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1password Password Manager Review – Quality Protection

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A good password manager will protect your data and privacy online and enable you to work with peace of mind, as shown in the 1password password manager review.

1password will give you a virtual vault to store all your sensitive data, including passwords and software licenses.

This review will describe the features and tools that this software integrates. I will also show you their benefits and cost.

Before using it, I will also give you other essential information about the 1password platform. 

The General Overview

  • The Name: 1password.
  • Developed by: AgileBits Inc.
  • Product: Password management. 
  • Pricing: It starts at $4.99 per a family of five members a month.
  • Customer Rating: 9.2 out of 10. 

What Is 1password Password Manager?

Dave Teare and Roustem Karimav founded AgileBits Inc, the parent company of 1password, in 2005.

Since that time, the two partners have worked hard to make this business successful. They employ over 500 people. 

Hundred thousand businesses and millions of people use 1password to keep their crucial data and privacy safe.

This world’s most trusted software will protect your passwords, whether an individual or a business.

You can use it on devices that use Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Chrome iOS, and Linux operating systems.

Also, 1password is available on Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Safari, and other browsers. 

With that being said, let’s dig deeper and see the features and tools included on the 1password platform.

1password Key Features 

Password Generator

The password generator uses high-end technology to generate solid encrypted passwords.

It has a system that will generate unique, robust, secure, and random passwords.

According to the owners, no human or program will breach your passwords, no matter his tech skills.

Indeed, Weak and reused passwords cause high rates (over 80%) of data breaches, as the specialists in the matter suggest.

You must use a system that regularly generates unique and random passwords.

People who ignore using an efficient password manager platform such as 1passoword end up being ransomware victims.

Hackers will ask you to pay them a lot of money if they manage to breach your data.

Therefore, it will help if you invest little money in a robust system to manage your accounts logins.

Such a system will generate a unique password for each of your accounts.

Consequently, it will almost make it impossible for hackers to access your data to steal them.

In summary, 1Password will generate random passwords that no human or computer program can guess.

1password password generator

Security Tools

The owners of this platform promise to always provide you with top tools to protect your data and privacy.

Their goal is to enable every user of this software to work safely online.

1Password will encrypt each information it stores and keep them secure, meaning that you will always work with peace of mind.

If you want to decrypt your passwords, the system will ask you to fill in the required fields with the correct keys.

You will then fill in the correct information to continue. Otherwise, the system will require you to provide additional information.

Indeed, such a rigorous system will prevent evil people and programs from breaching your data.

The owners of 1password work closely with other security experts to provide high-quality services.

Your data will always stay so secure that even the 1password employees will not access them.

Also, this company will never use, share, or sell your data. Only you or someone else you trust will access your passwords.

Privacy Protection

A watchtower system will automatically alert you if it detects the slightest breaches of your passwords.

You will then determine if such issues come from you or online threats.

However, this will unlikely happen because 1password has skilled developers that have made it poweful.

For them, this software is so robust that no one can dare to fool it and access customers’ data. 

I must also mention that you can use the 1password system on the verified browsers only.

The system will ask you to fill in your details using an untrustworthy browser.

Otherwise, you will not access your sensitive data until you switch to a browser that the system trusts.

Also, this software will automatically delete your clipboard when you log out.

Such a process will remove your sensitive data from the clipboard. Consequently, people or boats will not access your secrets.

In summary, this platform’s owners have designed a powerful password management system to protect your data and privacy efficiently.

These are the essential features integrated within the 1password software.

However, it also has some others. I will show you later how to browse them for detailed information. 

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Who Can Use 1Password?

This platform offers password management solutions for families and businesses.

1password For Families

You and your family can use these password management solutions to work safely online.

A password generator tool will automatically create customized strong passwords to use confidentially.

Your family members can use different devices to connect to websites or applications they want securely.

In addition, this platform will enable you to share logins, passwords, financial information such as credit cards with other family members.

When the system detects security issues attempting to breach or hack your data, it will automatically alert you.

At the same time, you will update your passwords immediately to avoid future problems.  

1password For Businesses

In addition, 1password offers businesses password management solutions to help employees work online safely and at scale.

Its business plan complies with the industry standards for data availability, confidentiality, and integrity.

You will have the possibility to control your business’s sensitive information and work with peace of mind.

Also, this plan comes with some other benefits, including account recovery, custom groups, roles, guest accounts, shared vaults, etc.

1password for Windows integrates with other software such as Azure AD, Okta, OneLogin, Slack, etc.

Leading companies such as Gitlab, IBM, PagerDuty, etc., already use this platform happily.

1password Password Manager

1password Pros and Cons


  • 1password app will create for you unique and robust passwords to use.
  • You don’t need to retain your passwords because the system will remind them to you.
  • This software will automatically alert you if there are attempts to access your passwords.
  • It will also remove sensitive information from your devices to prevent malicious people from accessing them.
  • You can use 1password on all devices that use the common operating systems and extensions.
  • This platform will enable you to share passwords and documents securely with other people.
  • It has customer support that will answer your questions and assist you when needed.


The monthly subscriptions vary. The owners of this system will bill you according to the number of users.

Such a billing method can make you pay a lot of money if your company has many employees.

However, the benefits of this software are more significant than the damage you will suffer when bad people or programs compromise your passwords.

What Is The Cost of 1password?

The monthly billing depends on the number of employees within your company.

You can start by using this software free for fourteen days and see how it works.

The pricing structure is as follow:

  • Family plan: $4.99 per family of five people a month billed annually.
  • Business subscription plan: $7.99 per user a month.
  • Team starter pack for businesses of up to ten employees: $19.95 per month.

You must contact the 1passowrd support team for a quote if your company has many employees.

The Final Words

The 1password password manager review ends here. I hope that this software will adequately protect your family’s or business’s data and privacy.

Millions of individuals and hundred thousand businesses in more than twenty-five countries use 1password.

You will agree with me that all these people can’t be wrong. This platform would not have experienced such success it was not delivering the best solutions.

Whether you want to use it individually, for your family, or your business, you will get the best solutions to work online securely.

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Versium REACH has the features and tools for your business to gain more leads and sales.

Thank you for reading the 1passoword review. You can ask questions or comment on this page’s bottom; I will reply quickly.

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  1. The current technology has made it easier for third parties, including hackers, to access our privacy and personal data.

    After reading your review on 1password manager, it is evident that this software comes in very handy for anyone who feels insecure when using the internet. It is also good the see that 1passowrd has so many positive reviews from users.

    Thank you.


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