per month or a 10% discount for annual payment.

All plans come with a free seven-day trial period. You can take advantage of this period to use the Acuity services for free and see if it suits your business’s appointment scheduling needs.

You will upgrade to one of the paid plans at the end of the trial period if you want to keep benefiting from this platform’s features.

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The Benefits of Using Acuity

  • You will get top appointment scheduling solutions your clients will appreciate.
  • This online assistant software will enable you to stay organized and make your business more profitable.
  • Your customers will also see your availability and schedule the best time to meet you.
  • Acuity comes with many third-party integrations you need to manage your business efficiently.
  • Moreover, this platform offers social media integrations you can use to extend your business’ reach.
  • It also has a mobile app available for Android and iOS devices. You can use it to perform the operations you wish on the go. 

In addition to the benefits described above, Acuity also offers promotional services.

For example, you can use these services to sell promotional services such as discount coupons, group classes, memberships, subscriptions, etc.

Another benefit to using this platform is the outstanding support the people behind it offer.

You can contact them by email anytime if you need assistance; a team of knowledgeable specialists will answer all the questions quickly.

Acuity Online Appointment Scheduling Software Review

The Final Thoughts

Now ends the Acuity online appointment scheduling software review.

I hope this information will help you manage your business better and make it more profitable.

This platform will give you more time to devote to other essential business activities and grow it more than before.

Using such an online assistant tool will give you more time to devote to your family, apart from your business, which is another essential benefit.

Thank you for reading the Acuity scheduling review; you can ask questions or leave a comment at the bottom of this page.

I will ensure to get back to you as soon as possible.

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