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1password Password Manager Review – Top Data Protection

1password Password Manager

A good password manager will protect your data and privacy online and enable you to work with peace of mind, as shown in the 1password password manager review.

1password will provide you will a virtual vault place to store all your sensitive data such as passwords and software licenses.

This review will describe the features and tools integrated within this software, their benefits, and how much it will cost you to use them.

I will also give you other essential information to better help you know the 1password platform before starting to use it. 

The General Overview

  • The Name: 1password.
  • Developed by: AgileBits Inc.
  • Product: Password management. 
  • Pricing: It starts at $4.99 per a family of five members a month.
  • Customer Rating: 9.2 out of 10. 

What Is 1password Password Manager?

Dave Teare and Roustem Karimav founded AgileBits Inc, the parent company of 1password, in 2005.

The two partners have worked hard to make their business successful; it currently employs more than 500 people. 

Over 100,000 businesses and millions of people use this platform to keep their crucial data and privacy safe and work online with peace of mind.

Such incredible growth shows that 1password is one of the world’s most trusted software for protecting passwords for individuals and businesses.

You can use this password manager on all devices that use Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Chrome iOS, and Linux operating systems.

It is also available on major browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Safari, etc. 

Without much talk, let’s go straight to the point and see the features and tools included on the 1password platform and how they can benefit you. 

1password Key Features 

Password Generator

The password generator uses high-end technology to generate solid encrypted passwords.

The 1passowrd system will generate for you unique, robust, secure, and random passwords that no human can come up with, whatever his tech experience and skills.

It has been proven that the causes of high rates (over 80%) of data breaches are weak or reused passwords.

It is why you need a system that generates unique and random passwords to protect you against all types of online threats.

Many people ignore to use an efficient password manager platform such as 1passoword and end up paying the costly ransom when hackers breach their data.

If you are smart enough and use a robust password management system for your different accounts logins, this will not happen to you.

Such a system will generate a unique password for each of your accounts and make it impossible for hackers accessing your data to steal them.

In a few words, 1Password will generate random passwords that no human or computer program can guess to access your sensitive and private data.

Security Tools

The owners of this platform say that their commitment is to always provide you, as a user, with top tools to protect your data, privacy and enable you to work safely online.

Whatever types of information you will store on this platform will encrypt and keep them secure.

When you or someone else authorized to access your data attempts to decrypt the passwords, the system will ask you to fill in the required fields with the correct keys.

The idea behind such a rigorous system is to prevent online malicious people and programs from breaching your sensitive data.

Besides its security experts, 1password also works closely with other experts involved in this area to ensure that its code is rock solid.

Your data will stay so secure that even the 1password software employees will not access them.

Your sensitive information will also not be used, shared, or sold because only you or someone you have confidence in will access your passwords.

Privacy Protection

This platform has a watchtower system that will automatically alert you if it detects the slightest breaches of your passwords.

You will then determine if such issues come from you or if they are online threats.

The high skilled developers of 1password are so confident in this software that no one can dare to fool it and access their customers’ data. 

It is also worth mentioning that you can use the 1password system on the verified browsers.

The system will fill in your details after verifying and ensuring that your browser is trustworthy.

It will also automatically delete your clipboard when you are logged out.

Such a process will remove your sensitive data from the clipboard and prevent people or boats from learning your secrets.

In summary, the owners of this platform have done everything possible to design a powerful password management system.

1password will protect your data and privacy from all types of online threats and enable you to always work confidentially. 

These are the essential features integrated within this software, but it also has some others.

I will show you later how to browse and learn more about all of them. 

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Who Can Use 1Password?

This platform offers password management solutions for families and businesses of all sizes.

1password For Families

The 1password families password manager will enable every member of your family to work safely online. No human or program will breach their data and privacy.

This software has a password generator tool that automatically creates and customizes strong passwords by not guessing numbers and symbols.

Each of your family members will then use any device to connect to any website or application securely in seconds.

This platform will also enable you to share logins, passwords, financial information such as credit cards with whoever you want in your family.

When the 1password system detects security issues that want to breach or hack your data, it will automatically alert and ask you to update your passwords immediately.  

1password For Businesses

This platform also offers businesses password management solutions to help employees work online safely and at scale.

The 1Password business plan is compliant with the industry standards for data availability, confidentiality, and integrity.

You will get everything you need to control your business’s passwords and other sensitive information.

This plan also comes with many other benefits, including account recovery, custom groups, roles, guest accounts, shared vaults, etc.

1password for windows also integrates with other trustworthy software such as Azure AD, Okta, OneLogin, and Slack that you can use at your convenience.

More than 100,000 world’s leading companies such as Gitlab, IBM, Slack, PagerDuty, Slack, etc., already use this platform, and you too can benefit from it at a great price.

1password Pros and Cons


  • 1password app will create for you, your family, or your business unique and robust passwords that no human or program can guess.
  • You don’t need to retain the passwords because the system will remind them to you every time you log into your accounts.
  • The system will automatically alert you if there are attempts to access your passwords to change them automatically.
  • It will also remove sensitive information from your devices to prevent online malicious people from accessing them.
  • You can use 1password on all devices featured with the most popular operating systems and extensions.
  • It will enable you to share passwords and documents securely with whoever you want.
  • Customer support will answer your questions and assist you when needed.


The monthly subscriptions are not fixed. This system owners will bill you according to the number of users, which can be costly if you are a large company with many employees.

However, the expected benefits of the services rendered by this software are more significant than the damage you will suffer once your passwords are compromised.

What Is The Cost of 1password?

The monthly fee will typically depend on the number of employees within your company r family.

You can start by using this software free for fourteen days and see how it works.

The pricing structure is as follow:

  • The family plan costs $4.99 per family of five people per month billed annually.
  • The business subscription plan costs $7.99 per user a month.
  • The team starter pack for businesses of up to ten employees costs $19.95 per month.
  • You must contact the 1passowrd support team for a quote if you are a big company with many employees.

The Final Words

It is the end of the 1password password manager review. I hope that it will help protect your family’s or business’s data and privacy from being accessed by unwanted third parties.

Millions of individuals and hundred thousand businesses in more than twenty-five countries use this software.

All these people can’t be wrong, and this platform would not have experienced such success it was not delivering what the owners promised.

Whether you want to use it individually, for your family, or your business, you will get the best solutions to work online securely.

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Versium REACH has the features and tools for your business to gain more leads and sales.

Thank you for reading the 1passoword review. You can ask questions or comment on this page’s bottom; I will reply quickly.

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  1. The current technology has made it easier for third parties, including hackers, to access our privacy and personal data.

    After reading your review on 1password manager, it is evident that this software comes in very handy for anyone who feels insecure when using the internet. It is also good the see that 1passowrd has so many positive reviews from users.

    Thank you.

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